Monday, 31 October 2016

Drexciya - Megamixes

Drexciya Research Lab Mix

This weeks Drexciya themed mix comes from visual artist Stephen Rennicks. Stephen founded his Drexciya Research Lab website in 2005, cited by Fact magazine as the largest Drexciya archive on the net. Included are some of his favourite tracks produced by James Stinson and Gerald Donald under some of their many aliases. Stephen also writes about music at Abstract Analogue.
1. Arpanet - The Analyst
2. Dopplereffekt - Scientist
3. Arpanet - Infinite Density
4. Drexciya - Hydro Theory
5. Abstract Thought - Bermuda Triangle
6. Elecktroids - Silicon Valley
7. Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 1
8. Transllusion - Transmission of Life
9. Drexciya - Journey Home
10. Dopplereffekt - Infophysix
11. The Other People Place - Sunrays
12. NRSB 11 - Market Forces
13. Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler
14. Black Replica - Black Feathers

The Art of Drexciya

Variant - Vortexual [Element Seven] bvdub's Ghosts of a Broken October


Jon Snow for Underground Resistance


Inside Detroit’s secret techno museum

Oh man! I need one of those caps

Alec Empire - The Man With The Golden Ear DJ Mix @ Sound Edit Festival 2016

Alec Empire receives "The Man With The Golden Ear" Music Award at Sound Edit Festival 2016.
This is a recording of his DJ mix from the after party - a journey through the history of Polish electronic music

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Barbara Kroger

The Saxophone by Peter Gordon (VF Mix 70)

01. Bernard Hermann – Theme from ‘Taxi Driver’
02. King Curtis – ‘Ode to Billie Joe’
03. The Champs – ‘Tequila’
04. Jr. Walker & The All-Stars – ‘Cleo’s Back’
05. Rockin’ Rebels – ‘Wild Weekend’
06. Candy Dulfer – ‘Lily Was Here’
07. Sam Butera – ‘Night Train’
08. Big Jay McNeely – ‘Deacon’s Hop’
09. David Murray/Jamaladeen Tecuma – ‘Theme on A Dream 2: 80’s Downtown’
10. Earl Bostic – ‘Harlem Nocturne’
11. Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd – ‘Desafinado’
12. Henry Mancini – ‘Pink Panther Theme’
13. Bill Doggett – ‘Honky Tonk, Pt 2’
14. Vernard Johnson – ‘What Is This?’
15. Peter Gordon – ‘Waiting for the Dawn’
16. Sonny Rollins – ‘Alfie’s Theme’
17. Mr. Acker Bilk – ‘Stranger on the Shore’

Steve McCurry, who famously photographed the green-eyed Afghan girl in the 1980s, speaks to Al Jazeera about her plight

Sunday, 30 October 2016

How Donald Trump changed the dating world

Alabama 3 - Lost & Found (Joe Mckechnie Brixton Bongo Remix 2016)

Vic Godard, Johny Brown and James Stephen Finn pay tribute to a woman called George

The Photography of Lux Interior

It’s of no surprise that Lux Interior of The Cramps directed his artistic abilities towards other areas besides music, mostly in the form of photography. Poison Ivy and Lux met in “art school” in the early 1970s and fell into a chaotic and beautiful romance that lasted up until Lux’s death in 2009. His photography almost always included Ivy – his eternal muse – as the subject of his work, with his provocative and fetishistic photographs of her used as Cramps album covers throughout the years.
Perhaps even most interestingly was his interest in 3-D cameras and this insert from Asymptote Magazine from 1992 featuring 'Crosseyed Photos by Lux Interior'...

