Saturday, 2 February 2013

Good night. Go to sleep. May your dreams be beautiful XXX

This is the last of Exile (at least for the conceivable future.) It's been a blast. Met some great people thru it. (You know who you are.) The 'unreal' world was starting to interfere with the 'real' one and when the two met...well the results were 'interesting'. Time for the flesh and the blood.
- Mona

London anarchist bookshop firebombed

Freedom, London's oldest anarchist bookshop, was firebombed in the early hours of Friday 1st Febuary. Early reports suggest the bookshop on the ground floor and the building's electrics were “seriously damaged”, despite the bookshop having been fitted with metal shutters following a bombing by members of Combat 18, a British neo-fascist group, in 1993. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in last night's attack...

Does it?


Friday, 1 February 2013

Homeopathic A&E

How To Destroy Angels - How Long?

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The Most Powerful Gun Control Speech: Father Of Sandy Hook Victim Speaks Out

Doesn't look as though things are working out quite as planned...

Unmediated: Alan Light and Sylvie Simmons Converse on the Unlikely Yet Enduring Iconhood of Leonard Cohen

Frisk (1996)

Dennis Cooper