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Squeaky Fromme on Genesis P-Orridge (1983)

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This is hilariously brilliant

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Beauty in Blood


Scatter, Matter, Shatter, Shock: Brixton's Black Cultural Archives

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Tahir Faridi Qawwal - Alif Allah (Temple Step Remix)


Imaginary London: An Interview With Darran Anderson

Penelope Spheeris: I sold out and took the money

The Triffids - The Night of The Triffids (Live at Paddington Town Hall 1984)

The Data Journalism That Wasn't

Jeremy Corbyn the Most Dangerous Man in Britain

Produced by Adrian Sherwood
with Chunky Mark, Jennie Bellestar and Skip MacDonald

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Indiana Queen - With You

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The South Bank Show: Iggy & The Stooges

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Rhinoceros Hunting in Budapest (1997)

With Nick Cave, Ewen Bremner and John Cale who also supplied the score

The Teardop Explodes - Live Video Sounds (1981) / Live OGWT (1982)

Passionate Friend
Ha Ha I’m Drowning
Like Leila Khaled Said
Poppies in the Field

Live @OGWT (1/4/82)

Colours Fly Away
Falling Down Around Me
You Disappear From View
Seven Views of Jerusalem
Log Cabin
Tiny Children
Screaming Secrets
The Culture Bunker
live @Club Zoo Liverpool (1981)

Falling Down Around Me
And The Fighting Takes Over
Seven Views of Jerusalem (cut)

How We Made 'Reward'

Great Australian Albums: The Saints - (I'm) Stranded / The Triffids - Born Sandy Devotional / The Go-Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads

21st Century Schizoid Spam


- and the winner is...

Ollie Olsen

Some of Ollie's recorded influences here. You can also listen to a retrospective interview (from the Young Charlatans to the Taipan Tiger Girls) with Ollie from PBS's Junkyard show a couple of weeks ago here or download it here. The next Taipan Tiger Girls  gig will be supporting Moth Body at Lyrebird in Ripponlea on August 30th.

Thanks Alan

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What Riot? Punk Rock Politics, Fascism, and Rock Against Racism

The Colour of Sound

Do colours in the natural world emit sound?
The idea that colour and sound could be connected originally struck field recordist, Jay-Dea Lopez, as quite fanciful. However he soon discovered this was not a new idea. A line of enquiry dates back to the time of Classical Greece with Aristotle first assigning colours to the Greek musical scale. The Colour of Sound is a chromatic series that contemplates the emotional resonance of colour

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Cosmonauts of the Future: Texts From the Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere


Bret Hart & Ken Hyder - Duets Series (Free Download)

Amfunk Overture
Haunted House
Paltry Origin
Dungur One
Ekki Two
Sibi Drone
Eurasian Chassis (in 3 parts)

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DUSTdevils Discography (Free Download)