Saturday, 29 October 2016

The end of the Islamic State will make the Middle East worse

Donald Trump discusses Citizen Kane with Errol Morris



Hamell On Trial - Live at The Mutiny Chicago (14/7/16)

Name your price

Alejandro Jodorowsky: 54 Fábulas Pánicas


Draft of John Lennon's protest letter to Queen Elizabeth found in record sleeve

White poverty exists, ignored

Wilco - Live Ancienne Belgique Brussels (27/10/16)


Nate Gowdy: Trump rally in Loveland CO (3/10/16)

How white nationalists learned to love Donald Trump



Friday, 28 October 2016

DJ Spooky: The Future of Love Music (FutureFest 2016)

Stephen O'Malley presents Acid Quarry Paris: Black Metal 7"s

For the premiere episode of Acid Quarry Paris, Stephen O’Malley (SOMA) dusts off a stack of ’90s metal 7”s from his record collection, which have been in hibernation since being shipped to Paris from his previous home in NYC some years ago. Specially selected and seasonally appropriate heavy jams await from Magus, Bethlehem, Infester, Human Remains and more, with in-depth commentary that reminds of O’Malley’s cult black metal fanzine Descent

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Mars Theme (from MARS)


Fear and loathing on the streets: the Soldiers of Odin and the rise of anti-refugee vigilantes

Inside the Trump Bunker, With 12 Days to Go

Richard Hell’s DIY Subjects, or the Gamble of Getting a Face

The Pop Group playlist: Richard Hell, Massive Attack, Public Enemy and more

The Bug presents Killing Sound Chapter 3: Black Wax Attack

'Black Wax Attack is a testament to the boom boom crack of my favourite bashy riddims. Its a journey through my treasured 7” vinyl collection as a self-confessed bashment worshipper.
I got magnetised by dancehall’s swagger and daggering, and converted to reggae’s post “Sleng Teng” mechanoid mutations by Steely & Clevie’s truly outstanding “Streetsweeper Riddim”. Prior to that Greensleeves label purchase, I had been a foolishly arrogant dub snob, and former post punk casualty/hip hop nerd/free jazz space cadet, who had stupidly dismissed ragga as a cheesy, plastic, bastard offspring of reggae. But once smitten by Burro Banton’s “Boom Wha Dis” and Capleton’s “Final Assassin”, there was no turning back. I fell heavily for the ghetto punk attitude, and rabid studio experimentation. I became a regular buyer/addict at Stonebridge Park and Harlesden’ s various hole in the wall reggae vinyl stores, and money/time waster at Notting Hill’s, now sadly, deceased “Dub Vendor” reggae record haven. I would run weekly to these stores to check the zillions of vocals dropped on the multitude of riddims in an attempt to locate the freshest shizzle. And it was def thru that dancehall conversion, that I begged to link up with Daddy Freddy via The Rootsman, and released my first filthy bash-collision “Politicians & Paedophiles” (subsequently released by AFX in 2002), and then quickly formed my own Killing Sound imprint, to atomise parties, Razor X Productions. So herein resides 2 hours of my chosen dancehall drugs. A tunnel visioned tribute mix to Jamaican bionics. A relentless selection of frenzied mechanical gyrations, mind-blowing vocal detonations, electronic rhythm deviations and addictive hip juice injections. An attempt to keep faith in the future of a genre which has felt stale since the vinyl market collapse and the pop-lite takeover by the autotune generation. But a genre I still follow avidly, and await the next generation of freakbeat visionaries and motormouth specialists.'
- The Bug

