Friday, 30 April 2021

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Archives of Legendary Northeast Ohio Music Journalist Jane Scott Being Put Online

Jeb Loy Nichols: Erykah Badu Mix (VF82)

01. Southern Girl 
02. Amerykahn Promise 
03. Penitentiary Philosophy 
04. Booty 
05. Woo 
06. Back In The Day 
07. Bag Lady 
08. The Healer 
09. Phone Down 
10. Love Of My Life 
11. Southern Girl (unknown remix)

Roly Porter: Jah Shaka Mix (VF86)

01. Jah Shaka – Great Day Dub 
02. Jah Shaka – Seven Seals Dub 
03. Jah Shaka ft. Tony Tuff – Give Thanks Dub 
04. Jah Shaka ft. Icho Candy – Revelation Time Dub 
05. Jah Shaka ft. Tony Tuff – How Long 
06. Jah Shaka – How Long Dub 
07. Jah Shaka – Babylon Dub 
08. Johnny Clarke – Babylon 
09. Jah Shaka – Talking Drum Dub 
10. Wicked Man – Ras I 
11. Jah Shaka – Wicked Dub 
12. Twinkle Brothers – New Day 
13. Max Romeo – Fari, Captain of my Ship 
14. Jah Shaka – Just Infatuation Dub 
15. Jah Shaka – Numberless Dub 
16. Jah Shaka – Judgement Dub 
17. Max Romeo – Rich People
‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe

Cabaret Voltaire: Documentary Profile (Night Flight 1984)

A Fresh Look at the ‘Organic Music’ of Moki and Don Cherry

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Goodbye Anita

Go Easy

'I kind of wanted to glorify insecurity rather than being confident and successful. I wanted some kind of equality between the emotions that are raised up for people to look at, to show other emotions that are equally as valid as confidence and control.' 
- Anita Lane

Read Nick Cave's tribute HERE

Anita Lane R.I.P.

Unearthing A Pearl: Praising The Sexual Mysticism of Anita Lane

Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - B-Flat Ontology

Yohei ft. Nels Cline - Edge Of Your Dream


VF Mix 83: Adrian Sherwood by Pinch (2017)

01. Pay It All Back Vol 1 – ‘Introduction’ 
02. Dub Syndicate – ‘Pounding System’ / Singers & Players Ft. Prince Far-I ‘Bedward The Flying Preacher’ 
03. African Head Charge – ‘Family Doctor’ 
04. Singers & Players Ft. Sister P – ‘Holy Scripture’ 
05. Tack Head – ‘What’s My Mission Now?’ 
06. Tack Head – ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ 
07. Fat’s Comet – ‘Rockchester’ 
08. Mark Stewart – ‘Digital Justice (dub)’ 
09. Mark Stewart & The Mafia – ‘Jerusalem’ 
10. African Head Charge – ‘Some Bizarre’ 
11. Andy Fairly – ‘Ghost’ 
12. Fat’s Comet – ‘Deejay’s Dream’ 
13. Singers & Players Ft. Price Fari-I – ‘Calling Over The Distant Sea’ 
14. Dub Syndicate – ‘Stoned Immaculate’ 
15. Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate – ‘Music + Science Lovers’ 
16. Adrian Sherwood – ‘Effective’ 
17. 2 Bad Card – ‘Weed Specialist’ 
18. Junior Delgado – ‘Legalise’ 
19. Andy Fairly – ‘Jack The Biscuit’ 
20. African Head Charge – ‘Crocodile Tracksuit’ 
21. Jeb Loy Nichols – ‘To Be Rich’

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Sad news

Anita Lane, singer-songwriter who collaborated with Nick Cave, dies

I was so offended by this that I kicked my windmill



Umair Haque: When We’re Vulnerable, We Need Support. Our Systems Exploit Us Instead

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Man Bags

The Suicide Wave That Never Was
How We Fell in Love in Lockdown

Iggy Pop on rage, running and Raw Power (1976)

The Whole Earth Catalog, Where Counterculture Met Cyberculture

Gymnastics with Roberta Bayley

Hopefully you should all know who Roberta Bayley is...