The DUSTdevils developed naturally and independently they just had the misfortune to customize, expand upon and modify some of the same no wave-and Glenn Branca-derived themes that were SY hallmarks. The group’s early evolutionary work attests to the Devils’ authenticity and individuality. The ‘86-‘88 releases date from a period of exile in Leeds, where British guitarist Michael Duane and Australian vocalist/guitarist Jaqi Dulany (aka Jacqui Cohen) had relocated after meeting in New York. At some point, The Wedding Present’s Keith Gregory was drafted to play bass.Seeds in the Spoil and Rhenyards Grin show promise, despite some tame, tentative entries and a dated, glossy sheen that flirts with goth pop. Fierce, urgent strumming and Jaqi’s panic-stricken lullabies (imagine a smacked-out Chrissie Hynde) save the day, as do less syrupy numbers like “Encient,” “False Dawn” and the dazed “In Its Own Light.” Initially appearing in a toned-down version on a 1987 flexi, “Mother Shipton” was elongated into a treble-frenzied ear-shredder for the A-side of The Dropping Well EP. The deliberate emphasis on volume and harshness also suits the 12-inch’s two less excessive tracks. Gutterlight further dashes inhibitions. Duane’s screeching, alien chords and Jaqi’s slashing-to-soaring voice infuse gorgeous, intricate songs with grit and decay, energy and exhilaration.
While Sonic Youth’s clang has always been pure punk rock, the Devils take brittle tumult into more sensual and fragile realms. Created in England, shelved by Fundamental, mastered from a cassette tape and issued after a return to NYC, Geek Drip tries to duplicate its predecessor. Nevertheless, “Stripper” rattles away as menacingly as ever, and “Feeding Fat City” and “Mack” unveil daring, labyrinthine arrangements. In 1989, Duane and Dulany found future Pavement bassist Mark Ibold and reunited with former drummer Reed (né Sam Lohman, who would leave for Japan and join expat Canadian lugs Nimrod). Recorded by Kramer, the smoking, less rigid Teenbeat 7-inch barrels over “Encient,” two from Geek Drip (the revamped “King Woody” will kick your ass) and the all-new “Seen Heat” with an unstoppable, amphetamine rush.
Struggling, Electric and Chemical has Wharton Tiers’ production and another change in percussionists. Jaqi’s voice is totally shot (she speaks hoarsely rather than sings) , but the LP’s highlights find the Devils in their shining prime. The anthemic intro to “Throw the Bottle Full” and the boiling coda of “The Revenge of Cruiser Gurner” catapult the quartet’s songwriting and rhythmic prowess to a higher plane. A long-overdue interpretation of The Fall’s “Hip Priest” swings with feedback and slop. Were it not marred by so much atmospheric filler, Struggling, Electric and Chemical would surpass Gutterlight as these veterans’ studio apex.
After that notable accomplishment, all hell broke loose. Circle X/Loudspeaker drummer Martin Köb, eventual Ui head Sasha Frere-Jones, Wider leader (and Glenn Branca sideman) Dave Reid, Matador co-honcho Gerard Cosloy, and Uncle Wiggly/Fly Ashtray guitarist James Kavoussi all served time in the Devils between 1990 and ‘93. Jaqi and Michael split up, Jaqi split the country and Jackie Nemitz (ex-STP) briefly and inappropriately served as frontperson. Her sawdust-throated replacement, the late Jon Easley (ex-Sorry, Crown Heights), fared only slightly better.
From 1984 to the 1993 Extant session, almost 50 people had backed Duane with and without Dulany. Then she returned. The Extant E.P. contains two surprisingly great, upbeat shearings, the less dour mood of which recalls an invigorated modernization of the Devils’ Leeds-era outings. Fronted by the un-melodious, Thalia Zedek-ian vocals of Jaqi Cohen, the band delivered the scorching, punkish litanies of “Psychonaut” and “Receiver”. However, the highlights are the two lengthy tracks, that suddenly introduce techno beats and industrial noise: “Extreme Vagrant” manages to fuse Velvet Underground, Blondie and Pere Ubu, dub and disco-music, “Getting The Hard Hit” inflicts heavier damage by adding pounding, scorching Ministry fury.
Another falling out with Dulany in the mid-1990s apparently ended the saga for good. Taken from a ‘93 flyer for a gig postponed after Jaqi beat the stuffing out of Michael, a picture inside Extant depicts the terrible twosome as England’s infamous Moors Murderers. That about says it all.

Rhenyards Grin
Life Guarder
The Lost Divide
Hardraugh Force
Mouthfull Of Stars
Dirt Of Days
In Its Own Light
Another Hit
Real Hate Work

Gutter Light
Ordinary Madness
Whim Of Iron
White temper
Losing Ground
As I Lay Dying
The Freeze Whistle
Oyster Catcher

Struggling Electric And Chemical
Hip Priest
The Revenge Of Cruiser Gurner
Feet Head High
When Gravity Hits
Head Of Kurtz
Love You Like A Rock
Neck Surfing
Throw The Bottlefull
Free Born, Man
They Don't Sleep 8 Hrs. A Night