1/ Sizzla – Obstacles (Germaican Records)
2/ Burro Banton – Badda Than Dem (Massive B)
3/ Stylo G – Call Me A Yardie (VP Records)
4/ Stephen ’Lenky’ Marsden – Hollow Point Riddim (Master Mind 2.5)
5/ Lenky & Sly – Now Thing Riddim (Mo Wax)
6/ Sly Dunbar & Christopher Birch – Corners Boy Version (How Yu Fi Sey Dat ?)
7/ Suku (Ward 21) – Cyaan Do Me Nuttin (Purple Skunk)
8/ Stylo G – My Style (VP Records)
9/ Mr Lex – Dem A Pree Ward (21 Music)
10/ Collin 'Bulby' Yorke & Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall – Candlewax Riddim (VP Records)
11/ Tony 'CD' Kelly – Unda Wata Riddim (K-Licious)
12/ Bounty Killer – Suicide Or Murder (TVT Records)
13/ Miss Red – Murder (Red Label)
14/ The Bug – Aktion Riddim
15/ Burro Banton – Boom Wha Dis (VP Records)
16/ Capleton – Final Assasin (VP Records)
17/ Lenky – Z2010 Riddim (Mo Wax)
18/ Matt Shadetek – Yoga Riddim (Shockout)
19/ Stereotyp & Al-Haca – Blaze & Cook (Klein Records)
20/ Tiger – Rap Pon Riddim Version (Paradise Records)
21/ Jerome Hill – Raggamuffin Hip hop Version (Fat Hop)
22/ The Bug – Politicians & Paedophiles (Klein Records)
23/ John Shop Farm – Let's Ride Riddim
24/ Timberlee – Bubble Like Soup Ward (21 Music)
25/ Ding, Dong – Badman Forward, Badman Pull Up (VP Records)
26/ Andre Suku Gray – Sign Riddim (Jammy's Records)
27/ Fat Eyes – Assault Rifle Riddim (Fat Eyes Productions)
28/ Sky Juice – Dance Moves (Annex )‎
29/ The Bug – No Guns Version (Red Label)
30/ Cham – Tun Up (Madhouse Records)
31/ Equiknoxx – Peanut Porridge (DDS)
32/ Salaam Remi – Acid Hall Riddim (Hot ice Records)
33/ Yush 2k – Outlaw Robot (Soul Jazz Records)
34/ M.I.A. – Galang Version (XL Recordings)
35/ Elephant Man – Dirt Bed (Daseca)
36/ Daseca – Anger Management Riddim (Zojak World Wide)
37/ Leftside & Esco – Dem Time Deh Riddim (Young Legends)
38/ Aidonia – Ukku Bit (Budget Mix)
39/ Stush – Dollar Sign (Social Circles)
40/ Major Lazer – Pon Di Floor Riddim (Mad Decent)
41/ Suku – Easy Ward (21 Music)
42/ The Bug – Insane Riddim
43/ Steely & Clevie – Punanny Riddim (VP Records)
44/ Busy Signal – Pussy Cat (Dawg House)
45/ Ward 21 – Puke Riddim (Mentally Disturbed Productions)
46/ Dave Kelly – 85 Riddim (Madhouse Records)
47/ Patrick Samuels – Mad Ting/Ebola Riddim (Time Travel Productions)
48/ Vybz Kartel – Sweet To The Belly (Blaxxx Records)
49/ Bounty Killah – Sufferah (VP Records)
50/ Stephen ’Lenky’ Marsden – Diwali Riddim (40/40)
51/ Vybz Kartel – Emergency (Greensleeves Records)‎
52/ Cham – What The Hell (Madhouse Records)
53/ Breakage feat. Roots Manuva – Run Em Out (Digital Soundboy)
54/ Sean Paul – Dem A Fraud (Good Vybz)
55/ Annex Productions – (Dubbed & Screwed by The Bug) Unreleased


Part 1 (Dub Mutations)
Part 2 (Inner Space)


Thursday, 27 October 2016

Anthony Bourdain on Kissinger



Thanks Paul

Baby Thor

Flock of Dimes (aka Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner) with Thor & Friends (Peggy Ghorbani on marimba, Sarah "Goat" Gautier on marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, organ, voice, mellotron and piano and Harris on sundry percussion and wind instruments)
Earlier this year, my friend Thor sent me the results of his latest creative endeavor - a record from a band he was calling Thor and Friends. At the time, I was still knee-deep in my own record-making process, and was exhausted by the sound of my own voice. The record that Thor sent me became a constant presence in my life after that. I became so attached to it that I asked Thor if he and his aforementioned friends might be willing to spend some time with me, reimagining some of the songs on my forthcoming record. And so-lucky me-I got to spend a few days in Austin with these talented, kind, creative people, breathing new life into a group of songs that I had already lived with for years
 - Jenn Wasner
Everything Is Happening Today



Spot The Difference!