Ad Break

Beanz Meanz The Who

Sonic Youth & Spiritualized - Live Untitled Improvisation (Meltdown 1998)

A live untitled improvisation by Sonic Youth and Spiritualized, recorded at Meltdown '98 at the Royal Festival Hall on 1 July 1998 and broadcast on the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1

J Spaceman And J Coxon Play The Red Krayola Live (NY 24/10/19)

Art & Language: Letters to The Jackson Pollock Bar in the Style of The Red Krayola | Featuring Matthew Jesse Jackson, John Coxon and J. Spaceman 
On 24 October 2019, Lisson Gallery New York hosted a night of performance, discussion and music inspired by the pioneering work of Art & Language and their 40-year collaboration with The Red Krayola, a proto-punk band founded in Houston by Mayo Thompson. 
The evening also featured a discussion with Art & Language, hosted by art historian Matthew Jesse Jackson, as well as a newly commissioned homage to some of The Red Krayola’s earliest live shows, composed by musicians J. Spaceman (of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized) and John Coxon (from Spring Heel Jack and the Treader label) 
Starts at 54 min into the video above and the soundcheck recording is available here
Pitchfork looks back at Sonny Sharrock's 'Ask The Ages'

Black Cab: Single launch show2 @ The Espy (May 1)

Here's half an hour of single launch show1 at Howler a couple of weeks ago. Recording HERE

The unexplainable atrocity of 'Apocalypse Now'

Nora Forster & John Lydon. A True Love Story

Via and via

Gazelle Twin chats to Cosey Fanni Tutti, Keeley Forsyth & Lucrecia Dalt about creative catharsis

Money for Nothing

Saturday, 24 April 2021


Legalizing Opioids: Three Proposed Models for Non-Medical Use

Friday, 23 April 2021

Asian Dub Foundation - ''La Haine'' Live Soundtrack (Istanbul 2016)

Aural attack on politics of hate 
I saw them perform this at the Myer Music Bowl here in Melbourne on my birthday back in 2004

Rod Serling ahead of his time

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

You Got To Admire His Balls!

I'm not talking about the Pointman in the video I'm talking about this one...

Girls Will Be Girls (The Culture Show BBC 2015)

At the height of the punk explosion almost 40 years ago, a handful of women completely redefined what a woman in music could do. Through sheer talent and lack of fear, they pushed themselves on to a male-dominated music scene and became part of a movement that radically changed the cultural landscape. 
Along with Siouxsie Sioux, Poly Styrene and Chrissie Hynde, the Slits were among punk's most important figures and their guitarist Viv Albertine’s memoir, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys, chronicles life as part of this revolutionary vanguard. 
Miranda Sawyer meets up with Viv Albertine and some of the other key female figures of the era, including Chrissie Hynde, The Raincoats, and punk anti-heroine Jordan, to look at how they inspired a generation of young women with the notion that anyone could do anything if they wanted to. And she explores whether the punk spirit still survives today

Bec Taylor & The Lyrebirds

Second single from the forthcoming album released this Friday (23/4/21)  
Here's the first single released a couple of months ago  You can watch the video HERE 
The first time I met up with Bec was down at The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood when Glitoris were playing there. Bec was drumming that night and I went down with my ex-wife as she is our future daughter in law. Unfortunately the Coronavirus lockdown put the kibosh on the original planned date for the wedding, but having met her (and all her family) I have to say that my son is one lucky guy who should enrol HERE

Monday, 19 April 2021

Nick Kent on Rock's Backpages Podcast

Thanks to Stan

Asian Dub Foundation Mix

1 Charge (Main Mix) Asian Dub Foundation Feat. Chandrasonic 
2 Cyberabad (Dub) Asian Dub Foundation Feat. Sanjay Tailor 
3 Dry Bone Ghetto Priest Feat. Sanjay Tailor 
4 Pass The Rizla Adrian Sherwood 
5 Dancehall Beatbox Version Adrian Sherwood 
6 Fortress Europe (Adrian Sherwood Dub Mix) Asian Dub Foundation Feat. Adrian Sherwood 
7 1000 Mirrors Asian Dub Foundation Feat. Sinead O'Connor 
8 Dhol Rinse Asian Dub Foundation Feat. Prithpal Rajput 
9 Stop Start Asian Dub Foundation Feat. Dr. Das 
10 Activists & Selectors Asian Dub Foundation Feat. Deeder Zaman 
11 The Puppet Master Mark Stewart Feat. Sanjay Tailor 
12 Two Rocks (Adrian Sherwood Mix) Deeder Zaman 
13 Eagle Screaming Red Sky Alight (Adrian Sherwood Mix) Indigenous Resistance IR15 
14 Galdino 2010 Deeder Zaman (Adrian Sherwood Vocal Mix) Indigenous Resistance IR24 
15 Semira (Adrian Sherwood IR Mural Mix) Indigenous Resistance IR36 
16 Dubblegum (Radio Bubblegum Adrian Sherwood Remix) Asian Dub Foundation Feat. L.S.K. & Skip McDonald 
Thanks Simon