Geek Drip
Feeding Fat City
King Woody
Mobo Girls
Young Moss Tongues


The Dropping Well
Mother Shipton
Crushed Hollow
The Skip

Seeds In The Spoil
Seeds In The Spoil
False Dawn
Ol' Seriousness

Is Big Leggy
King Woody
Seen Heat


A.C. Temple / Dustdevils / Kilgore Trout - Rorschach Blot Test
A.C. Temple - Crayola
Dustdevils - The Freeze Whistle
Kilgore Trout - Wayzgoose
A.C. Temple - Mincemeat
Kilgore Trout - Gods And Gods
Dustdevils - Mack
Kilgore Trout - Children
A.C. Temple - Sheikh
Dustdevils - Grassback
Kilgore Trout - Dunce
A.C. Temple - Fraud
Dustdevils - Whim Of Iron

BIG thanks to Michael DUSTdevil for supplying the files XXX

Paul Kelly - Rarities (1977 - 2000)

Disc One – 1977-1983
1. She’s Got It - The Melbourne Club LP (High Rise Bombers)
2. Domestic Criminal - The Melbourne Club LP (Arminger)
3. Habit Of Love – The Dots - RRR Radio Broadcast, Story Hall, Melbourne
4. Recognition – Recognition EP (The Dots)
5. I See Red
6. Lowdown
7. Faster Than Light
8. Seeing Is Believing – 7” Single
9. Angel In Me – B side of Seeing Is Believing
10. Rocking Institution – Body and Soul 7”
11. Only The Lonely Heart – With The Dots - Rocking Australia Live
12. I Need Something Inside Me
13. Leaps and Bounds (Early Version) – With the Dots, The Ivanhoe Hotel Collingwood
14. Under The Sun (Early Version)
15. You Call This Living
16. I Can Only Give You Everything
17. Breaking In My Heart
18. Love Is The Law – Theme From Midnite Spares 7” Single

Disc Two 1986-1990
1. Before The Old Man Died (Original Mix) - From Gossip Double LP
2. Tighten Up (Original Mix) - From Gossip Double LP
3. The Execution (Original Mix) - From Gossip Double LP
4. Too Much Of A Good Thing (Demo)
5. Preaching To The Converted – Darling It Hurts B-Side
6. The Things I Didn’t Say – 9/13/86 2SER Radio Show
7. To Her Door (Clean Version) – Single
8. Dumb Things (Scott Litt Mix) - From US Under The Sun
9. Forty Miles To Saturday Night (Scott Litt Mix) - From US Under The Sun
10. To Her Door (Scott Litt Mix) - From US Under The Sun
11. Deportees – Dumb Things EP
12. Parting Glass – Hunters And Collectors Raw Material EP
13. Ain’t That Loving You Baby – Live 10/22/88
14. Special Treatment – Building Bridges Compilation
15. He’s In The Jailhouse Now – 7/20/89 SNAP KCRW Radio Show
16. Just A Phrase He’s Going Through – 7/20/89 SNAP KCRW Radio Show
17. Too Many Movies – 7/20/89 SNAP KCRW Radio Show
18. White Christmas – 1989 Idiot’s Delight Radio Show – Steve Connolly Vocal
19. They Took The Children Away – 1989 MTV show
20. I Won’t Be Your Dog Anymore (Live – A&M Studios LA, April 1988) – Most Wanted Man In The World 7”

Disc Three 1990-1993
1. Other People’s Houses (Original Single Mix) – Pouring Petrol From A Burning Man 7”
2. Christmas Eve – Rockin’ Bethlehem
3. In The Mirror (Saints) – Live show
4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths) – Live Show
5. Video Killed The Radio Star – Live Show – Steve Connolly Vocal
6. Sweet Guy Waltz (Live) – Tram Tracks
7. Hey Boys – Single with Mark Seymour
8. Puluka Inma – Funerals and Circuses
9. Nighttime Nona – Funerals and Circuses
10. Deadly – 3/4/92 – Live Audience
11. Play Me – 3/4/92
12. Dry Your Eyes – 1992
13. South Of Germany (Live 1992) - with Mary Jo Starr
14. He Can’t Decide – Seven Deadly Sins Soundtrack
15. Almost Persuaded
16. Ugly Woman
17. Don’t Break It I Say
18. He Can’t Decide (Walking Mix) – He Can’t Decide CD-5

