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Prog Rock Sunday here at Exile Towers

What NO Gnidrolog I hear you say?

Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Snowden affair: Whatever happened to the blame game?

♪♫ Pixies - Bagboy

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OPM Benefits Memo


♪♫ Oh/Ex/Oh - Broadcast #6: Geography Tripping Level 2 Merit

A second mix for this time for their show on Chorlton FM. Expect slumber / tension / euphoria in almost equal measures. June 2013
Spy VS Spy

The Service of Snowden

Squeal Like a Pig

Ecuadorian Embassy Statement On The Asylum Request By Edward Snowden


War on whistleblowers: Matthew Diaz

I support grasshopper love


Skinheads in Paris: The Death of a Student and the Rise of the Fringe

Co­rin­ne Day

Ge­or­ge at Ni­ght by the Ro­ad (1994)
DSM-5 Badly Flunks The Writing Test

Wiley's Best Tweets of Glastonbury 2013 So Far

The Criminal N.S.A.

Aaron Swartz’s Father Praises ‘Aaron’s Law’ Proposal



♪♫ Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted

Directed by David Lynch

Was Julia Gillard the most productive prime minister in Australia's history?

Ad Break: Senator Wendy Davis' shoes

Some great comments over at Amazon

Friday, 28 June 2013

Don't let the news worry you

To put it crudely, we worry more that something might get us not because it's more likely to get us but because it would make better telly. Why does it make better telly and get on the news? Because it's vivid (and perhaps exciting), all of which makes it easier to call to mind. And if it's easier to call to mind, we think there's more about.
Researchers in the 1970s ran dozens of human experiments to discover what influenced people's estimation of risk. They noticed that after a natural disaster people took out more insurance, then with time took out less, because the risk is more salient immediately after a disaster, and people think about it. They called these habits of mind the availability heuristic.
It was found that tornadoes were seen as more frequent killers than asthma, although the latter caused 20 times more deaths. Thus vivid events are recalled not merely more vividly but in the belief there are more of them. In contrast, problems that are common are not surprising and are less likely to qualify as news. Another smoking death? And?
Although we'd be justified in describing this as a reporting bias, the media have no trouble justifying it on the grounds that people want to know about what's unusual and new. There is no way they could report risk proportionately and still be in business. It would mean thousands of times more articles on smoking than on death from measles. But it is a bias nevertheless. The unusual is, by the nature of news, disproportionately in your face, so you might think there's a lot of it about.
One effect is that it's easy to forget how radically reduced many fatal accidents are – the death of child pedestrians for example. In 2008 in England and Wales there were 1,471,100 girls aged between five and nine. The Office for National Statistics says 137 of them died from all causes. One was a pedestrian in a traffic accident. In 2010, there were no pedestrian deaths in this category.
'It's utterly frustrating to play cards with a guy that could put a bullet in your head at any moment, especially when he is cheating'
- Pierre Borghi

Introducing Aaron’s Law, a Desperately Needed Reform of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Chris Hayes on 'Unequal Leaks'

Who is Leaking More: Edward Snowden or the Government Officials Condemning Him?

Ex-Pentagon general target of leak investigation, sources say

How Glenn Greenwald Became Glenn Greenwald

Britain’s Surveillance State: The Secret Ops of the 'Government Communications Headquarters' (GCHQ)

♪♫ Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance

EFF Sues FBI For Access to Facial-Recognition Records

RZA Speaks on Final Wu-Tang album, ‘Bobby Digital’ Film and More

Ecuadorean Disarray Clouds Snowden Bid

Lauryn Hill Writes Open Letter Addressing IRS & Racism

PRISM: the Australian connection

It would appear ASIC hasn't a fugn clue what they are doing. (Background)

'One foot in the mouth/One foot on the shelf'

'The whole show is fucked and no-one can work out how to unfuck it'

Ethical lapses by journalists contributed to Gillard’s demise

Robert Manne: We Steal Secrets - Alex Gibney, WikiLeaks & Julian Assange

Jeremy Scahill: is journalism being criminalised?

