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The Lawfare Podcast: ‘Reign of Terror’ with Spencer Ackerman


Lee 'Scratch' Perry with Adrian Sherwood Live Mix (Sydney Opera House 11/06/09)

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The Velvet Underground (Trailer)

Directed by Todd Haynes. Coming Oct 15

Eternal Thunder

A mad scientist at the helm of his personal starship

He Is Forever


Exile Towers is starting to move to a different beat

What's left of my Woodentops 12" and albums 
(Started in London and then got added to in Amsterdam before shipping them and adding to the collection here in Melbourne) 
I notice that my HypnoBeat Live album is missing and also Stop The Car 12" (*SIGH) 
The Everyday Living double 7" pack is somewhere else at the moment
I always have adored the Panni Bharti artwork/covers

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Thank you for the...

Black Ark in Lego

Cristiano Marinho

The Upsetter: The Life and Music of Lee 'Scratch' Perry


The Woodentops VS Lee 'Scratch' Perry (Roundhouse Studios London 1988)

Sad for his family and friends. I heard much about him, noted people were nervous or scared about him, as he could be unpredictable. But for me i thought he was comedic in an almost monty python mode, really alert to what was happening in the studio, he really made me laugh with that sometimes super rude vocabulary. Some people swear very well and he was one. 
I thought we might see another 10 years of him, he seemed indestructible. He was absolutely great with words. It wasn’t that I asked, but he saw my lyrics ready to go and found them inspiring to play with and ‘overwrote’ my words to be his words, concocting new rhyming couplets of word association which was furthering the meaning of the lines. 
I'm not sure how I think I write, maybe more conversationally, but he played with the words in his delivery. Really out of the box lines coming out of him. People talk of cutting words together all that. Just run it through the head of Lee Perry would do the trick! 
He made a huge impact on music and I liked all I heard, saw him with band a couple of times too. No one looked as good dressed in mirrors as he did. Funny when he took them off to relax. It wasnt easy? They were properly strapped on. Needed help or they’d be smashing as they dropped. 
I don’t know about his health I hope Lee popped off in his sleep. 
The Woodentops VS Lee 'Scratch' Perry 
Lee was delivered to the wrong recording studio by a minicab during the bus strike then. Rolo was in the forcourt and recognised him. He tried to help him on his way but invited him to the control room while he waited. He relaxed and started to have fun. He messed around with the backing track that was in production "wheels turning" He took the exsisting lyrics and customised them recording his own version. The second tune, "woodenfootcops on the highway" was written and recorded with Lee, Benny, Rolo & Frank all live, together.
These tracks were never completed

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Live Hackney Empire London (1988)

Time Boom X De Devil Dead

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: a limitless genius who took Jamaica into the future

'I'm only a visitor here'

A Journey To The Black Ark

Reggae Legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Is Dead At 85

Lee Perry R.I.P..

The Bug's Top Ten 'Scratch' Tracks

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King Tubby's mixing desk

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Charlie Watts Quintet ft Bernard Fowler - Where Are You? - If I Should Lose You - Someone To Watch Over Me

Charlie My Darling




Charlie Watts: Later (1993)

Charlie Watts Talks about Jazz, drumming and the Blues  
He also apparently did a drawing of every hotel room he stayed in while on tour

FUCK! R.I.P. Charlie

Charlie got into smack in the seventies and at one time was revived by Keith 'I fell asleep on the floor [during the recording of] Some Girls and Keith woke me up and said, ‘You should do this when you’re older'. Keith telling me this! But it stuck and I just stopped along with everything else.”
The Keith Richards' dad story... Backstage in 'hospitality' on the Voodoo Lounge tour, KR's dad started tucking into the Champagne whereupon Charlie turned to him: "You want to go easy on that stuff mate, you don't want to end up looking like your son.'
My favourite story tho was when an inebriated Jagger phoned Watts’ hotel room in the middle of the night and asked him, 'Where’s my drummer?'. Allegedly, Watts got up, shaved, donned a suit and tie, put on some freshly shined shoes, descended the hotel’s stairs and punched Jagger in the face, proclaiming: 'Don’t ever call me your drummer again. You’re my fucking singer!' 
I stand by this from a couple of weeks ago
Charlie rerally was the beating heart in the Stones engine room...and consider that he had to stare at Jagger's arse at every Stones gig!

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Couldn't resist. Sorry

E.L.K. Stencil Time Lapse

Luke Cornish (E.L.K.): Uncle Jack 2014)


Jack and myself  
Uncle Jack lives here at Exile Towers and the video above for Augie March's When I Am Old was actually filmed here the week I moved in at the end of 2017. 
Jack really is a national treasure and has lived such an amazing life, not all good of course. 
Here's a piece on him from last weekend's Age/SMH: 
That piece is written by someone I've known since she was about 14 as when I first came out to Australia we moved to the suburb where her parents have a great menswear store and Jane would sullenly hang around on the pavement outside after school. 
She's done well for herself and I was green with envy when she told me about seeing the reformed Stooges playing Coachella back in 2003. Luckily I did catch both the Ron Asheton and James Williamson lineups when they came out to Melbourne though so that's a 'phew' from me

The ONLY person of a(ny) religious persuasion that I have ANY time for whatsoever

Father Bob by Luke Cornish (E.L.K.)

The Bug - Vexed (ft. Moor Mother)

What is it ? Four more sleeps until what will no doubt be my album o'the year drops? And Moor Mother is just fugn indestructable at the moment
🔥🔥🔥 Indeed!

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Now I HAVE to listen to myself

The life, times and philosophy of Joe Strummer by those who knew him best

Living Colour VS On-U Sound Mix

Hemp (ft Andy Fairley) / Visions (Adrian Sherwood Production) / Bless Those (Little Annie cover) / Auslander (Dub Länder Remix by Sherwood and Skip McDonald ft David Harrow's programming) / Choices Mash Up (Cover of Audio Active's Happy Shopper) / These Are Happy Times (Sherwood Production) / Release The Pressure (Sherwood Production with Mark Stewart co-writing credit) / Who Shot Ya? (Adrian Sherwood & Matt Smyth Remix) / Sacred Ground (Sherwood Production with Mark Stewart co-writing credit) / Sunshine of Your Love (Sherwood & McDonald Remix)
When I speak out loud You say I'm crazy
 When I'm feeling proud You say I'm lazy
 I look around and see the true reality 
You like our hair You love our music 
Our culture's large, so you abuse it 
Take time to understand, I'm an equal man 
History's a lie that they teach you in school 
A fraudulent view called the golden rule 
A peaceful land that was born civilized 
Was robbed of its riches, its freedom, its pride 
When I'm at work you say I'm great 
You watch and ponder, but can you relate? 
Inviting eyes hands drop, when the music stops 
Don't ask me why I play this music 
It's my culture, so naturally I use it 
I state my claim to say, it's here for all to play 
It's time for a change 
Concepts rearrange 
Can't you feel my rage... 
It's up to you to seek the truth 
To know your history, the difference between me and you 
Relate to me as me, not what you see on TV
Always had a lot of time for Living Colour I have to say with Muzz Skillings or Doug Wimbish on bass. Always a great selection of covers played and releasing 'Bi' as a single I suspect involved a bit (a lot?) of pushing back against their record company. A band that should have been much bigger than they are. And as for Vernon Reid's guitar work... 
Also that mix coming in at 44mins29 secs. Where's a C-90 when you need one? (Well that and a decent cassette deck)

Misinformation Is Destroying Our Country. Can Anything Rein It In?

Portland Anti-Fascists Getting Shot At

Thread from Jason Wilson
Thread from Sergio Olmos

Gunfire erupts after Proud Boys and anti-fascists openly brawl in Portland without police intervention

How will Delta evolve? Here’s what the theory tells us

Little Red Dansette (1976) Mix

I was just searching for some posts on Facebook and well couldn't find what I was after but I did find this from 2019:
With the spate of very hip top ten teenage album lists recently I thought I'd make a mix of the sort of stuff I was listening to at the halfway point of being a teenager. So here's what could have pissed off my parents through the bedroom wall one night in July 76. (How LOUD could a Dansette go?) Funny tho how we listen to music differently now...I still know every word to these songs but count yourself lucky you didn't hear me singing (?) along in the last couple of hours

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails

Happy Trails 
Yes I put this in my all time top ten albums when that rolled around on Facebook a number of years ago. It was nice to see that Kristof from Swans had it in his top ten too

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Live Sonoma State College (15/8/69)

Live at Monterey Pop Festival 1967

1967: The Summer of Love

The Digger Archives

We’re gonna do economic activity - without money!

THE REALIST #81 (August 1968 35¢)

The Digger Papers

No Other Mix

1 Can You Hear Nature Sing Dot Allison 
2 Who Knows Where The Time Goes Eddi Reader 
3 Every Grain of Sand Chrissie Hynde 
4 There's A Girl Olivia Vedder 
5 Be & Bring Me Home Neko Case 
6 Can't Find My Way Home Colin Hay 
7 So Good Today The Woodentops 
8 Feel Flows The Beach Boys 
9 No Other Gene Clark 
10 Love Rears Its Ugly Head (Acoustic) Living Colour 
11 Lay Lady Lay Kevin Ayers 
12 You're Gonna Miss Me Lucinda Williams 
13 Gradually Learning The Rockingbirds 
14 Something In The Air Thunderclap Newman