Disc Four 1994-1995
1. Farewell Dan And Edward Kelly – Going Home Compilation
2. When I First Met Your Ma – MMM Cordless
3. Last Train – Christine Anu with Paul Kelly - Single
4. Charcoal Lane – Moon Over Melbourne
5. All The Way – 1994 TV Show
6. Cake and The Candle/Queen Stone – 1994 Radio World Café
7. I Threw It All Away – 7/4/94 KCRW Bob Dylan Tribute Radio Show
8. Truck Called Linda – 7/25/94 Regal Theatre, Perth, Live Audience
9. Lately (Instrumental) – God’s Hotel Single
10. Melbourne Girls – Song From The 16th Floor Single
11. Bed Of Nails – Love Never Runs On Time Single
12. We’ll Get Over It Somehow
13. Lately - 3RRR Used and Recorded By Volume 1
14. Queen Stone (Ambient Mix) – Give Into My Love Single
15. Behind The Bowler’s Arm – Deeper Water Single
16. Deeper
17. From Little Things Big Things Grow – Our Home Our Land – With Kev Carmody and Tiddas

Disc Five 1995-1998
1. Rhinestone Cowboy (Partial) – Andrew Denton Show
2. On The Cross - Everynight Everynight Soundtrack (with Shane O’Mara)
3. Day In The Life
4. Labour Yard
5. The Trap
6. Train Of My Youth
7. The Governor’s Wife
8. Everynight, Everynight
9. The Worm Turns
10. How To Make Gravy (Extended Version) – The Spirit Of Christmas ‘96
11. Madaleine – Lullaby and Goodnight
12. I’ll Be Your Lover Now– How To Make Gravy EP
13. Glory Be To God
14. How To Make Gravy – Edmunton Folk Festival
15. Ode To A Nightengale – Native Tongue Loudspeaker1996
16. Melting (Demo)– Mushroom Music Workshop – With Monique Brumby
17. Our Sunshine (Demo) – Mushroom Music Workshop – With Mick Thomas
18. Tease Me – Triple J Lust For Live – 6/16/97
19. Thanks A Lot – Where Joy Kills Sorrow – With Uncle Bill
20. Our Sunshine – I’ll Be Your Lover Now Single – With Uncle Bill
21. Yil Lull – The Singers for the Red Black And Gold

Disc Six 1998-2000
1. To Her Door (Live) - Mushroom 25 Concert DVD
2. Wide Open Road (Live) – Mushroom 25 Concert DVD – With Chris Bailey
3. Postcard From Elvis – 9/98 ABC Radio – With Don Walker and Charlie Owen
4. Generous Lover - 1998 Poetry Day - ABC broadcast
5. Melting (European Edit) - Melting Single
6. To Her Door – Cold – Live At The Chapel
7. Blues For Skip – Liberade
8. Randwick Bells (with Jimmy Little - Tamworth Country Music Awards)
9. Last Train To Heaven/Give Into My Love (1999 Arias with Christine Anu and Bull Sisters)
10. Coma (Remix) – Coma Single
11. Oh Death (Remix)
12. To Her Door – Rock The Millenium
13. Before Too Long
14. I Still Pray – Kasey Chambers with Paul Kelly and Uncle Bill
15. Heartbreak Heartmend - Kasey Chambers with Paul Kelly and Uncle Bill
16. Gathering Storm – With Uncle Bill – Live Songs – The Good News Week Tapes Volume 2