Saturday, 17 April 2021

MashUptheTown(Podcast 51): Can Ya Whistle While You Dance These Tracks Y'All

1 Kurl Songz feat. Sarkodie, Whistle, Nigeria Gold Vol.9 
2 Leo Graham & I Roy, A Win Them - News Carrier, Joe Gibbs SicoMix Showcase  
3 C.K.Mann & The Masters, We Shall Survive, Womma Yengor  
4 Plunky & The Oneness Of Juju, Masters of the Universe, X Marks The Spot 
5 Orlando Julius with The Heliocentrics, Be Counted, Jaiyede Afro 
6 Ry-Co Jazz, Africa Reggee, Festival Music a Paris 
7 The Black Beats, Ma Ebaka Ara Nyin, African Highlife
8 Professor P. Chishala, Chimbuyambya, Na Musonda 
9 Prince Francis, Street Doctor, Studio One DJ's 
10 Andre Sampaiao & Os Afromandinga, Wababa, John Armstrong Presents Afrobeat Brasil 
11 Roe Delgado, Ni Blanco Ni Negro En Dub, Vida En Dub 
12 Koko Dembele, Yafa Le Pardon, Tieba 
13 Carl Harvey, Come Softly Dub Version, Jackpot Dub - Rare Dubs from Jackpot Records 1974-1976 
14 Funde, Resiste, Presence 
15 Orchestre Baobab, Gnawoe, Specialist In All Styles 
16 Serge Kassy, John Bri, Fly African Eagle - The Best of African Regga 
17 Indigo Phoenyx feat Innocent? and Tek of Smiff and Wessun, Still Love Her, Culture Power 45 & Coccoon Movements Present Afro Picks Vol 1 
18 Los Cafres, Casi Q' Me Pierdo, El Paso Gigante 
19 Morgan Heritage, False Promises In Dub, Champions In Dub 
20 Rock A Mambo, Bonne Annee, African Retro Vol.5 
21 Orchestre Baobab, Colette, Made In Dakar
Marianne Faithfull: The only way you can do anything any good is through love

Nun Gun - Outlaw Empire (Adrian Sherwood Mix)

Stealth Maxi (Dub Companion) 
Inspired by the semi-recent reopening of the famed South Florida pressing plant founded by reggae pioneer Joe Gibbs and later taken over by Studio One's Clement "Sir Coxonse" Dodd, Mark Stewart and Nun Gun have continued to work on new music, wanting to use the machines that pressed so many of their favourite records. 
This limited edition vinyl Dub companion to the music on Mondo Decay features new bass and space explorations by famed Dub producer Adrian Sherwood; 5 brand new collaborations with Mark Stewart; Mourning [A] BLKstar and ONO reclaiming their tracks and pushing them to the final sonic frontier; as well as Lee, Ryan, and Matt Tong cooking up their dirtiest basement dubs. It's time to 'Taste The Bass' 
1 Stealth Empire (feat. Mark Stewart) 2 Super Dub (feat. Mark Stewart) 3.Outlaw Empire (Adrian Sherwood Mix) buy track 4 A4 ####### (Mallarmé read by Mark) 5 On Neurath's Bass 6 On Neurath's Boat (feat. Farbod Kokabi w/ Mourning [A] BLKstar) 7 Stealth Dub 8 Sankara Speaks 07:15 9 The Supermen (feat. Mark Stewart) 10 B ####### (Blake Speaks) [bonus] 11 On Neurath’s Stomp (AstroBLK Mix) [bonus] 12 Gold Dub (ONO Mix) [bonus] 05:25

Teenage Fanclub - In Our Dreams

Robert Wyatt: Soundtrack of my life

Mogwai - Live Tramway Glasgow (KEXP at Home)

Ceiling Granny / Dry Fantasy / Ritchie Sacramento / How To Be A Werewolf - 13:18
What happened when Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf discovered psychedelia

Mark Stewart & his Mum

+ Very nice tee Mrs Stewart!

