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Drowning In A Sea Of Hiss

The cassette culture of early Touch releases

The Pop Group - Mad Truth (Directed by Asia Argento)

James Blood Ulmer - Eyelevel/Blues Don't Fail Me Now (1984)



Producer: Adrian Sherwood
Bass: Sean Oliver
Drums: Bruce Smith
(Rough Trade RTT 128)
Somewhere in storage I still have a mixing desk copy of an incendiary gig by James 'Blood' Ulmer at The Notre Dame Hall in London from about 81/82 (?) Seem to recall that it had been mooted as a possible live album on Rough Trade

Contrast and compare

Graphic designers and their homages eh?

Why CD's may actually sound better than vinyl

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Jason Cherkis: Dying To Be Free

...To enter the drug treatment system, such as it is, requires a leap of faith. The system operates largely unmoved by the findings of medical science. Peer-reviewed data and evidence-based practices do not govern how rehabilitation facilities work. There are very few reassuring medical degrees adorning their walls. Opiates, cocaine and alcohol each affect the brain in different ways, yet drug treatment facilities generally do not distinguish between the addictions. In their one-size-fits-all approach, heroin addicts are treated like any other addicts. And with roughly 90 percent of facilities grounded in the principle of abstinence, that means heroin addicts are systematically denied access to Suboxone and other synthetic opioids.
On average, private residential treatment costs roughly $31,500 for 30 days. Addicts experience a hodgepodge of drill-instructor tough love, and self-help lectures, and dull nights in front of a television. Rules intended to instill discipline govern all aspects of their lives, down to when they can see their loved ones and how their bed must be made every morning. A program can seem both excessively rigid and wildly disorganized.
Heroin Addiction Treatment in America - Willpower Over Chemistry

$1009:75 (Wild Horses)


Africa Express Presents: Terry Riley's In C Mali (Video)

The video to accompany the latest album from Africa Express - the first African version of Riley’s minimalist classic - recorded in Bamako, Mali in October 2013.
Director Roland Hamilton takes us on a journey through the streets of the Malian capital and into the makeshift studio at local youth club Maison Des Jeunes, offering glimpses of the creative process behind ‘Africa Express Presents… Terry Riley’s In C Mali’ with local and Western musicians plus musical director André de Ridder.
“I am overwhelmed and delighted by this CD. I was not quite prepared for such an incredible journey, hearing the soul of Africa in joyous flight over those 53 patterns of ‘In C’. This ensemble feeds the piece with ancient threads of musical wisdom and humanity indicating to me that this work is a vessel ready to receive and be shaped by the spontaneous feelings and colours of the magician/musician. I could not ask for a greater gift for this daughter’s 50th birthday.”
- Terry Riley

Alou Coulibaly: Calabash
Andi Toma: Additional Percussion, Kalimba
André de Ridder: Violin, Baritone-guitar, Kalimba
Badou Mbaye: Djembe, Percussion
Brian Eno, Bijou, Olugbenga: Vocals
Cheick Diallo: Flutes
Damon Albarn: Melodica
Defily Sako, Modibo Diawara: Kora
Guindo Sala: Imzad
Kalifa Koné, Mémé Koné: Balafon
Nick Zinner, Jeff Wootton: Guitar



Alexis Tsipras (1988/9)

The 14 yr old volleyball player who grew up to be Greece's prime minister

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Doll By Doll - Main Travelled Roads (1981)


One of the greatest songs by one of the greatest singers. 
If anyone out there did download any of the music that was originally given away free at Leven's 'Haunted Valley' site could they get in touch. 


The Stranglers - Walk On By (TOTP 1978)

Studio version

Jean-Luc Godard (The Dick Cavett Show 1980)

Paging Mr Ballard

The two thousand tenants formed a virtually homogeneous collection of well-to-do professional people -- lawyers, doctors, tax consultants, senior academics and advertising executives, along with a smaller group of airline pilots, film-industry technicians and trios of air-hostesses sharing apartments...
A new social type was being created by the apartment building, a cool, unemotional personality impervious to the psychological pressures of high-rise life, with minimal needs for privacy, who thrived like an advanced species of machine in the neutral atmosphere. This was the sort of resident who was content to do nothing but sit in his over-priced apartment, watch television with the sound turned down, and wait for his neighbours to make a mistake...
In a sense, these people were the vanguard of a well-to-do and well-educated proletariat of the future, boxed up in these expensive apartments with their elegant furniture and intelligent sensibilities, and no possibility of escape. Royal would have given anything for one vulgar mantelpiece ornament, one less than snow-white lavatory bowl, one hint of hope. Thank God that they were at last breaking out of this fur-lined prison...
JGBallard High-Rise (1975)

The controversial UK skyscraper that will become new home of the super-wealthy

(BIG thanx Simon!)