Disc Seven 2001-2008
1. Somewhere In The City (Acoustic) – The Weekend Australian Magazine Exclusive CD
2. Maralinga (with Christine Anu) – 9/14/01 - Yeperenye Festival
3. Goodnight Irene – Adelaide 10/26/02
4. Long May You Run - Toronto 4/4/02
5. Don’t Worry Baby – Asheville, NC 4/19/02 – With Freedy Johnston
6. I Guess I Get A Little Emotional Sometimes –
7. Somewhere In The City (Live) – KRCLive 2 Compilation
8. I Wish I Was A Train (Live) – with Troy-Cassar Daley at Tamworth 1/25/03
9. Sure Got Me (Single Edit) – Sure Got Me Promo CD-5
10. Taught By Experts (Live) – With Katy Steele – Foxtel Promo DVD
11. Won’t You Come Around (Live) – Foxtel Promo DVD
12. The Losing End (Live) – Seattle – March 23, 2004
13. Lady Came From Baltimore – Baltimore – July 17, 2004
14. Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air – Tom White Soundtrack
15. Silent Night – The Spirit Of Christmas 2006
16. Hard Love (Live) – A to Z Show 12/13/06
17. Zoe (Live) – A to Z Show 12/15/06
18. Shane Warne (Live Solo on ABC Radio - 3/5/07)
19. At First Sight (Violets Are Blue) - Live 12/15/07 with Bob Evans
20. Right Outta My Head (Clean Edit) - Promo single

Disc Eight - Funerals & Circuses + Out Of Print Covers
Funerals & Circuses (1992)
1. Until Death Do Them Part
2. They Don't Have To Do My Dirty Job
3. Deadly
4. Do Right Man
5. Puluka Inma
6. Nunga Tow Ngeerin (People Stop Crying)
7. Nobody Knows Nona
8. Never Never Never
9. I Am What I Am
10. Up Down In Out
11. One So Young
12. Possum Woman's Song And Dance
13. Nighttime Nona
14. The Tap Song
15. Jessie's Lullaby
16. Finale
Out Of Print Covers of Unreleased Paul Kelly Songs
17. Don't Say I'm No Good - Mary Jo Starr
18. Hidden Things - Mary Jo Starr
19. Too Much Lovin' - Mary Jo Starr
20. Just A Phrase He's Going Through - Mary Jo Starr
21. Too Many Movies - Mary Jo Starr
22. One More Chance (Live) - Vika Bull
23. Who Am I (Live) - Mary Jo Starr and Flacco
24. Sweet Guy (Live) - Deborah Conway with Paul Kelly and the Messengers 11/13/88
25. (You Can Put Your) Shoes Under My Bed - Deborah Conway
26. Jessie's Song - Kaarin Fairfax


Word Podcasts #1 - 242

I provide this archive of the Word Podcasts as-is. I'm just a fan of the podcasts who happened to keep copies.
Download at your own risk, but they're simply MP3 files zipped into groups.
There are four groups of about 40–80 podcasts each, labelled as discs because I originally archived them on 2 DVDs.
They cover the 242 episodes which I have, chronologically from the start until the podcast ended with the magazine closure (of course, the podcasts have successfully relaunched since, but those new ones are all on iTunes).
When you click on the links, Google will probably tell you it can't preview the file, and that it can't scan for viruses either. These messages are caused by the size of the zip files, which are around 1.5 to 2Gb each. You can ignore these messages.
Permission to post these podcasts online was received from David Hepworth via Fraser Lewry.
Chris Rand
August 2015

Psychiatric Challenge + Lol Coxhill - It's Just Noise (Free Download)

Ian Simpson - prepared guitar
Harry Gallimore - electronics
Neil Packer - guitar
Lewis Gill - guitar
Misha Gray - percussion
Tim Lyons - trumpet / voice
Ollie Brice - double bass
Dave Jackson - sax
Lol Coxhill - soprano sax

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Matt Taibbi: Inside the GOP Clown Car