Black Cab - Live @ Howler Brunswick Melbourne (16/4/21)

Photo by ChrisA with thanks  
Combat Boots 
Bad Robot 
Hanna 1 & 2 
Black Angel
Hearts On Fire
My War
Sexy Polizei
Well that was a great gig last night. I mean Andrew asking for the bass to be turned up (with the resulting trouser flapping around the ankles!) A cover of Temptation and a syn drum solo from Wes! What more could you ask for?
More BC gigs / live tracks I've recorded (that have been tweaked by Andrew from the band can be found...)

Friday, 16 April 2021


Who can sell a Wonder Woman NFT? The guy who drew her or DC Comics?

Alisa Shea

I paint in watercolor because it scares me. I love its quirky unpredictability. I love the twinge of anxiety I feel every time I put down a color, knowing that I've often only got one shot to get it right. Piggybacking on my Instagram addiction, I paint from my own photographic reference material. I typically pick my subjects based on perceived level of difficulty; if it's something that I’m not sure I can successfully reproduce in watercolor, then that's the one I want to paint next. I am a control freak, and it's this combination of subject matter and medium that make for an overachieving, perfectionist’s dream, providing just enough of a challenge to make the whole process a tension-filled whirlwind of creative excitement. I start painting first thing in the morning, and the next thing I know it's mid afternoon. Hours have gone by, but to me, no time has passed. My anxieties about everyday trivialities simply fade away and I'm transported to a place where nothing else matters but light and shadow and color… and it is SO GOOD. So that's where I'm at right now. Welcome to my encore 

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Rickie Lee Jones’s Life on the Road

Rickie Lee Jones emerged into the pop world fully formed; her début album was nominated for five Grammys, in 1980, and she won for Best New Artist. One of the songs on that record was “The Last Chance Texaco,” and Jones has made that the title of her new memoir. The song evokes a service station on a long stretch of highway, and Jones’s book reflects on her almost obsessive need to travel and uproot herself at almost any cost. “All I wanted to do was leave” from a very young age, she says.“When I talk about it from here, it seems like it was so horribly dangerous.” She adds, “Suddenly I’ll [say], ‘I think I’ll go to Big Sur,’ and I’m in a car, going. But the chaos and trouble that brings to a life!” The producer Scott Carrier, who hosts the podcast “Home of the Brave,” interviewed Jones near her home in New Orleans 

Black Cab - Rotsler's Rules

New single out now and I shall be there for launch #1 at Howler in Brunswick this Friday with my trusty Tascam in tow

Marion Raw - Run With The Sea

I really like this. I know nothing about her and at the moment this video has 52 views Well I just googled her and found this film for the song above and even this only has 630 views after being up for a couple of days shy of a month. Crazy

Leonard Cohen Was Right

Sleazy knew

Jagger & Grohl - Eazy Sleazy (Anton Newcombe says it best)

Grateful Dead’s ‘Wall of Sound’ Lives Again in Some Dude’s Basement

Anthony Coscia has constructed a one-sixth scale version of the 1974 Wall of Sound PA set up with working audio 
You can read about it HERE
More on Instagram

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Norman Westberg by John Fell

I met the remarkable photographer John Fell thru Norman on Facebook. For personal reasons John is leaving FB and going to be using Instagram as the place to see his wonderful photographs. Can I suggest you join him there? 

Trevor Jackson - Underdog 1993-1998 (NTS Radio 13/4/21)


