Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - Danko/Manuel (Austin City Limits)

Cover Me Up

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit - Live @Paradiso Amsterdam (2016)

24 Frames
Decoration Day
Different Days
Travelling Alone
Cover me Up
Speed Trap Town
Children of Children
(NB: the sound is a bit distorted but still a great show)

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Gil Scott-Heron: Black Wax

'Ohne Filter' (March 1984 Germany)

The State of the Nation

Yes that's Trump 'violating' Rudy Giuliani's breasts...and I thought Trump's hair was bad now

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Friday, 25 March 2016

Afghanistan villagers describe life under ISIL's rule

Wormrot & Biquette the goat

When did you first notice she enjoyed attending the shows?
While she was here, she always loved concerts, settings with lots of people. As soon as there was someone she had never seen, she stuck up against them for an hour! And when there were lots of people, it was above all a chance to go steal a little tobacco or something else that was lying around!
What was her favorite food?
Number one: tobacco!!!! In all its forms (butts from the ashtray, lit cig in your hand....)
And more generally a little bit of all the stuff lying around. She consumed a decent amount of the bottom of pots of paint or oil drains depended on the season. She drank alcohol pretty well too, of the sort of all the bottoms of glasses of bottles of booze that people hid in another part of the barn and that she managed to root out.

More perspective

That worked out well!

Funkadelic ft. Kendrick Lamar & Ice Cube - Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You? (We Ain't Neva Gonna Stop Remix)

Thank You. Love, ISIS

Johan Cruyff R.I.P.

Straight after watching this game in 1974 all of us kids were straight outside on our street in Glasgow trying to perfect this trick

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Victims Of Terrorist Attacks In Western Europe 1970-2015

Click to enlarge
A bit of perspective

Helm's guide to loop-based music

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding

Derek Bailey: On The Edge - Improvisation in Music (1992)

In the lack of indigenous music, [the record store is] where [people] find their roots. And in music, whatever you're looking for - whether it's authenticity, or originality, or transcendentalism, or traditionalism - the best place to look is in a record store. But you won't find - or you'll rarely find - mention of improvisation. It's not a term which has become part of the record industry's promotional vocabulary.

Edward Snowden and 'The Wire' creator David Simon had a friendly Twitter debate about burner phones

Bill Drummond: The Manager



R.I.P. Phife Dawg

Our hearts are heavy. We are devastated. This is something we weren't prepared for although we all know that life is fleeting. It was no secret about his health and his fight. But the fight for his joy and happiness gave him everything he needed. The fight to keep his family happy, his soul happy and those around him happy, gave him complete and unadulterated joy... until he heeded his fathers call."
The statement ends with the group sending their condolences for "the outpouring of prayers," noting, "He's affected us as much as he's affected all of you. We're inspired by his daily joy and courage. He wasn't in pain. He was happy.

A Tribe called Quest 'Midnight Marauders' live Subterania 2.12.94 London UK

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Todd Rundgren reignites feud with XTC over ‘Skylarking’ and Andy Partridge's reply can be read on twitter HERE

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The slaughter of the innocent in Brussels

Aphex Twin - Peel Session (1992) / Live From Sheffield Hallam University (1993)

...My hands are fine. You know, my hands are normal. Slightly large, actually.

Cunty, Cuntish, Cunted and Cunting Added to Oxford English Dictionary

Flowdan - Track by Track at BPM Manchester

SB.TV joined Grime legend Flowdan up north for his exclusive SB.TV Track by Track episode. We were invited to film his epic performance at the Black Sound Series event at the Contact Theatre in Manchester. He talked us through future releases, classic tracks and blew us away with an exclusive set with the amazing Kaleidoscope Orchestra. Ever wandered what 'Skeng' sounds like played by an orchestra?

The Robots: Kraftwerk cover by Hudson and Andrew


Lee 'Scratch' Perry at 80: 'I am a prince and the music is the king'

Bill Sienkiewicz: With Apologies to Snails Everywhere

Got your own caption?


