Sunday, 1 December 2019

Steve Barker/Jethro R Binks - On The Wire/Major Malfunction (Re-imagined: Version Excursion)

Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar / On The Wire (Theme) (Remix) [Leghorn]
Keith LeBlanc - Introduction [World]
Tackhead - What’s My Mission Now? (Pt. 1) [On-U Sound]
KMFDM - Murder [StrikeBack]
Tackhead - Now What? (Pt. 1) [On-U Sound]
Keith LeBlanc - Get This [World]
Keith LeBlanc - Earshot [Blanc]
Tackhead - Get This (Remix) [Blanc]
Keith LeBlanc - Major Malfunction [World]
Keith LeBlanc - Heaven On Earth [World]
African Head Charge - Some Bizarre [On-U Sound]
St Che - Be My… (Temptation: The Sound Of Its Condition) [Siren]
Tackhead - Fatso [Echo Beach]
Keith LeBlanc - Object-Subject (Breakdown's Not Enough) [World]
Keith LeBlanc & Jello Biafra - Message From Our Sponsor / Object-Subject [Alternative Tentacles]
Mark Stewart - Hell Is Empty [Mute]
Tackhead - Feel The Beat [Echo Beach]
Che - Imperfections [Siren]
Gary Clail & The Occult Technology Of Power - Half Cut For Confidence [On-U Sound]
Keith LeBlanc - Move [World]
Ministry – Move [Rykodisc]
Tackhead - Move It [Blanc]
Keith LeBlanc - I'll Come Up With Something [World]
Fats Comet - Eat The Beat (Put A Smile On Your Face) [World]
Mark Stewart - Hypnotized [Mute]
Tackhead - King Of The Beat (unreleased excerpts) [World]
African Head Charge - Bits & Pieces [On-U Sound]
Ministry - The Angel [Sire]
Keith LeBlanc - Technology Works Dub [World]
Tackhead - Technology Works [Blanc]
Keith LeBlanc - Technology Works (unreleased excerpts) [World]
Keith LeBlanc - You Drummers Listen Good [World]
Keith LeBlanc - Ending [World]