Saturday, 10 April 2021

Skintologists - Db 105

Released March 3 2021
Skintologists are Fritz Catlin from 23 Skidoo, Last Few Days & Laibach and Mike Joseph, bassist and co founder of Welfare Heroine with the late Dele Fadele

A FB post from Fritz caught my eye with part of the periodic table pictured and the comment "Who thought Db 105 was a listening volume suggestion?" 
Got to say very clever and made me delve into this particular element more..."an artificially produced radioactive transuranium element in Group Vb of the periodic table, atomic number 105"...  sorry. You can induge yourself here if you so desire. Now I have to come clean and say I actually have an O Level in chemistry. God alone knows how as the only things I remember now are test tube, bunsen burner, the view out of my class window and the size of my teacher's tits. (Let me just say that it's the little things that stay with you)
Oh and I also found this from 2009...

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