Sunday, 22 May 2022

It's a new day Australia

Friday, 20 May 2022

Australia Make Your Vote Count Tomorrow

The late Andy Fairley is on words and voice 
David Harrow and TACK>>HEAD's Doug and Skip amongst others are on this track 
AMS is in the mix 
This was released in 1992 on On-U Sound 
Nothing has fucking changed

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Throbbing Gristle: TGV (1979 - 2005)

A fraction over 11 hours of live TG from the recording of Heathen Earth... the implosion of the reunion gigs 
Do you need to view the later videos? No 
The view is that Gen was just doing it for the paycheck. 
The early footage however
I saw TG numerous times back then but the only gig I was at that is in the box is the last English gig pre the first split at The Lyceum.
That was interesting as it was by far the biggest venue that TG had performed in up to that point and well, something to me didn't compute, tho Cabaret Voltaire who also played that night  had no problem coming to grips with the larger venue 
With 41 years of hindsight  perhaps the (unannounced at the time ) split was beginning to show through the cracks. It was a Psychic Youth Rally after all.


Monday, 9 May 2022

Lias Saoudi’s Baker’s Dozen

I Blame The Music: Lias Saoudi’s Baker’s Dozen

Lias is also involved in a few other bands beside Fat White Family 
The Moonlandingz  
Here's a DECIUS mix I put together
Alabama 3XFat White Family - Lord Stepped In Redux  
Here's the Robert Greene AKA Robert Rubbish film 'A One Eyed Man In The Kingdom Of The Blind'
An interview from 2017

Lias Saoudi - Live at The Windmill London (6/5/22)

Apologise, I Won't

The book is on order but isn't published until next month here in Australia

Lias Saoudi Folk Ensemble - Live at The Social London (2/22)

On my radar: Lias Saoudi’s cultural highlights

Life Beyond The Neutral Zone

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Black Cab: Rosler's Rules Album Launch (Howler Brunswick 26/5/22)

Sadly for various reasons I couldn't record Black Cab's last show at Howler in December but here's some tracks I recorded from their previous two gigs and yes come hell or high water my trusty Tascam will be in the bag on the 28th

Portishead - Live War Child Benefit (O2 Academy Bristol 2/5/22)

Monday, 2 May 2022


1 Puis Je? - Kevin Ayers And The Whole World 
2 Herpes Simplex - Rosa Yemen 
3 Straight To Hell (Version) - HTRK 
4 Stora Rummet - Kungens Män 
5 Johnny Downloader - David Bowie 
6 Rough Dub - Revolutionary Dub Warriors 
7 Infatuated - The Aloof 
8 I Am War (Youth Rubber Mix) - Big Paul Ferguson 
9 Giddy All Over (Jlin Remix) - μ-Ziq 
10 Locomotion (In Key) - Plastikman 
11 Let We Go (feat. Ras Donovan & Ras Perez) - Rhythm & Sound 
12 Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance) (Remix) - M|A|R|R|S 
13 A Nation Responds - Andy Fairley

This miX hits the mark
Baked on May First/May I? 
(Multilingual word play eh? Perec must be quaking in his grave)
Here's the original 'Anglais' version of 'May I?' with a what...seventeen year old Mike Oldfield on bass and the utterly incomparable Mr Lol Coxhill on soprano sax. And I love Kevin's little laugh at the end of the clip
Think hard and use your vote wisely 
(By the way growing up Scott Morrison was banned by his father from going to gigs 
Explains a lot eh?)

Saturday, 30 April 2022


TACK>>HEAD - Stealing (Live @Stereo Glasgow 24/4/22)

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Tonight Mix

Bobby Hodge - Gonna Take My Guitar / Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive / Hamilton Abi - Amsterdam (Demo) / Neil Young - Tonight's The Night / Spiritualized - The Mainline Song - The Lockdown Song / Ryan Adams - Dive / Loop - Isochrone / Fat White Family - Feet / Sea Power - Transmitter (Alternate Version) / Sonic Youth - Machine / Sparklehorse - Don't Take My Sunshine Away / Arab Strap - Just Enough / Sea Power - Amsterdam / The Sound - Dreams Then Plans / Rolling Stones - Can You Hear Me Knocking (Alternate Version) / MC5 - Rambling Rose / Slade - Hear Me Calling

Here's my recording of the last time Adrian Sherwood played out here in Melbourne (2018)

Adrian Sherwood - Live John Curtin Hotel Melbourne (14/3/18) ...and an intertview and live set for 3RRR from the same visit ...and here's the wonderful Karen Leng interviewing Adrian

TACK>>HEAD / MARK STEWART / ADRIAN SHERWOOD Mixes for the On-U Sound's 40th anniversary

Special Designer Song/Get This/Law of Repitition/Crosstown Traffic/Survival*/Hysteria*/What's My Mission Now (Unedited)/Ticking Time Bomb (12" Dub Mix)/Prologue*/Collision*/You Drummers Listen Good/Mind At The End of The Tether/M.O.V.E./Life In The Arena/Repitition (Dub)/Repitition/Bass Groove/The Right Beat 
with Mark Stewart*
  Tell Me The Hurt/Don't Let Me Down (Dub)/Strange Things (Dub)/Walk On The Wild Side (KLB Mix)/Stealing (Extended Mix)/ Mind & Movement/King Bee (Sherwood's Sharehead Dub Remix)/Take A Stroll/Funky President (Gary Clail Remix)/Change/Nobody To Somebody/Dubhead/Demolition House (Remix)/Super Stupid/Higher Ground/Airborn Ranger/I'm Afraid of Americans
  Mostly the Tack>>Head crew with tracks that were released under KLB's name Tracklist: Tack Unit (Intro) / Welcome /Play What You Want / Technology Works / Tick of Time Drub Dub / Mechanical Movements / Mechanical Movements Dub / Nine Times Nine / Dream World Dub / Dream World /Beat The Devil
  Sometimes I think it would be scary to live in Mark's head, other times I think it would be fun
  This mix of productions and remixes would be completely different ten minutes later

+ +



I am SO jealous of you guys 
PS: If anyone can get a poster like the one above that I can pay to be posted out to Australia I would be forever grateful