The thing is, when you actually think about it, it's not funny. Given what's at stake, it's more like the opposite, like the first sign of the collapse of the United States as a global superpower. Twenty years from now, when we're all living like prehistory hominids and hunting rats with sticks, we'll probably look back at this moment as the beginning of the end.
In the meantime, though, the race for the Republican Party presidential nomination sure seems funny. The event known around the world as hashtagGOPClownCar is improbable, colossal, spectacular and shocking; epic, monumental, heinous and disgusting. It's like watching 17 platypuses try to mount the queen of England. You can't tear your eyes away from it.
It will go down someday as the greatest reality show ever conceived. The concept is ingenious. Take a combustible mix of the most depraved and filterless half-wits, scam artists and asylum Napoleons America has to offer, give them all piles of money and tell them to run for president. Add Donald Trump. And to give the whole thing a perverse gravitas, make the presidency really at stake.
It's Western civilization's very own car wreck. Even if you don't want to watch it, you will. It's that awesome of a spectacle.
But what does it mean? Or to put it another way, since we know it can't mean anything good: Is this enough of a disaster that we shouldn't laugh?
I went to Iowa to see for myself...
 Continue reading

The World’s Oldest Multicolored Printed Book Has Been Opened and Digitized for the First Time

'Ice' drug survey finds Australians hugely overestimate number of users

Introducing Okilly Dokilly

In an age of quadruple-tracked crushing riffs and an almost Borgesian multiplicity of obscure time signatures, it can be pretty hard to stand out as a metal band.
You need a USP, and Phoenix band Okilly Dokilly have a very specific one - their name, songs, and outfits are themed around friendly Springfield neighbour Ned Flanders...

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My Name Is Albert Ayler (2007)


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William S. Burroughs on heroin addiction (1977 CBC)

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Joy Division: The Documentary

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Public Enemy - No Sympathy From The Devil

Thursday, 6 August 2015

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Tony Abbott 'a pointless prime minister'

David Wadelton's 'Northcote Hysterical Society' Exhibition (Bundoora Homestead 7/8 to 27/9/15)

From The Northcote Leader
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Chris Wilson - Shoot-Out At The 7-11 (Recovery 1998)

A song written about an 'incident' at the local Alphington 7-11 back in the days...

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Black Cab - Live @The Corner Hotel Melbourne (17/7/15)

I've put my recording up here of this before but here Andrew has combined and tweaked that with a recording by Melody Day

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Hilarious (but sutble*)

*there's your clue

Nick Cave / Charlie Haden / Toots Thielemans / David Sanborn - Hey Joe (Live, Night Music 1990)

Maâlem Mahmoud Guinia R.I.P.


Some other things...

Lawdamercy! Doesn't time fly? This is where I was 36 years ago this past weekend and here's a couple of photos taken then that have just turned up thanks to Charlie Charles. Echo & The Bunnymen making their London debut as a three piece and Joy Division. Man I seriously wish that I did still have that mixing desk copy of the Teardrop Explodes and the Bunnymen that Sharon from Final Solution gave me of their performances that weekend
Anyway onto some other things...
Ai Weiwei to attend the NGV expo here in Melbourne. While travel expenses are in the news out here in Australia here's some funny stories about moon travel claims. Scorsese has rebuilt Max's Kansas City. RIP Buddy Emmons. Some of Ollie Olsen's favourite records. Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson's punk band. The children of ISIS. The torture centre. Cool at 13, adrift at 23. The global war for sand. Michael Franti gets a great review. On the road. First we take Manhattan. How El Chapo builds his tunnels. Russia's prisons. Captain Sensible's guitar up for sale.
Australia's problem with racism explained perfectly. Funny how the Adam Goodes' affair is defined by old white men in the media out here. Bolt. Jones. Newman. McGuire.