David Rodigan: Gone Too Soon (The Story of King Tubby)

BBC 2013

Dub Echoes / Dub Stories

Beats of the Heart: Rock Roots Reggae (1977)

'Roots Rock Reggae' depicts an unforgettable moment in Jamaica's history when music defined the island's struggles and immortalised its heroes. Director Jeremy Marre films Bob Marley and the Wailers, and Lee 'Scratch' Perry record in his legendary Black Ark studio with The Upsetters. Jimmy Cliff rehearses with Sly and Robbie, while Inner Circle's historic live gig is recorded on the violent Kingston streets. The legendary Abyssinians harmonise their haunting Rastafarian songs; Joe Higgs (formerly Bob Marley's teacher) plays and talks; majestic toaster U Roy raps alongside The Mighty Diamonds, and Third World record in a Kingston studio. There is also early archive footage of Toots and the Maytals, and Haile Selessie's royal visit to Jamaica while police and thieves battle it out on the streets, and the ghettos erupt in violence. 1977: An extraordinary year for Reggae music, captured live in this award-winning film. Roots Rock Reggae was the first in-depth documentary about Reggae
Jeremy Marre

Excerpts from Guy Debord’s 'The Muppets'


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Best phone charger EVER

Only one available (£3,814.08) HERE

Has it really come to this - punk as heritage culture?

The Story of Funk: One Nation under a Groove

In the 1970s, America was one nation under a groove as an irresistible new style of music took hold of the country - funk. The music burst out of the black community at a time of self-discovery, struggle and social change. Funk reflected all of that. It has produced some of the most famous, eccentric and best-loved acts in the world - James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, George Clinton's Funkadelic and Parliament, Kool & the Gang and Earth, Wind & Fire.
During the 1970s this fun, futuristic and freaky music changed the streets of America with its outrageous fashion, space-age vision and streetwise slang. But more than that, funk was a celebration of being black, providing a platform for a new philosophy, belief system and lifestyle that was able to unite young black Americans into taking pride in who they were.
Today, like blues and jazz, it is looked on as one of the great American musical cultures, its rhythms and hooks reverberating throughout popular music. Without it hip-hop wouldn't have happened. Dance music would have no groove. This documentary tells that story, exploring the music and artists who created a positive soundtrack at a negative time for African-Americans.
Includes new interviews with George Clinton, Sly & the Family Stone, Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & the Gang, War, Cameo, Ray Parker Jnr and trombonist Fred Wesley.

Watch George Clinton's P-Funk Mothership Get Reassembled For Its Smithsonian Museum Debut


Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to send an 'E mail' (Database Thames TV 1984)

Change Itself: An Art Apart - Genesis Breyer P'Orridge (Trailer)

To sum up the life and work of British artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is close to impossible. Not only because of the wide range of artistic disciplines, but also because of the timespan, since the mid 1960s to the present day, that has been saturated by hundreds of records, thousands of concerts, exhibitions, interviews, videos, spoken word performances, collages, sculptures, philosophy, cultural engineering, occultism and radical transgender concepts. A couple of descriptions are still valid after these 50 years of active creativity and provocation. P-Orridge is a romantic existentialist and a cultural engineer. Everything is both work as such and seed for cultural and behavioural change.
A film by Carl Abrahamsson, Sweden, 2016, 58 mins. Copyright © Carl Abrahamsson

'Ramones': The Story Behind a Debut Album From Punk Pioneers

Taipan Tiger Girls - Live @PBS FM's Drive Live (1/2/16)

Ollie Olsen (synths)
Mat Watson (drums)
Lisa MacKinney (guitar)
Playing this Sunday as Taipan Pisces Girls (2 synths 1 organ) @ Keele St Collingwood with The Primitive Calculators (4:00-7:00)

Girlz With Gunz #59399

...and Trump fans say Michelle cheapened the highest office!

Dull hipsters in broad daylight - why I’m done with today’s dance music

Ad Break: Ever wanted something more?

subject to availability

Friday, 18 March 2016

Under The Covers: On-U Sound

M.I.A. - Mia-Ola/Foreign Friend


Thursday, 17 March 2016

This story is just fucked beyond belief

Sunn O))) - Live @Max Watt's Melbourne (16/3/16)

(Click arrow to download)
Photographs from last night HERE
Good interview about their Australian tour and info I'd missed about their collaboration with Scott Walker HERE

Asian Dub Foundation - Blade Ragga

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Klansman (1974)

Disturbing drama about the Ku Klux Klan and race starring Lee Marvin,
Directed by Terence Young (Dr. No & From Russia With Love)
Based on the novel by William Bradford Huie


Animation by Lei Lei + Thomas Sauvin
Sound Art by Zafka
An Introduction to the Animation:
The following images come from negatives salvaged from a recycling plant on the edge of Beijing, where they had been sent to be filtered for their silver nitrate content.Over the years French collector Thomas Sauvin built this archive of more than half a million 35mm negatives, depicting the capital and the life of her inhabitants over the last thirty years.
From 2011 to 2013, Chinese artist Lei Lei selected over 3000 photos to create the animation you are about to see, an almost epic portrait of anonymous humanity.
The film is the winner of Grand Prix shorts - non-narrative at the 2013 Holland International animation film festival, Nenarativní animace at the 12th Anifest International animation festival, Special Mentions by the jury members in 12th Countryside Animafest Cyprus. and Official Selected by Annecy International Animation Festival 2013.


Black Cab - Uniforms

New single release 
They will be playing at Howler on May 6 with New War and Taipan Tiger Girls as support and then a six month break from live gigs

Naomi Wolf: Fascist America, in 10 easy steps (2010)

Coming very soon

LEGO version HERE

Trump campaign violence goes back a long way

'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyles with Obama at White House

The U.S. Government Wants Apple To Turn Over The iOS Source Code So It Can Spy On Any iPhone

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures (Trailer HBO 4/4)

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Humans of New York
11 hrs
An Open Letter to Donald Trump:
Mr. Trump,
I try my hardest not to be political. I’ve refused to interview several of your fellow candidates. I didn’t want to risk any personal goodwill by appearing to take sides in a contentious election. I thought: ‘Maybe the timing is not right.’ But I realize now that there is no correct time to oppose violence and prejudice. The time is always now. Because along with millions of Americans, I’ve come to realize that opposing you is no longer a political decision. It is a moral one.
I’ve watched you retweet racist images. I’ve watched you retweet racist lies. I’ve watched you take 48 hours to disavow white supremacy. I’ve watched you joyfully encourage violence, and promise to ‘pay the legal fees’ of those who commit violence on your behalf. I’ve watched you advocate the use of torture and the murder of terrorists’ families. I’ve watched you gleefully tell stories of executing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood. I’ve watched you compare refugees to ‘snakes,’ and claim that ‘Islam hates us.’
I am a journalist, Mr. Trump. And over the last two years I have conducted extensive interviews with hundreds of Muslims, chosen at random, on the streets of Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan. I’ve also interviewed hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi refugees across seven different countries. And I can confirm— the hateful one is you.
Those of us who have been paying attention will not allow you to rebrand yourself. You are not a ‘unifier.’ You are not ‘presidential.’ You are not a ‘victim’ of the very anger that you’ve joyfully enflamed for months. You are a man who has encouraged prejudice and violence in the pursuit of personal power. And though your words will no doubt change over the next few months, you will always remain who you are.
Brandon Stanton

Dropping the Political F-Bomb

...the promoter has the muscle and so it goes...

