Friday, 29 October 2021

Jah Wobble - Poptones

From the forthcoming 'Metal Box - Rebuilt in Dub' album

The Delines - Little Earl

Wednesday, 27 October 2021


Friday, 22 October 2021

RíRá - 25 O'Clock In The Mornin'


Thursday, 21 October 2021

New 'art' blog for my scribbles and suchlike can be found HERE



Diary (1981)


Brion Gysin

That drawing of Jajouka is probably thirty years old or so...I have no idea why I didn't do any art again until this year. 
I do wish I had tho. 
So kids! the message from this old man is don't think about it, just DO IT!

Be tHere Mix

A soundtrack for the end of lockdown
1 Music Is Love - David Crosby 
2 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Elvis Costello 
3 Be There - Low 
4 Nomadic Revery (All Around) - Bonnie Prince Billy 
5 There She Goes - The La's 
6 The Straight And Narrow - Spiritualized 
7 Crazy World - Brinsley Schwarz 
8 We Shall Live Again - The Felice Brothers 
9 Valentina - HTRK 
10 Is This All There Is - Nanci Griffith 
11 I Can't Black It Out If I Wake Up And Remember - Richmond Fontaine 
12 I Won't Slip Up - The Delines

The brightness of a thousand suns


Thinking of starting a separate blog for my scribbles you may be happy to know

Purple rain(s)

Jesse Rae & The Strange Parcels (+Akabu) - Jacob's Pillow (dubbed in over raw unedited On-U Sound Tour film 1992/3)

There are snippets of this here and here. Different years given but all seem to be same gig. Not Japan tho as the wonderful crowd pans at the start of this video will attest

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Oh I wish I could get back to Glasgow for this

Victory Horns Jacob's Pillow Victory Horns is in my top five On-U Sound productions. Simply everything about it is sublime and as I've said before just play it as LOUD as you can  and luxuriate in Adrian Sherwood's production...and here's Inside Out that Jesse wrote and Odyssey had a massive hit with. This is with Doug and Skip soundchecking live back in 2006 From Compression + ...and the foot of this post tells the tale of where my old PE teacher and Jesse made me nearly have a heart attack

Saturday, 16 October 2021

The Missing Horrors: Sat Oct 16th 7pm GMT (Radio Alhara)

THE MISSING HORRORS: An hour long sound-work of specially commissioned reggae, electronics and spoken word, all themed around the 29 horror films missing from the vaults. 
Including the final recordings the mighty Lee 'Scratch' Perry was working on when he died. 
With contributions from Cosey Fanni Tutti, Pop Group maverick Mark Stewart, reggae toaster Prince Hammer, Colin Newman and Graham Lewis of Wire, vocalist Sheila Ellis, members of Fat White Family, Minimal Compact, 23 Skidoo, and many more. Peter Harris: Bombart mastermind and multi-instrumentalist, has assembled these recordings, to create the wildest 60 minutes of music, singing, chanting and spoken word you're ever likely to hear! 
Full line up of contributors: 
Saul Adamczewski - keyboards/synths 
Dave Andrews - trombone 
Misha Begley - electronics 
Fritz Catlin - drums/percussion/flute/synth/bowed bass
Thom Driver - mix 
Graham Duff - texts/spoken word 
Sheila Ellis - vocals 
Cosey Fanni Tutti - spoken word 
Dave Fullwood - trumpet/cornet/trombone 
Prince Hammer - toasting 
Peter Harris - musical director/producer 
Saron Hughes - piano/synths 
Graham Lewis - vocals 
Dorothy Max Prior - spoken word 
Colin Newman - spoken word 
Lee Perry - vocals 
Matt Shaw - electronics 
Malka Spigel - spoken word 
Mark Stewart - vocals 
Stephen Thrower - electronics/spoken word 
Hazel Turnock - vocals

Here's a preview featuring Lee Perry, Mark Stewart and Fritz Catlin


Silent Servant: Optimistic Decay - Richard H Kirk / Cabaret Voltaire Special (21/9/21)

Greg Davis Interviews Oren Ambarchi (Outer Sounds 12)

1969 Blaupunkt Pop 70 Sound System

Ivor Cutler - Shoplifters

It's NOT Rocket Science

...and a few hours after posting the above this news broke...probably will not alter the availability on the street at all

Annie, get yer gun!

