Tuesday, 31 December 2013

McKenzie Wark: GAM3R 7H30RY
Anelka & the 'quenelle'

♪♫ Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space - Drift

“Underneath all reason lies delirium, and drift.”
– Gilles Deleuze

Richard Mosse


Monday, 30 December 2013

I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on

Here's how data thieves have captured our lives on the internet

The NSA uses powerful toolbox in effort to spy on global networks

♪♫ The Flaming Lips - September 14, 1983 Demo

“The Flaming Lips Theme Song 1983″ and “The Future Is Gone”
“Underground Pharmacist” and “Real Fast Words”

♪♫ Patti Smith - Capitol Letter (2013)

From "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" 2013

Friday, 27 December 2013

Most Important Torrent Site in Years to Take the Internet by Storm

A brand new entrant to the torrent site market is set to take the Internet by storm. A P2P veteran, fresh from defeating the major recording labels in a 13 million euro lawsuit, has obtained 1.6 million euros from the Spanish Government to power his new dream – a 30 million torrent search engine. Throw in a brand new advert-free torrent client, a Free Software promise, plus a determination not to be bullied by corporations, and we have a very potent mix indeed. 

An Open Letter to the Makers of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Wolf Himself

Evgeny Morozov: To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism

In the near future, "smart" technologies and "big data" will allow us to make large-scale interventions in politics, culture, and everyday life. Technology will allow us to solve problems in original ways and create new incentives to get more people to do the right thing. But how will such "solutionism" affect our society? What will happen when deeply political, moral, and irresolvable problems are recast as uncontroversial and easily manageable matters of technological efficiency? Technology, Evgeny Morozov proposes, can be a force for improvement--but only if we keep solutionism in check and learn to appreciate the imperfections of liberal democracy.
Arguing that we need a new, post-Internet way to debate the moral consequences of digital technologies, To Save Everything, Click Here warns against a world of seamless efficiency, where everyone is forced to wear Silicon Valley's digital straitjacket.
Evgeny Morozov
Contributing Editor, The New Republic
Author, To Save Everything, Click here
Christine Rosen
Bernard L. Schwartz Fellow, New America Foundation
Senior Editor, The New Atlantis

Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Christmas Message From Edward Snowden

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Hexmass  

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Story Of...Fairytale of New York

Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing receives royal pardon

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova's prison letters to Slavoj Žižek

Moses Williams and His One-String Instrument

This video was directed and produced by Dwight DeVane in 1976.
Hear more of the music of Moses Williams on "Drop on Down in Florida: Field Recordings of African American Traditional Music 1977-1980" http://www.dust-digital.com/florida/
Thx to Sir Edward Damocles for the hint!!

♪♫ Dennis Bovell, Mad Professor & Adrian Sherwood - 'The Legendary Moment In My Town' (Naples 23 March 2013)

Monday, 23 December 2013

♪♫ Ripatti - Studio Mix (December 2013)

Mix of demos and sketches from Vladislav Delay

Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova freed from Russian prison

Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina slams release from jail under amnesty as publicity stunt

♪♫ Paul Kelly & Dan Kelly - Dumb Things/Careless/Little Aches & Pains (Tram Sessions)

♪♫ SUNN O))) & Ulver - Eternal Return (excerpt)

Vinyl Police with Edwyn Collins (Adam & Joe Show)

Sunday, 22 December 2013

♪♫ Forest Swords - Thor's Stone (Lee 'Scratch' Perry remix)

Kate Simon: Lou Reed & John Cale (Christmas 1977)


Shane MacGowan: My family values


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Happy Gravy Day!

How To Make Gravy: Australia’s only Christmas carol?

All the more poignant this year following Junior Murvin's death earlier this month


Friday, 20 December 2013

♪♫ FACT Mix 33: Pendle Coven


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Keith by Ethan Russell

© Ethan Russell, Courtesy of the Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

'Is it signed in blood?'

Arctic 30 and Pussy Riot members may be freed in Russian amnesty

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

♪♫ Irrational Advice - Elemental podcast

Heldon - excerpt from Heldon Third - Disjuncta
Shiver - Future World intro > Metro - Angel Of Mercy (Loop) - Nu-Groove
?? - Private Life remake- MASK 400
Ennio Morricone - Prayer (Conroy)
Dia Prometido - Ruisenor Persa - Philips
Random Library 1
Bernard Bonnier - Vero La Toto - Amaryllis
Mal Waldron - Thoughts - Japo
Demdike Stare - Unreleased
Gherkin Jerks - from Stomp The Beat - Gherkin Records
Fabio Fabor - Melos e Psiche > Julia Holter excerpt
Nate Young - Regression - NNA
Random Library 2
Random Library 3
Leila - How do you want it? - Rephlex
Atmo - Subaquatic - Orly
Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes - Leaving Records
Demdike Stare - Kommunion
Ian Carr & Don Rendell Quintet- Dusk Fire (Excerpt and edit)

Happy 70th Keef


OffOn (Scott Bartlett)

Scott Bartlett made this documentary in 1980 of a recreation of OffOn that he realized with a class he was teaching at UCLA

♪♫ Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) Live @Boiler Room (2 sets)


♪♫ Demdike Stare Live @Boiler Room

Designer Dad Illustrates The Weirdest Things He Has Actually Said To His Kids

Raphael Lemkin: Lonely Prophet

What does it mean when women perpetrate gang rapes?

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji

Multimedia installation consisting of a painting 620 x 400 cm, several ready-mades, photograph, and an animation film projected on a 700 x 900 cm. surface.
Mathaf - Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, Qatar
Told, Untold, Retold
Dec. 30, 2010 – May 28, 2011, curated by: Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath.
Artist's statement:
Once upon a time...
In the family house, and in my father’s room in particular, which was his guest room and daily sitting area, my feet shook as I entered the room after long years of expatriation. His clothes, which were hanging there in a corner, were the first things I laid eyes on. That was a very intense and emotional moment to me.
This is then what is left of my father??
His kufiyeh “head cover”, agal “headband”, praying beads, and traditional clothing. They were all deeply rooted in his identity and sentiment. They, with his big old collection of coffee pots made part of his dignity, respect and sense of belonging.
They were hanging there, high, tidy and clean, as always, ready to be worn, exactly as he used to hang them himself. They were leveled upright on the wall surrounded by lost ghosts and floating shadows, restless and anxious, pacing the room, swaying on the beat of his strong, deep voice which filled the room, together with the smell of fresh roasted coffee and the tunes of old sad Mawaweels.
This is then what is left of my father!
A few Objects,
Hundreds of memories,
A grieving love which still fills my mother’s eyes,
And many unfinished tales.
A moment of confusion.
A world disappeared and a new one aroused, a more beautiful charming world.
Here in this room I used to sit next to him, sometimes on his lap or on my mother’s were I felt warm and happy switching between the two. I used to put my arms around his neck or dangle my legs over his broad shoulders, loudly laugh and sing. Here I used to play, run, dance draw and dream, sheltered by their presence and love.
Oh Lord, where do memories come from?
Where do they go?
Where do they disappear and in which cupboard are they set?
How do they suddenly return, so strong and so intense, which makes the whole world vanish, and then they fade as an old tale which once was.
A tale where boundaries get lost and dissolve in an unlimited world of tales.
I shiver as I now see this before my eyes.
A shiver of consciousness.
Imagine that your body is stretched up, getting taller and higher; you slightly bend to see what’s below you. You’ll see yourself among the crowd, anxiously moving within masses of people, things, memories and emotions. For a while, you’ll lose your balance as you realize that you are not but a little story or a lost tale in a universe of countless, endless tales. Then you know that you are both the story and the storyteller.
Wherever we go, however we change or grow old, “Once upon a time…” would always be the words we carry within, long for and cherish. These words pull us towards memories and times, things and places, images and people that cannot be separated from us. “Once upon a time” is another version of ourselves from within.
‘Once upon a time” is me as I was born. It is me as a child. It is me a second ago, and will also be me as I die.
“Once upon a time” is our childhood, our school, our friends, family, dreams, needs and desires…. it is all our lives as we bear and are borne.
Sadik Kwaish Alfraji
NL 2010


The Melbourne Oral and Facial Surgery Centre


Memorabilia: Collecting Sounds With... Andy Votel (Part I)

Andy Votel's first musical passion was hip-hop, which intrigued as well as attracted him: he wanted to find out how that music was made. Thanks to his resourceful father, he discovered that it was based on loops, and that many of them were samples from other songs. That was the start of his obsession with discovering sources, and of his scouring of records that were probably not earmarked for him at the time (the late eighties) given his age, 14, and location, Manchester. While his friends got excited over Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, Andy explored jazz recordings released on labels such as CTI Records and soundtracks by composers like John Cameron and Krzysztof Komeda.
Over the past twenty years, Andy Votel has travelled far and wide in a quest to buy as many records as he could. Some have ended up making it into his works or DJ sessions, and others have found their way into the catalogue of Finders Keepers, the cult label he co-founded with Dominic Thomas and Doug Shipton. His personal collection of vinyls, which he admits to measuring in cubic metres rather than numbers, makes him an acclaimed 'archaeologist' of unusual records, even though he refers to himself as the world's worst archivists and admits that he can spend hours looking for a particular vinyl at home, sometimes even buying a second or third copy because it's quicker.
Andy's main obsession is pop, particularly of the twisted and psychedelic kind. He feels an affinity for artists who have been sidelined by mainstream culture, and is particularly drawn to records that are written on, personalised or dedicated, because they tell a story. An unusual case worthy of study, in spite of everything, he doesn't consider himself a fetishist. His main motivation is to listen to music, and the only way to get the music he likes is generally to buy and collect it.

Dee Thrussell's Up/Down Mixes

Up Mix
1. Eco Spaziale #2 - Pietro Grossi
2. La Via Della Droga (seq. 7) - Goblin
3. Stridulum (titoli) - Franco Micalizzi
4. Pronti Per L'Agguato (versione 2) - Franco Micalizzi
5. Vocalisation - Alessandro Alessandroni
6. Spiagge Azzurre - Alessandro Alessandroni
7. Il Colore Degli Angeli - Berto Pisano
8. Playgirl '70 (party music 1) - Piero Piccioni
9. Casanova '70 (finale) - Armando Trovaioli
10. Cavallina a Cavallo - Ennio Morricone
11. Gli Angeli Del 2000 - Mario Molino
12. Preludietto - Alessandro Alessandroni
13. La Guerre Est Finie - Giovanni Fusco
14. I Sovversivi (titoli) - Giovanni Fusco
15. Un Tranquilo Di Campagna (#2) - Ennio Morricone
16. Dedicato Al Mare Egeo - Ennio Morricone
17. Hiasmina - Berto Pisano & Jacques Chaumont
18. Oh My Love - Riz Ortolani (featuring Katyna Ranieri)
19. Stacchi Polizieschi #1 - Pietro Grossi

Down Mix
1. Suicidio - Corviria
2. Tema Di Andromeda (titoli) - Mario Migliardi
3. Asymetric - Armando Sciascia
4. Primavera - Pietro Grossi
5. Horizons - Fabio Fabor
6. Toni Ligabue (Titoli) - Armando Trovjaoli
7. Balletto Venusiano - Pietro Grossi
8. Algorithmique - Fabio Fabor
9. Caldo Caldo - Giampiero Boneschi
10. Reagente B - Armando Sciascia
11. Momento Cosmico - Pietro Grossi
12. Esponenziale - Bruno Nicolai
13. A Come Andromeda (seq. 10) - Mario Migliardi
14. Un Tempo Infinito - Ennio Morricone
15. Lamento - Egisto Macchi
16. Preludio No. 6 - Egisto Macchi

Via A Sound Awareness

♪♫ Snog - The New Cocksucker Blues


Dee Thrussell: The Top Ten Johnny Cash songs you probably never heard

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

♪♫ Six Sex Six - Dirty Old Town

Read the 'Stomach-Churning' Sexual Assault Accusations Against R. Kelly in Full

Federal Judge Rules Against N.S.A. Phone Data Program


Snowden was given a manager’s password so that he could cover for him while he was on vacation
This fucking government!

Ad Break: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers (1976)


'Fresh Love' by 'Photographer Hal'

The Blank Generation (1976)


The Lost Quine Interview

McKenzie Wark: How to Beat Writer’s Block

♪♫ Dub Gabriel feat. Warrior Queen & Dr. Israel - My Gun

♪♫ Chris Carter - Solid Steel Radio Show (15/2/2013)


Glimpsing The Pre-Internet Past: 25 Years Of Solid Steel

♪♫ Liquid Lounge - Dimensional Drift Mix


Russ Meyer - Supervixens (1975) [Full Length]


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Black Cab Cherry Bar Melbourne tonight