Monday, 14 March 2016

America's Agitator: Donald Trump Is the World's Most Dangerous Man

The Music Improvisation Company - Dragon Path

A really good article about the London improv scene and Derek Bailey in particular can be found here and here

In Trump We Trust

With friends like this

Andy Yeung: Amazing drone photos of Hong Kong


Scottish village in Italian Alps where residents wear kilts and play bagpipes

Austin residents not in tune with SXSW

...and despite Thor's best attempts it's still on

Woo Way Allstars - Brassey Steppa

Collaboration between Fritz Catlin (23 Skidoo) and Simon Charterton (The Higsons)
More tracks HERE

Someone Will Die

Can - Live @Rock En Stock (1973)

ORTF Studio, Paris 

Richard Hell on Ivan Julian's cancer diagnosois

"I’ve known Ivan since he was 21, in spring 1976 (40 years ago), when Bob Quine and Marc Bell and I were auditioning people to become Quine’s Voidoid co-guitarist. Bob was so impressed by Ivan's chops, he copped the slot on the spot. He’s only gotten better, year after year, as a player and all around monster of goodness, and that’s the truth. I love him. It’s horrible that he has to suffer some terribly painful, life-threatening illness, and have it ravage him financially as well. American barbarism. What’s left are his friends, admirers, and sympathizers."
Benefit concert NY May 4

Hell's kitchen: Was punk cooked up in New York?

Trump Concerned His Rallies Are Not Violent Enough

Brownshirt strategy

Such a dangerous game

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Future City: cruel or consoling Utopia?

Info & Download

Albert Ayler Quintet - The Berlin Concerts (November 1966)

A1 Alpha
A2 A.C.
A3 Omega
A4 Our Prayer
B1 Ghosts
B2 Bells
B3 Jesus
Bass: Bill Folwell
Drums: Beaver Harris
Tenor Saxophone: Albert Ayler
Trumpet: Donald Ayler
Violin: Michel Sampson

Albert Ayler Quartet with Don Cherry 'European Radio Station Recordings 1964' CD coming soon on Hat Hut


The Breakfast Machine

Enter the world of shitty robots

In Bed with Chris Needham (1992)


Snog - The Clockwork Man (Architect Remix)

The Music Critic in the Age of the Insta-Release

Avital Ronell: The Telephone Book - Technology, Schizophrenia, Electric Speech

Reading Ronell

Bladerunner Sketchbook

Well...are we?

Internet access in jails

According to Court, BDSM Needs “History” to Be a Protected Right. Is 490 B.C. Old Enough?

A Psychiatrist Who Survived The Holocaust Explains Why Meaningfulness Matters More Than Happiness

Students occupying university building in Tbilisi

bell hooks: "I can no longer be a Hillary Clinton supporter!"

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Thurston Moore on punk (Artsnight BBC 11/3/16)

Worth watching for Thurston hearing himself 'sing' with X-Ray Spex alone

Shane Levene & Pete Doherty: SICK (L'Olympia, Paris 9/3/16)


Friday, 11 March 2016

The iMom

Written and Directed by Ariel Martin
The iMom will change your life! Well, at least that’s what the ads claim. But when a mother leaves her kids under the supervision of the family’s iMom, an unexpected connection is formed

Louise Brooks in The Canary Murder Case (1929).

Gary Clail On-U Sound System Live (Pay It All Back 1991/92)

Featuring Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbish, Style Scott, Bim Sherman and with Adrian Sherwood in the control tower. Live at The Marquee Club 26/04/91 taped from BBC Radio 1, "Crisis, What Crisis" VHS 1992, Viva Eight NME CD in aid of the Spastics Society (Town & Country Club, September 1992) and "Pay It All Back Live" Alfa CD (Town & Country Club, April 1991)

Graphic Means (Trailer)

14 Typographers With Their Favorite Fonts

ANOHNI - Drone Bomb Me

The making of Tomorrow Never Knows

The Beatles without George Martin's audio innovations? Hmmm...the Beatles with Glasgow or Newcastle accents instead of their Liverpudlian warmth? Hmmm...

Dennis Hopper performs extracts from Naked Lunch

From 'The Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation' (1999)

Wednesday, 9 March 2016