It's over. It's now impossible to satirise Tony Abbott

Forget about the guitar...

The Woodentops - Well Well Well (Red Spider's Overflowing Mix 2)

Daily Telegraph (London 1942)

Sly Stone Wins Millions In Family Stone Royalties

Inequality should be at the forefront of a debate on the minimum wage

Fad Gadget/Frank Tovey

Deep Listening: Bérangère Maximin Interviewed 


Watch GIF-iti Artist INSA Create the World’s Largest GIF

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Statement from Lil Louis

Jesse Ting: Swans @Corner Hotel Melbourne (20/1/15)



Auschwitz: Drone video of Nazi concentration camp

Drone video shows the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as it is today - 70 years after it was liberated by Soviet troops. The camp in Poland is now maintained as a World Heritage Site and is visited by thousands of tourists and survivors every year. Auschwitz was the largest camp established by the Germans during World War II. More than a million people - the vast majority of them Jews - died there between 1940, when it was built, and 1945, when it was liberated by the Soviet army

Zen Paradox - Bed 16

Recorded in bed in Rockhampton Base Hospital, Nov 2012, after Steve Law was admitted for a fractured spine following a car accident. All sounds recorded in the ward on Macbook Pro built-in mic

Adam Curtis: The Mayfair Set (1999)

A conflict of interest: the Saudi state and the UK’s Ministry of Justice

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Black Cab - Live @Shebeen Melbourne (25/1/15)

Closing Ceremony
Combat Boots
Kornelia Ender
Go Slow
My War
Sexy Polizei
Dream Baby
Underground Star
Hearts On Fire
Recorded on my trusty Tascam

Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake

Politicians used to have the confidence to tell us stories that made sense of the chaos of world events. But now there are no big stories and politicians react randomly to every new crisis - leaving us bewildered and disorientated.
Bitter Lake is a new, adventurous and epic film by Adam Curtis that explains why the big stories that politicians tell us have become so simplified that we can’t really see the world any longer.
The narrative goes all over the world, America, Britain, Russia and Saudi Arabia - but the country at the heart of it is Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan is the place that has confronted our politicians with the terrible truth - that they cannot understand what is going on any longer.
The film reveals the forces that over the past thirty years rose up and undermined the confidence of politics to understand the world. And it shows the strange, dark role that Saudi Arabia has played in this.
But Bitter Lake is also experimental. Curtis has taken the unedited rushes of everything that the BBC has ever shot in Afghanistan - and used them in new and radical ways.
He has tried to build a different and more emotional way of depicting what really happened in Afghanistan. A counterpoint to the thin, narrow and increasingly destructive stories told by those in power today.

Thank gawd Australia day is nearly over

Daniel Lanois remixes Tinariwen's 'Adounia Ti Chidjret' in a 1972 Fleetwood Brougham


There are NO other monster truck fans besides drunk monster truck fans

Chet Faker - Talk is Cheap (Live at The Enmore Sydney 7/14)

'Electronic Graffiti'

The Aristocrats: why knighting Prince Philip is a joke at Australia's expense

Black Cab - Surrender EP (2007) Free Download

Treasure Hunting with Rat Scabies

For our friends in Greece

Greece shows what can happen when the young revolt against corrupt elites

A message from Keith LeBlanc to Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree)

Ed Piskor author of hip hop family tree comic
Has used all of are likenesses and are stories with no permission from the parties involved . Not even a thank you or a copy of the book. And he didnt even get the story right. I commented on this fact asking him to do the right thing on his page and he ran and hid like a guilty little white rabbit . With out us old Gees he would have no book. Shameful thievery ! Hey Ed we would be very happy for you if you did the right thing

Cathy Wilcox: Australian Alphabet


A̶u̶s̶t̶r̶a̶l̶i̶a̶ Invasion Day

(Photo: Northcote by Al)

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Swans - Live @Sugar Mountain Melbourne (24/1/15) AUDIO

You can listen to the last twenty minutes of today's Swans gig HERE
(Between 01:40:51 and 02:04:20)
There's also an interview with Michael Gira at this link (between 01:44:50 and 01:56:37)

Swans @Sugar Mountain
(Click arrow to download)

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Edgar Froese R.I.P.

Edgar Froese, founder of Tangerine Dream, has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism