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Richard Hell: Confessions of a Book Collector

Iain Sinclair: The Last London

Iain Sinclair walks around the city he can no longer write about.
Read Iain Sinclair in the LRB:
The Last London:
Swimming on the 52nd Floor:
The Raging Peloton: Boris Bikes:
My Olympics:

Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE

Woebot: Force Field (Detroit Techno 1985-95) Mix

Juan - Techno Music
Model 500 - Night Drive (Thru-Babylon)
First Bass - Seperate Minds
M 500 - Testing 1-2
Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes - Time to Express
Rhythim Is Rhythim - It Is What It Is
Model 500 - Off to Battle
Kevin Saunderson - Bounce Your Body To The Box
Reese and Santonio - The Sound
Kevin Saunderson - The Groove That Won't Stop
R-Tyme - R-Theme
Mayday - Wiggin
Suburban Knight - The Groove
Reese - Just Want Another Chance
Ocatve One - I believe
Symbols and Instruments - Mood
Model 500 - Wanderer
Blake Baxter - Sexuality
Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes - Goodbye Kiss
Reese - Funky Funk Funk
Suburban Knight - The Art of Stalking
Rhythim Is Rhythim - Emanon
Rhythim Is Rhythim - Kaos
Rhythm Is Rhythm - The Beginning
Psyche - From Beyond
Vice - Constant Ritual
Fade To Black - The Calling
69 - Ladies and Gentlemen
Bango - Wave The Rave Goodbye
Drexciya - Sea Snake
Underground Resistance - Predator
Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier
Carl Craig - Wrap Me In Its Arms
B.F.C - Please Stand By
Drexciya - Wavejumper
69 - Microlovr
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (Illusion First Mix)
Octave One - Nicolette
Psyance - EQ
Open House - Aquatic
Prototype - Biotic
Dark Comedy - War Of The Worlds
Kenny Larkin - Metropolis
Shop - Nitwit
B.F.C - Galaxy
Underground Resistance - Amazon
Paperclip People - Oscillator
MK - Feel The Fire
Derrick May -Icon
Urban Culture - Wonders of Wishing
Kosmic Messenger - Soundscape
UR - 046
The Martian - Search Your Feelings
Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes - Sex In Zero Gravity
Red Planet - Star Dancer
Robert Hood - Untitled 2
Psychic Warfare - Tails From The Crib
Jay Denham - People's Revolution
Millsart - Gateway Of Zen
Robert Hood - Museum
Dan Curtin - 3rd From The Sun
Morgan Geist - Stillway
Space - Envision

Electronic Warfare: The Political Legacy of Detroit Techno

The Quietus Hour Special with Roger Robinson

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The Bug presents Killing Sound Chapter 7: Ambient Riff

If you don’t care for sheer weight, repetition, or drones, stay away from this heavyweight showdown.
When Julian Brimmers approached me to put the Killing Sound radio shows together for RBMA, he generously invited me to reflect the full span of projects I had been working on, and will be working on in the future. So, Ambient Riff mirrors the work Dylan Carlson and myself had explored in L.A., in fact “Broke” from that Concrete Desert session was the track I mailed to the guitarists I invited to send me music for this particular show, as a reference, to send me suitably intense riffs. I guess I was attempting to construct a Metal stripped of its wack gloss trappings, no bad solos, no bad vocals, no bad theatre… I wanted it to feel like the heaviest rock, chopped and screwed and stretched into hypnotic scores for movies in my head that have yet to be made. Just as hearing the likes of Justin Broadrick in the Streetcleaner-era of Godflesh had cured me of my phobia against 6-string instruments (due to my Mum bombarding me with Deep Purple, Rainbow, Santana etc as a kid, lol), so it was the idea of guitar as eternally revolving dream machine, that appealed to me for this show. The people I approached here, for me, are masters of slow, and the finest purveyors of tone, who wield the axe like a brush, capable of excessive texture, fragility and violence in their impressionistic playing. They have all been doing their thing for a long time, so needless to say this set is just an extension of their research and developments. They have been melting down six strings into liquid drone for fun for years.
And as I def dig the three R’s – riff, repetition and resonance – with Ambient Riff, I wanted to put together a selection where, when you hear these tunes quietly, you can zone out horizontally, but when you turn the volume to 11, they will crush you mercilessly… The sound of rockets lifting off in slow motion, jets landing perpetually and speakers blown continuously.
So meditate on bass weight, get slayed by the mid range, and for best results wear headphones or play VERY f-ckin loud.
- Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin

1 The Bug vs Monolord – Fade Out (Unreleased)
2 The Bug vs Aaron Turner (Sumac) – Suicide Bridge (Unreleased)
3 The Bug vs Aidan Baker (Nadja) – Drugged (Unreleased)
4 The Bug vs Heather Leigh – Bardo Thodol (Unreleased)
5 The Bug vs The Body – Save our Souls (Unreleased)
6 The Bug vs JK Flesh – Lost at Sea (Unreleased)
7 The Bug vs Aaron Turner (Sumac) – Eschaton (Unreleased)
8 The Bug vs Nadja – The Stone (The Bug Remix) (Unreleased)
9 The Bug vs Fennesz – High (Unreleased)
10 Neil Young – Guitar Solo No. 5 (Vapor)
11 Earth – Seven Angels (Sub Pop)
12 Caspar Brötzmann/FM Einheit – Solingen (Thirsty Ear)
13 Brian John McBrearty – Let the Wind Guide You (Blue Tapes)
14 Ry Cooder – Paris Texas OST (Warner)
15 The Bug Vs Earth feat. JK Flesh – Pray (Ninja Tune)
16 Sunn 0))) – Richard (Southern Lord)
Credits: Written & produced by Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin
Special thanks to Monolord, Aaron Turner (Sumac), Nadja, The Body, Heather Leigh, Justin Broadrick and Fennesz for their contributions

Ambient Riff: The Bug on Fusing Metal and Dub


Part 1 (Dub Mutations)
Part 2 (Inner Space)
Part 5 (Radio Voodoo)
Part 6 (Blue)

So this is the last of these Killing Sound sessions. 
Kevin did say to me that hopefully there will be another series maybe later in the year. 
Fingers X'ed
UPDATE: Yep - just been informed by Kevin on FB that a new series has been agreed to

Gary Roberts: The Problemless Anonymous

Ikue Mori - A Retrospective (1977-2016)

Ikue Mori is a vital figure on the 'Downtown New York Scene' and the international avant-garde community. She is a pioneer of the use of electronics in music.
Mori's career began as the drummer for DNA, one of the leading groups of New York's "No Wave" movement. Following her time with DNA, she began performing as part of the New York experimental community with notable figures such as John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, and Jim Staley. In the mid80's, she transitioned her primary instrument to the drum machine and immediately developed a highly distinctive sound and style, culminating in her first solo recordings in the mid90s. In 2000, Mori made the switch to laptop which opened a virtuosic depth and range to her electronics. Key groups at this juncture include Mephista and Phantom Orchard. She continues to release solo albums as well as perform and record with the top musicians and composers of the experimental community, constantly breaking ground at the forefront of the sonic arts
DNA - NO NEW YORK, “Egomaniac’s Kiss” [0:00]
DNA - A Taste of DNA, “New Fast” [2:08]
John Zorn - Locus Solus, “You Only Live Twice, Mr. Bond” [3:20]
John Zorn - Locus Solus, “Locus Solus, Pts 1 & 2” [5:17]
Jim Staley - Mumbo Jumbo, “Untitled” [7:25]
Jim Staley - Mumbo Jumbo, “Untitled” [10:58]
Zeena Parkins - Ursa’s Door, “Flush” (excerpt) [13:03]
Tohban Djan - Poison Petal, “Asobi” [16:09]
Death Praxis - Mystery, “Metal Dream” [20:14]
Catherine Jauniaux and Ikue Mori - Vibraslaps, “Shiver” [22:37]
Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Robert Quine - Painted Desert, “Painted Desert” [25:37]
Ikue Mori - Hex Kitchen, “Slush” [30:47]
Ikue Mori - Garden, “The Pit & The Pendulum” [33:26]
Ikue Mori - B/Side, “Fortuno’s Song” [41:04]
Death Praxis - Mystery, “Demon In My View” [43:48]
Death Ambient - Synesthesia, “Way In” [47:07]
Ikue Mori - One Hundred Aspects Of The Moon, “Musashi Plain Moon” [49:31]
Ikue Mori - Labyrinth, “Labyrinth” [53:43]
John Zorn - Cobra: Game Pieces, Vol. 2, “Pendet” [59:11]
Mephista - Black Narcissus, “The Children’s Hour” [1:03:59]
Phantom Orchard - Phantom Orchard, “Contraband” [1:07:26]
Mephista - Entomological Reflections, “Fringe” [1:11:01]
Ikue Mori - Myrninerest, “Conflict” [1:12:51]
Death Ambient - Drunken Forest, “Lake Chad” [1:16:41]
Phantom Orchard - Orra, “Ship of the Damned” [1:21:25]
Ikue Mori - Class Insecta, “Luciol” [1:25:06]
Zeena Parkins - Double Dupe Down, “I Hardly Care” [1:29:02]
John Zorn - Rimbaud, “A Season In Hell” [1:30:27]
Phantom Orchard Ensemble - Through the Looking Glass, “Kaguya” [1:42:52]
Ikue Mori and Steve Noble - Prediction and Warning, “Montparnasse Derailment” [1:47:00]
Ikue Mori - In Light of Shadows, “Mozu #3” [1:50:23]
Ikue Mori & Sylvie Courvoisier - Miller’s Tale, “A Fountain Pen” [1:53:59]