Download a Free EP From Laurel Halo, Gavin Russom and Brenmar

When we decided to devote our summer issue to underground electronic music, one creative partner came to mind: Moog Music, the all-analog-everything architects that still make their iconic synths by hand in Asheville, North Carolina. Rather than simply coordinate a sponsorship deal between the company and a few of our favorite New York producers—Laurel Halo, Gavin Russom and Brenmar—we gave each of them a card from Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies” deck as a source of inspiration for an exclusive song.
What we got back far exceeded our expectations and reflected the range of electronic music in our issue perfectly, from Brenmar’s hip-hop ballistics and Russom’s 11-minute “holistic workout” to Halo’s nocturnal emissions.

Andy and Mick (The Factory 1977)

Photo by Ken Regan


This is the full Black Flag documentary called "Reality 86'd". This film has been taken down several times by Greg Ginn. This is your chance to watch it in its entirety before it is inevitably deleted.
Story here:

Deconstructing: Black Flag, FLAG, And Punk Nostalgia

♪♫ M.I.A. - Bring The Noize

The Enron-Cheney-Taliban Connection?

A day in the life of Nick Cave

The best Google Streetview image you'll see of Japanese people with pigeon masks all day, hands down


Frank Ocean Debuts New Tracks In Munich

♪♫ Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Remix)






David Chase's eulogy for James Gandolfini

America. Continuing to eat its young (part 65436786537376567876563553773)

Ecuador Scraps Trade Pact Over U.S. Threats in Snowden Case

Restricted web access to The Guardian is Armywide, officials say

The NSA Can't Tell the Difference Between an American and a Foreigner

Radiohead Live at Tramps June 1, 1995 (Free Download)

Recorded at New York City's Tramps just three months after the release of their second album, The Bends, this exclusive concert sees Radiohead beginning to push the sonic envelope. Still two years prior to the group's international breakthrough OK Computer, the performance captures a more straighforward Radiohead, the very moment the band was beginning to not only break ground in America, but singer and songwriter Thom Yorke was finding the more cryptic and expressive voice that would become the hallmark of the bands later releases. As such, this high-quality recording is a demonstration of Radiohead at their full rock & roll powers.
Over the course of this performance, Radiohead leans heavily on songs from The Bends, performing the album nearly in its entirety, including all five singles, with five additional numbers, all from the band's debut album Pablo Honey (including "Creep"). Despite the emotional weight of the material, the band often find high and exalted moments, typified by the final encore performance of "Street Spirit." Here Yorke ruminates about his own feelings of insignificance over Jonny Greenwood's ringing guitar arpeggios, bringing the performance to an ecstatic close with the final lyric, "...immerse your soul in love."

Bono the philanthropist is nothing but a crony of bankers and neocons

WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FB

Brion Gysin, Alex Trocchi and William S. Burroughs


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Julia Gillard speech after being ousted as prime minister

...Rudd had never had an army of supporters in caucus. Nor did those who worked closely with him in his early years have much to say in his favour. As a diplomat, public servant and shadow minister, Rudd had an unhappy knack of making colleagues loathe him

Congress, today is your fault

Bullying and outright treachery are the new normal in Australia

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


A Lifetime of Songwriting, as Sung by Her Children

Kate of London (1988)

Brion Gysin & William S. Burroughs dreamachining

The Dumbing Down Has Just Begun

The Wonderful World of Capitalism, in 1950s Cartoon Form

♪♫ Adrian Sherwood & Pinch - Bring Me Weed

NSA Yanks Fact Sheet Containing Dubious Information About PRISM

Russia Is Going To Seriously Regret Helping Edward Snowden

Glenn Greenwald: Snowden’s Files Are Out There if ‘Anything Happens’ to Him

Fear of a Black Hat