Jamie Muir / Derek Bailey - Dart Drug

There's no shortage of great percussionists in the brief history of free improvised music but on the strength of Dart Drug alone Jamie Muir deserves among them. Unlike for example Han Bennink and John Stevens, though, you can't hear echoes of any particular jazz drummer in Muir's playing, even if he has expressed appreciation for Milford Graves. What on earth did Muir's kit consist of? Some instruments are clearly identifiable (bells, gongs, chimes, woodblocks), while others could be anything. Old suitcases thwacked with rolled up newspapers? Tin cans and hubcaps inside a washing machine? Who cares? It sounds terrific, but if you're the kind of person who faints at the sound of nails scraping a blackboard, you might want to nip out and put the kettle on towards the end of the title track. Dart Drug is consistently thrilling, and often amusing, but it's certainly not easy listening. In music we talk about playing with other musicians, whereas in sport you play against another opponent (or with your team against another team). Why not play against in music, too? That's often precisely what happens in improvised music, and Bailey was particularly good at it. How can a humble acoustic guitar hope to compete with Muir in full flight? Sometimes Bailey's content to sit on those open strings, teasing out yet another exquisite Webernian constellation of ringing harmonics and wait for the dust to settle in Muir's junkyard, but elsewhere he sets off into uncharted territory himself. "The way to discover the undiscovered in performing terms is to immediately reject all situations as you identify them (the cloud of unknowing) which is to give music a future," Bailey evidently concurred with this spoken statement by Muir, including it in his book Improvisation (1980). Derek Bailey is no longer with us, of course, and Muir gave up performing music back in 1989; all the more reason for seeking out this magnificent, wild album." 
- Notes for the Honest Jons reissue in 2018 

"For the uninitiated, Jamie Muir was percussionist for King Crimson during its Larks' Tongues in Aspic period. Since that time, he has concentrated on playing in the free improv arena, and has interacted with just about everybody on the British side of things. This date with guitarist Derek Bailey is in many ways quite remarkable. In these four improvisations, Bailey himself attempts to become a nearly lyrical player, sensitively looking for timbral elements within his already sonant tones, and Muir moves to underline that aspect of his playing. This is not to say that dynamics and violence are not found here -- quite the contrary, they're just more closely observed. The title track, clocking in just shy of half an hour, is for practical matters the hinge piece of the album, though it comes last in sequence. From random plinks and plonks, where Bailey accompanies Muir as a percussionist in the way he uses his strings and Muir dances all over the mix, a kind of pattern develops where dynamic threads are woven and carried forth into others, always leaving the fully articulated one as the process begets the creation of another. This systematic approach is different for both men, and results in a kind of ideational clarity that lesser players would love to emulate. The result is as open as silence itself, albeit a more playful gazer into its open mouth by this pair of yobs who are winking and laughing." 
- Thom Jureck (All Music Guide)

The Talking Drum - A Jamie Muir Interview

(Jamie Muir by cosmicfukc on Instagram)

My youngest boy a very l o n g time ago channeling Mr Muir right at the end

John Stevens Dance Orchestra - Daffodils (ft John Martyn)

This is the first track from the A Luta Continua album and apart from Stevens on drums and Martyn on guitar and vocals it features Paul Rogers and Ron Herman on double bass with Andre Holmes on electric bass. Mark Hewins, Martin Holder, Nigel Moyse, Tim Stone as well as the aforementioned John Martyn on guitars. Paul Rutherford on Euphonium. Francis Dixon on percussion and Elton Dean, Lol Coxhill, Trevor Watts, Robert Calvert and Jon Corbett making up the horn section and finally Pepi Lemer also on vocals 
Recorded on 24/10/79
This is an invaluable site for info on the European improvised music scene. Just scroll down left column to find in this case John Stevens

(Exploratorium Berlin) Key_Concepts #2: John Stevens – From the Spontaneous Music Ensemble to Search & Reflect (3/9/20)

In the second edition of the new Denkraum series key_concepts, Mathias Maschat talks to synthesizer player Richard Scott about his experience in the legendary workshops of the London drummer and pioneer of free improvisation John Stevens. 
John Stevens (1940–1994) met Paul Rutherford and Trevor Watts in the mid-1960s and together they founded the Spontaneous Music Ensemble in 1965, which was to become one of the nucleuses of British free jazz and European free improvisation. Especially in the late 1960s, the SME, like the evening concerts he organized at the Little Theater Club in the City of Westminster (London), became a point of reference for the young generation of British jazz musicians – from Evan Parker to Derek Bailey, Paul Rutherford, Howard Riley, Maggie Nicols, Julie Tippetts to Barry Guy and Jamie Muir. 
Stevens developed a series of participatory pieces that enabled people with very different musical backgrounds and abilities to engage equally in creative improvisation. The pieces were published under the title Search & Reflect, creating a valuable manual for mediating and teaching improvisation. He tried out and used the pieces in countless workshops, which enabled him to train and significantly influence many musicians. 
One of them is the composer and interpreter of electronic and improvised music Richard Scott, who attended Stevens’ workshops in the 1980s. He has been pursuing the idea of ​​publicly reporting on his time with John Stevens for some time, which will now be the first occasion. Music-historical thoughts are supplemented with general considerations for teaching improvised music 
Musicians, critics and friends celebrated the legacy of drummer John Stevens (1940-1994) reflecting on his teachings and visionary spirit with talks, workshops and performances throughout all day last Saturday 22 November at the EFG London Jazz Festival 2014. Here's an excerpt from the afternoon talk between Alyn Shipton, Victor Schonfeld and Steve Beresford

Remembering Grant Hart

Video I shot of Grant performing 2541 on that first visit to Melbourne back in 2010
Here's Hüsker Dü at the Camden Palace in London on the same European tour that I caught (ahem) in Amsterdam Tracklist: 
New Day Rising / It's Not Funny Anymore / Everything Falls Apart / The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill / I Apologize / If I Told You / Folklore / Terms of Psychic Warfare / Powerline / Books About UFOs / Chartered Trips / Diane / Celebrated Summer / Every Everything / Makes No Sense At All / Pink Turns to Blue / Ticket to Ride / Reoccurring Dreams / Eight Miles High / Love Is All Around

Psilocybin & LSD: Lessons of the Sixties


DJ Food - Raiding The 20th Century

Pt. 1 - Time Machine
1 Alfred Newman - 20th Century Fox Theme (Intro)
2 Negativland - Downloading
3 Franz Ferdinand vs. Beastie Boys - Triple Take Mix
4 DJ BC - Surebladi
5 Danger Mouse - Encore
6 Wayne Butane - Elderly
7 Big City Orchestra - Bulldog
8 Jay-Z - Encore (Accapella)
9 Beatles, The - Glass Onion
10 Avril - Avril Plays The Beatles
11 Loo And Placido - Safari Love
12 Jrb - Busta Vs Steptoe & Son
13 Loo And Placido - Kids Will Rock You
14 Braces Tower - Special Child
15 Exactshit - Crazy
16 Cropstar Crazy - Prado
17 Britney Spears - Overprotected (Cliché Remix)
18 Will Smith - Nod Ya Head (Trick Remix)
19 Osymyso - Intro-inspection Pt. 1
20 fLeXuS - It Ain't Nothin'
21 Evolution Control Committee - Spandau Fillet
22 Go Home Productions - Turn Out The Light Slave & Give Me Some Rhythm
23 Go Home Productions - Work It Out With A Foxy Lady
24 Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (Glitch Mix)
25 skkatter - Diddy
26 Wobbly Yo Yo Yo Yoyo, - Hey...
27 Frenchbloke & Son - Sound Of Da S Club
28 Lemon Jelly - Soft / Rock
29 Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Dancehall Edit)
30 People Like Us - Nobody Does
31 2 Many DJ's - Smells Like Booty
32 fLeXuS - White Love
33 Evil Twin - The Lady & The Lake
34 Justin Timberlake - Like I Love U (Ochre Remix)
35 Osymyso - Intro Expansion Pt. 2
36 Go Home Productions - Ray Of Gob
37 Madonna - WTF?
38 Player - Angel Of Theft
39 Osymyso - Wegoddim
40 LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Flashbulb Remix)

Pt. 2 - The Time Before Time
41 Alvin Lucier - I Am Sitting In A Room
42 Pierre Schaeffer - Étude Aux Chemins De Fer
43 Pierre Henry - Souffle 1
44 Edgard Varèse - Déserts
45 John Cage - Imaginary Landscape No.1
46 William S. Burroughs - Origin & Theory Of The Tape Cut-Ups
47 Coldcut - Let Us Play! LP Outro
48 James Tenney - Collage No.1 (Blue Suede)
49 Marshall McLuhan - The Medium Is The Massage
50 Steve Reich - It's Gonna Rain
51 Monkees, The - Opening Ceremony
52 Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy
53 John Rydgren - Christmas Montage
54 Holger Czukay & Rolf Dammers - Boat - Woman - Song
55 BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Major Bloodnock's Stomach
56 Beatles, The - Revolution No. 9
57 BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Talk Out
58 Kenny Everett - Musical Works

Pt. 3 - Say Kids, What Time Is It?
59 Grand Wizard Theodore & Kevie Kev - Rockwell Military Cut (Scratch Mix)
60 Grand Wizard Theodore Grand Wizard - Theodore Speaks
61 Grandmaster Flash Fab 5 - Freddy's Kitchen (Wildstyle DVD Rip)
62 Grandmaster Flash - WFMU Interview With Monica Lynch
63 Big Apple Productions - Genius At Work (Original)
64 Art Of Noise, The - Close (To The Edit)
65 Grandmaster Flash - The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel
66 Cold Crush Brothers vs. Fantastic Five - The Cold Crush Brothers Vs. The Fantastic 5 MC's
67 Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals
68 Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 2: The James Brown Mix
69 Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 1: The Payoff Mix
70 Big Apple Productions - Genius At Work (Vol. 2)
71 Mr. K - Rock The House
72 Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 3: The History Of Hip Hop
73 Buchanan & Goodman - Flying Saucer (Part One)
74 Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis
75 Steinski & Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On
76 Steinski - Some Assembly Required Interview With Jon Nelson
77 Coldcut Say Kids - What Time Is It?
78 Coldcut Beats & Pieces
79 Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (Coldcut Seven Minutes Of Madness Mix)
80 MARRS - Pump Up The Volume
81 Eric B. & Rakim - Michael Jackson Got Soul
82 Think Tank - Hack One (The Internet Worm Mix)
83 Big Apple Productions - Genius At Work (Vol. 2)
84 3-D - Tommy Boy Megamix
85 Latin Rascals - Axel F
86 Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge
87 Kurtis Blow - America (Dub Mix)
88 Cindy Mizelle - This Could Be The Night
89 Rochelle - My Magic Man (Machine Gun Dub)
90 Word Of Mouth - King Kut (Bonus Beats)
91 T La Rock - This Beat Kicks
92 Tricky Tee - Leave It To The Drums (Dub)
93 Mantronix - Bassline (Stretched)
94 Mantronix - The Album Mega-Mix
95 Mantronix - Scream (Primal Scream Dub)
96 Mantronix - Music Madness Mega-Mix
97 T La Rock - Bass Machine (Club Version)
98 T La Rock - Breakin' Bells (Omar Santana Edit)
99 Luke Skyywalker - Bass Waves Mega Mix I
100 Matt Black & The Coldcut Crew - The Music Maker
101 James Brown - The Payback Mix (Coldcut Meets The Godfather)
102 Mantronix - King Of The Beats
103 Pete Smith - Beat Bytes Mix
104 Doctor Funnkenstein & DJ Cash Money - Scratchin' To The Funk Pt. 1
105 Herbie Hancock - American Mega-Mix
106 James Brown - Payback (The Final Mixdown)
107 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper
108 DJ Shadow - Lesson 4
109 Hiroshi Fujiwara & KUDO - Return Of The Original Artform
110 Derek & Clive - Records (DK Re-edit)
111 De La Soul - Cool Breeze On The Rocks
112 Zeb.Roc.Ski & Stieber Twins - The Revenge (B Boys Revenge 97)
113 Bronx Dogs - Tribute To Jazzy Jay (Death Mix)
114 DJ Format - English Lesson
115 Dynamix II - Just Give The DJ A Break
116 Beat Junkies - Scratch Monopoly Pt 2
117 Mr. Dibbs - B Boys Revenge
118 DJ Craze - 1st ITF Chamionship Set
119 Invisibl Skratch - Piklz Invisbl Skratch Piklz Vs. Da Klamz Uv Deth
120 Herbaliser -Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks
121 Cut Chemist - Lesson 6: The Lecture

Pt. 4 - Pressed For Time
122 Cassetteboy - Fly Me To New York
123 Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers - Swing The Mood
124 Stars On 45 - Stars On 45
125 JAMs - All You Need Is Love
126 Age Of Chance - Kisspower (Unreleased Mix)
127 Negativland - The Perfect Cut (Good As Gold)
128 Christian Marclay - Pandora's Box
129 John Oswald - Way (Asher Ogre Groin)
130 Evolution Control Committee - Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream Mix)
131 John Oswald - Brown (News Orb Jam)
132 Tape-Beatles - Concern About
133 John Oswald - Dab (Alien Chasm Rock)
134 Tape-Beatles - Short History Of The Tape-Beatles
135 KLF - Rock Radio Into The Nineties And Beyond
136 People Like Us - Sound Escape Pt. 1
137 Negativland - The Letter U And The Numeral 2 (Acapella Mix)
138 Emergency Broadcast - Network Behavior Modification / We Will Rock You
139 Black Helicopters - Hammered Gods
140 People Like Us - Sound Escape Pt. 2
141 Tape-Beatles - Thus
142 Forest J. Ackerman - Music For Robots