Trevor Brown VS 七菜乃 (Nano)

Massive Attack - Just A Matter Of Time

Where's Tricky?
A promo video directed by Roger Pomphrey in 1991 for the rare Massive Attack track Just A Matter Of Time, the audio of which has only ever been used on this video. The video itself was only ever released as part of a VHS compilation take called 'Dance International'


Adnate's Adam Goodes Doug Moran Portrait Prize entry has rich graffiti heritage

While it was so great to see Megan Seres take out top honours in the Moran Portrait Prize yesterday I've got to say that my favourite entrant would have been Adnate's portrait of Adam Goodes 'Be Brave'. 
If you are walking through the streets and laneways of Melbourne and you want to see more work by Matt may I suggest that you look around (and up)

Beyond The Lands

Point of View: Berlin

Into The Sun

Samantha Harris: Archibald 2013

Signs of Life

I am love this work down at The Power Station in Collingwood as I think Adnate's portraits work so well in conjunction with Mayo's 'caligraffiti'. Video also features work by Askew, Guido and Rone

Also this work up at my local mall with Smug and Sofles...

Megan Seres's 'subtle, ambiguous' painting 'Scarlett as Colonial Girl' wins The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize


Thanks Kristof

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pussy Riot - Straight Outta Vagina (feat. Desi Mo & Leikeli47)

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Jack Chick R.I.P.

The hidden danger that comes after Donald Trump loses to Hillary Clinton

Simon's Cat: The Monster

The Forgotten Children: Four Corners visits Nauru

Richard Hell’s Journals 1969–1979

Who? Eeee. Em. Aye

Rone: Empty

Pete Burns & Morrissey (Smash Hits October 1985)

From the Smash Hits archive 'Like Punk Never Happened'
Pete Burns R.I.P.
Never had much interest in his music but I too had the misfortune of being served by him at Probe Records in Liverpool back in the day

Monday, 24 October 2016

A delicious slow cooker classic you say?

AI's do have a sense of humour don't they?

Still have my original iPod. 15 years old today

The adults are in charge

This Is the Kind of Idiot That Congress Puts in Charge of Technology

Almost as good as Brandis on Metadata

Screaming Blue Messiahs

OGWT (1984)

Wild Blue Yonder

All Shook Down

Jesus Chrysler Drives A Dodge

Wild Blue Yonder/Four Engines Burning

Twin Cadillac Valentine

I Want To Be A Flintstone

Someone To Talk To (Live)

Live @University of Maryland (29/9/86)


Between Ballard's Ears

J.G.Ballard's early fiction is full of sonorous surrealism. In this special edition of Between the Ears we go Between Ballard's Ears. Two new, specially commissioned, binaural adaptations of his work reveal the soundscape of one of Britain's greatest imaginations. In Track 12, adapted by Brian Sibley, two men listen in to the fantastically amplified results of microsonics but a different, deadlier game is under way. Anton Lesser and Elliot Levey star. In Venus Smiles, adapted by Frank Cottrell Boyce, an enigmatic artist's sonic sculpture brings chaos and transformation to the luxury resort of Vermilion Sands. Christine Bottomley, Carl Prekopp, Keziah Joseph and David Sterne star in a story of death and transfiguration.
Sitar performed by Sheema Mukherjee. Sonic realization Mark Burman and Donald MacDonald


The Deuce

A very young Mark Stewart (& Gareth Sager) outside The Roxy Club (1977)

The Pop Group - Zipperface (Hanz 'Reducer Dub' Remix)

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bob Weir - Lay My Lily Down

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kilburn & The High Roads - Vidiot

Iron Sky 3?

Secret Nazi military base discovered by Russian scientists in the Arctic

Leslie Nassar R.I.P.

Bloody drunken drivers!

Q&A tech innovator Leslie Nassar killed in Idaho crash

Vale Leslie Nassar, engineering genius and champion shit-stirrer

‘The failure of so many urban utopias’

Imaginary Cities: An Interview with Darran Anderson

WTF Podcast: David Crosby

David Crosby readily admits that he probably shouldn't be alive. Drug addiction, alcoholism and health issues have taken their toll but have not knocked David out. He's still making music and going out on tour, but he had a little time to talk with Marc about The Byrds, CSN, Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, Altamont, Melissa Etheridge, and much more
Thanks Stan

Kami on words

Private Eyes

What’s in a Word? Inventing The ‘Drugs’ Problem

Trump VS Trump


The secret life of aircraft

'A Honeypot For Assholes': Inside Twitter’s 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment

America 2016