This is the best response. We must stand against racism. Anyway talking of racists...
The party of ALA. Erikson hacked again eh?...and Blair seemed like such a nice boy. How unfortunate that with all the musicians demanding that Reclaim Australia/UPF stop using their songs they have to rely on the calibre of this and this. Talk about (c)rap. I almost preferred Burgess's neo nazi hardcore stuff...
Finally onto real music, the past three Thursday nights has seen me attending one of rock's true gentlemen Ed Kuepper's solo residency at my local The Northcote Social where Ed has played new unrecorded music in the first half of the show followed by audience requests in the second half. The final song in the series was a wonderful version of 'Eternally Yours' which also happened to be my request. I am really looking forward to hearing this new album when it is released as this is really strong material. Here's a recording from last Thursday of one of my favourites of the new songs 'Some Said'

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Kathy Acker (South Bank Show 1984)


Kathy Acker & The Mekons
The Last Days of Kathy Acker

Neil Kulkarni: Music & Politics Conference (Warwick University 8/2/12)

NASA's Golden Record: The Sounds of Earth

Launched in 1977, the two Voyager spacecrafts were each loaded with a golden phonograph record documenting life on Earth should either probe ever contact aliens. Their mission was to explore Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune before floating out of our solar system into interstellar space, hurtling away from the sun at 17 kilometres a second. Famous space guy Carl Sagan called the project a "bottle in the cosmic ocean."
The recordings contain greetings in 55 languages, from Akkadian to Wu, as well as an assortment of sounds representative of life on earth, like a heartbeat, a mother kissing her child and the whistle of a train. The golden records also carry 90 minutes of music (not upped to SoundCloud, presumably for copyright reasons), including standards like Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, First Movement.

Psychic TV - Live @Göttingen (17/5/84)

How Boomboxes Got So Badass

Paul & Dan Kelly - Live @Audiotree Chicago (13/9/11)


Ed Kuepper - Never Too Late (Northcote Social Club 30/7/15)

Taken from The Last Cab To Darwin soundtrack. Well I must say that having seen all three of Ed's NSC gigs this new album material is sounding very strong

The Libertines - Gunga Din

Daniel Johns - Going On 16

Flipper reuniting with David Yow on vocals

Bruce Loose is retired from Flipper! He has suffered from a broken back since 1994. It has gotten to the point now where Bruce finds it impossible to continue with performing and touring.
We want to thank Bruce for being part of what was a hell of a run from 1979 to now!
With all the ups and downs and craziness that is all part of the punk rock package we managed to make “music history” with this band. For that and all the fun we had, we are eternally grateful.
Bruce is moving on to do solo projects and Ted Falconi along with Steve DePace are going to carry on with long time 5th Flipper, Bruno DeSmartass on bass and we will be performing 3 shows in Italy with David Yow, formerly of Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard.

Grace Slick, Jerry Garcia and Bill Graham discuss punk rock amongst other things

Richard Witts: The Velvet Underground - A Contextual Study of the Band and Its Music (Free Download)

Though The Velvet Underground existed for no more than three years with its original lineup, it is considered to be not just the "ultimate New York band" but one of the most influential rock groups ever. Among its devotees are David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Joy Division, and Nirvana, along with hot new groups such as the White Stripes and the Strokes.
Witts places the band and its genesis in the cultural context of Manhattan’s beatnik bohemianism, its radical artistic environment, and the city’s reaction to California’s "Hippie" counterculture. Lou Reed’s Brill Building background is also considered, while his Primitives (1964–65) and Velvet Underground (1965–70) songs are examined within the stylistic context of rock music. The band’s sound world is likewise considered in this light. John Cale’s experimental contribution is assessed, especially his work for LaMonte Young (The Theatre of Eternal Music), and what he carried from that experience into the Velvet’s sound.
Andy Warhol, known to the group as Drella, became the band’s manager and producer in 1965. He installed his "superstar" Nico in the line-up (which already included a female drummer). Witts examines the radical nature of the Velvet’s Warhol-period performances, vis-à-vis issues of gender, sexuality, and the drug culture which was associated with the Warhol Factory scene, and contemplated in many of Reed’s songs.
Witts studies the musical influences of The Velvet Underground on punk, post-punk, and subsequent rock movements, culminating in the group’s 1993 reunion. He also indexes the variety of media constructions that the group endured through the years and how these affected the attempts of Cale, Nico, and Reed to establish solo careers.
Nico: The Life and Lies of an Icon
You may have to sign up for to download but it is free. Other papers/reviews etc are available to download from Richard's site HERE