Pt 5 - Time's Up
143 Osymyso - Intro-Inspection Pt. 2
144 Freelance Hellraiser - A Stroke Of Genius
145 Girls On Top - We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends
146 Kurtis Rush - George Gets His Freak On
147 Copywrong - Too Much Freakin'
148 Girls On Top - Being Scrubbed
149 2 Many DJ's - Dreadlock Woman
150 Osymyso - Pat N' Peg
151 Freelance Hellraiser - Got My Lovely Money
152 Freelance Hellraiser - Step On Man
153 Osymyso - Intro-Inspection Pt. 2 (Reprise)
154 Osymyso - John's Not Mad
155 Picasio - Do You Really Like It?
156 Freelance Hairdresser - Marshall's Got Snookered
157 Mky - I've Created A Monster
158 B.R.K. - JackoNim
159 Mr. On vs. Jungle Brothers - Breathe Don't Stop
160 Freelance Hellraiser - Can You Lick Shots?
161 skkatter - Madonna Is A Filthy Slut
162 MCSleazy - Don't Call Me Song 2
163 Wayne Butane - Elderly
164 Girls On Top - I Wanna Dance With Numbers
165 Kylie - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Electrosoul Mix)
166 Kylie Minogue - Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head
167 Alfred Newman - 20th Century Fox Theme (Outro) 


I was looking at a great blog that I used to contribute to and saw this was slated for posting. Not sure if I posted it here at Exile but anyway I gave it a listen and well I still like it so...

The Peanuts Gang Meet ZZ Top

(William) Blake / An Illustrated Quarterly: June 1967 to the present

Published by the Department of English at the University of California in Berkeley CA. Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to William Blake (1757-1827), the British poet, artist, and engraver, and his circle. They publish articles, notes, and book reviews, as well as two annual features: a review of sales of original works by Blake and his followers, and a checklist of publications and discoveries. 
The mission statement from isue 1 reads:
The idea of having a Blake Newsletter seems to have sprung like Leutha from the head of Satan; I don’t know who can claim paternity. The need seemed suddenly obvious. Much help was given in the early stages by David Erdman, who called a meeting of Blake scholars at the last MLA convention and who also sent out a preliminary announcement. Gerald E. Bentley, Jr. contributed valuable suggestions and prodding. Fred Whitehead[e] sent a list of ongoing Blake projects. There were encouraging letters and contributions from Blake scholars in seven different countries. This modest first issue is the result, and it is now up to you whether the project deserves to be continued. As far as editorial policy is concerned, I think the Newsletter should be just that — not an incipient journal. (Enough are born, even too many, without these arts). It will include announcements, queries, controversy, and notes of special interest to Blake scholars — all of an informal nature (a “family wall-newspaper,” as David Erdman puts it). Regarding work-in-progress, my own inclination is to report on ongoing editorial and bibliographical projects, but not on critical or scholarly studies before they are completed. In that way, I hope to avoid the suggestion of “reserving” subjects. However, I’d like to have readers’ views on this, as well as on other subjects. I’ll undertake to publish issues of the Newsletter on October 15, January 15, and April 15. The subscription price will be two dollars, which will cover the first four issues, including this one. New readers will receive back issues as part of their subscription — any other arrangement would involve book-keeping complications that I’m not able to undertake. The second issue of the Newsletter will be dedicated to S. Foster Damon. Former students and associates of Professor Damon are especially invited to contribute.
There is a five year paywall but all copies previous to that can be read/ downloaded HERE 
The Blake blog 'Hell's Printing Press' is HERE 
A related site 'The William Blake Archive' is wonderful too and contains Blake's paintings, manuscripts, drawings and prints etc. HERE
Here's The Orckestra (the combined forces of Mike Westbrook's Brass Band & Henry Cow) performing 'Let The Slave' in Modena Italy in September 1977