Thanks Norry

Friday, 15 October 2021

Scribbling stories

Other recent marks on paper
Time To Die/Bladerunner
Maybe Tomorrow
Time Is An Illusion
She Is Still Around
Love Is The Key

The Skidoo scribbles I posted the other day will be winging their way over to Fritz in the UK early next week (the best place for them and they will be happy beside the sea) and when mutual friend Bill liked the post on FB I thought I'd make a scribble for him too utilising the name 994 Engineers that he worked under back in the day. 
I was just thinking then that it really is so good that we are all still alive and in contact with each other
Finally a wee notebook to collect the red scribbles that I make.  
I made the RED logo using a chopstick that I turned into a nib and red food dye as the ink. 
Hey I'm poor and it's cheap
I cut out the design on one of those colour cards that you pick up in Paint outlets. It was a bugger to cut out esp without fresh sharp scalpel blades and the red overlay is more to stop it coming off the cover due to the rubbish but cheap glue I use
(Memo to self: must get some fixative spray)
It's weird that when I choose the words to paint then all is fine but as soon as that is taken out of my hands then it becomes a chore. 
Now you will get what I give you! I didn't mind doing this one tho for my friend Anthony. He wanted that inspirational quote from Lennon about life & making plans. 
I nodded and kept my mouth shut.
Also I didn't mention The Great Windex Disaster Of 2021 did I? 

Monday, 11 October 2021

23 SKIDOO (For Fritz & Thom)

Exploding The Teardrops

The Woodentops - Travelling Man / Why Why Why (Videos by Panni Bharti)

Panni's visuals for The Woodentops live in 2009  

Panni & Rolo

Rip Rig & Panic - Storm The Reality Asylum

Video by the wonderful Panni Bharti who also did the artwork for The Woodentops

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Sunday scribbles

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Can Live Archive #2 Coming Early December

Thursday, 7 October 2021

The message: why should hip-hop have to teach us anything?

Suicide featured in The NME Book Of Modern Music (1978)

Art: Barney Bubbles

Stefan Gosiewski: Early 80's NYC Mix

G36 - Meat Grinder Dub

The Bug Presents PRESSURE (Fact Mix 673 9/18)
Info & Tracklist

Laurie Anderson Has a Message for Us Humans




Via Scanner

Well done internet

Morrissey (1979)

Pat Fish R.I.P.


I was given an advance cassette of this back in the day. Sign o' the times indeed

Upcoming On-U Sound releases

Things are wrapping up in the On-U Sound Records studio! The long awaited Horace Andy album will be released in 2022 and is titled "Midnight Rocker". Just as "Rainford" was accompanied by "Heavy Rain", this new Horace Andy album will have a Dub follower as well, most likely named "Sleepy Dub Session". And if you can read between the (blue) lines you might get an idea of what is yet hidden behind the veil 
Also on the line to be released around the same time is Pay It All Back vol.8! I will go into the details about this album later in another topic, but for what I have heard from it so far I am thrilled! But there is more! 
The amazing new African Head Charge album is as good as finished and the new Tack>>Head is well on it's way as too! Peter Gabriel's Real World records will release the also (very) long awaited "Dub No Frontiers". Dub Syndicate ft. Ital Horns is also ready and waiting for a release date. New albums from Jeb Loy Nichols and Creation Rebel are still being worked on and for what I heard of it you won't be disappointed! 
On the next Dub Distraction show (by yours truly) you can hear some of the to-be-released stuff already. That is Friday 29 October from 18:00 CET (17:00 UK time) Also keep on checking out the Monthly ON.U Sound Sunday Roast from David Asher who's shows always has sneak previews, unreleased rarities, odd mixes and more! 

Well I think that was the first time I ever visited Pitchfork

Why no green when I needed it?

Monday, 4 October 2021

the ghost recedes

Well that went somewhere I wasn't expecting

...a coded message you say?

Keef's teef giving me greef

Clet Abraham: Street Sign Art

Road signs were designed for fast driving, wouldn't it be safer to slow down? 

New abum coming from Mark Stewart

...and buried at the foot of the page is this: Industrial music pioneer and media savant Mark Stewart (Pop Group, Mark Stewart & Maffia) has teamed up with techno-industrial-political band Consolidated (feat. Mark Pistel of Meat Beat Manifesto and Adam Sherburne of Until December) on this single. This track is part of eMERGENCY heARTS lead up to the new album from Mark Stewart 'VS/Verses' (Oct 2021).


Capitol 1212 ft. Earl 16 - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Full Vocal Dub)

Thanks to Adam for the heads up

RAR: A Kevin Richard Martin Showcase




Richard Hell (Slowly but Surely)

Saturday, 2 October 2021

He(art) Beats Up Love

Eight months ago when I started doing a journal and all of this, I really hadn't picked up a pen for any length of time (20+ Years?)
When was the last time you wrote a letter with a pen? 
 I'm really enjoying doing these calligraphy exercises or whatever they are as I just find it SO relaxing, not if someone is suggesting what I do tho. Then it is just a chore/(hard) work as I found out last night. 
What I don't understand is that as I do find making (my) marks meditative, why the hell did I do practically NO scribbling for prob 30 years? 
My artwork has aways been (max) A4 size and while I love the way my handwriting is improving (trust me) it is also getting looser and hopefully that will translate to larger work. 

I also like doing these as presents, like this for the owner of Pebbles A/K/A Pig
That is someone else's heart btw