Joe Strummer's letter to Glastonbury on why they should book Springsteen

Thanks Stan

Who Is Poly Styrene? (Arena BBC 1979)

Otto Splotch

Otto Splotch

Donald Trump and the rise of tribal epistemology

Kirsten Lepore: Hi Stranger

It's been a while...
Written, Directed, and Animated by Kirsten Lepore
Voice by Garrett Davis
Final Sound Mix by David Kamp
Thanks to:
Dan Kwan
Kent Osborne
Late Night Work Club

Magic Crystal Dirt - Moon Star

Magic Crystal Dirt is a father, daughter collaboration exploring crazy sounds. Moon Star is the first track to be made public. We recorded it March 24, 2016.
Mina Westberg, vocals
Norman Westberg, guitar, effects

The Ladies’ Home Journal (July 1948)

Simon West: Pay It All Back Vol. 369 Mix

David Asher's On U Sound Sunday Roast (March 2017)

Penny Reel Selection on Manasseh KISS FM Show (199X)

Side A
Side B

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Pressure Drop 1 & 2 (the world's first reggae fanzine)

Published in 1975 and 1976
Edited by Nick Kimberley and Penny Reel with assistance from Chris Lane. I used to have these a l o n g time ago, the only two issues that were published, although Chris Lane says here
We were going to do a third one because we all agreed at the time that 1972 had been such a classic year for reggae. We were going to do a 1972 edition of Pressure Drop and write it as though it was actually 1972: “Look at this great record from Glen Brown, Merry Up. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before”. Of course we never got round to it but Nick knew someone at Pluto Press and we actually signed a contract and got paid a very small advance to write this book about reggae. It was going to be the history of reggae and I remember at the time that I even did a thing about dub and how dubs are mixed, the track layouts, why the Studio One dubs on the albums sound the way they do because they come from 2-track tape, how the Tubby’s dubs sound the way they do because they’re using 4-track tape, and the Channel One’s…
My BIG thanks to Nigel for passing them along

Never Forgotten

R.I.P. Mum 

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Trump's golden showers tape surfaces

Living in Raymond Pettibon’s America

VF Mix 86: Jah Shaka by Roly Porter

01. Jah Shaka – Great Day Dub
02. Jah Shaka – Seven Seals Dub
03. Jah Shaka ft. Tony Tuff – Give Thanks Dub
04. Jah Shaka ft. Icho Candy – Revelation Time Dub
05. Jah Shaka ft. Tony Tuff – How Long
06. Jah Shaka – How Long Dub
07. Jah Shaka – Babylon Dub
08. Johnny Clarke – Babylon
09. Jah Shaka – Talking Drum Dub
10. Wicked Man – Ras I
11. Jah Shaka – Wicked Dub
12. Twinkle Brothers – New Day
13. Max Romeo – Fari, Captain of my Ship
14. Jah Shaka – Just Infatuation Dub
13. Jah Shaka – Numberless Dub
14. Jah Shaka – Judgement Dub
15. Max Romeo – Rich People

Adrian Sherwood - Live at King Tut's, Glasgow (17/3/17)

Dub Syndicate - Hey Ho
Congo Natty - UK Allstars
Thanks DJPigg!
Pinch interviews Sherwood

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Momus: Open University (Bowie)

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Last Poets: Something To Die For (1997)

Abiodun Oyewole - Something Beautiful


Harlem’s Last Poet

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Quine Mix

Ranked by Rolling Stone's David Fricke as the 80th best guitarist of all time.
A man who had such a distinctive style that just hit my sweet spot EVERY time he came to the solo.
As Bob Quine said: "By many peoples' standards, my playing is very primitive but by punk standards, I'm a virtuoso."
I was lucky enough to see him perform seven times with Richard Hell. The first time supporting The Clash in 1977 at The Glasgow Apollo and then the six times that The Voidoids supported Costello at the Dominion Theatre in London in 78.
Maybe my old man mind is playing tricks but it was Hell and his band I paid to see at that run and every night when it came to Quine to solo (on a lot of songs that were unreleased at the time) it seemed that he took a different journey to get from A to Z in the solos every night.
Sends shivers up my spine still thinking about those nights...
I have in this mix tried to avoid the obvious choices and my BIG thanks go to James 'Hound' Marshall for the unreleased tracks that I liberated before the links at his blog went dead.
Remember Quine any old way you want but remember him.
And seriously man...80th best guitarist?

01 Bruce's Farm - Blues (Unreleased 1969 live recording)
02 Bob Quine - Valium For Your Colon (From unreleased soundtrack. Last recordings)
03 Lys Guillorn - Counterproductive
04 Bob Quine & Jody Harris - Yes It Is
05 Ikue Mori Bob Quine & Marc Ribot - Cheyenne
06 Eno - Juju Space Jazz
07 John Zorn - Hico Killer/Long Mile To Houston
08 Corin Curschellas - Violenza
09 Bob Quine & Fred Maher - Fala
10 Material - Detached
11 Scritti Politti - Don't Work That Hard
12 Matthew Sweet - Vertigo
13 Lydia Lunch - Knives In The Drain
14 Marianne Faithfull - Love Life & Money
15 James White & The Blacks - Off Black
16 Lou Reed - Waves of Fear
17 Hal Willner - Pithecanthropus Erectus
18 Tom Waits - Blind Love
19 They Might Be Giants - No One Knows My Plan
20 King Cocktail - Your Place Or Mine (Unreleased)
21 Lester Bangs - Let It Blurt
22 Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Staring In Her Eyes
23 Eddie Skoller - Don't Tell Me
24 Mikel Erentxun - Naif
25 Bob Quine - Background music to Richard Hell reading from 'Go Now'
26 Bob Quine - Bitter Old Man Music (From unreleased soundtrack. Last recordings)
27 Lloyd Cole & Bob Quine - Honest I Do


Noam Chomsky: The Consent Factory - The Mass Media Machine

Media Theorized: Reading Against The Grain
В таежном кожууне Тувы 4-летняя девочка в сумерках прошла 8 км до стоянки соседей, чтобы сообщить о смерти своей бабушки

Trump and the Parasitic Presidency

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Alternative history: the dangerous byproduct of fake facts

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Sherwood and Pinch DJ Mix

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Trilok Gurtu Quartet featuring Nils Petter Molvaer - Festival Jazz en Baie France (2013)


Bill Laswell's Charged - Deutsches Jazz Festival, Frankfurt, Germany (27/10/00)

Bill Laswell: Bass
DJ DISK: Turntables
Toshinori Kondo: Electric Trumpet
Eraldo Bernocchi: Treated Guitar
Hamid Drake: Drums
Ayib Dieng: Percussion


(E.O.M.S.) on twitter

Mark Stewart's Faith Is Room For Doubt

'Punk is an attitude. Suicide invented punk-their street punk thing. And then punk in England-there was a real energy,” Stewart said. “And it’s weird like when you pick up a radio wave that’s been distorted-things mutate down the line. There’s a story that reggae started in Jamaica because there was an R&B station that kept on cutting out so you got this weird rhythm. So in Bristol, we got a very idealistic take on what the Pistols and the Clash were doing.
I think I believed in it more than Strummer did.'

Mark with The Pop Group at Glastonbury 1979

Mark Stewart - Hypnotised (Scratch video by Nick Cope)

Mark Stewart - From The Pop Group to The Maffia (Directed by Tøni Schifer)

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The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E Smith


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David Asher's On U Sound Sunday Roast (Feb 2017)

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The State of Trump's State Department