Sunday, 11 April 2021

Nick Kent & The Subterraneans - My Flamingo / Veiled Women

One time member of The Subterraneans Chrissie Hynde with then partner Nick Kent  
Not all music journalists looked like Nick Kent back in the day nor did they write and perform songs as good as this and a lot were certainly nowhere in his league when it came to writing about music. Various members of The Damned played gigs with Kent as The Subterraneans but from memory I am pretty certain that Henry Padovani played guitar on this single (checking just then Discogs says he didn't.) The line "like a deaf mute in a phone booth" came from an interview Kent did with Lou Reed I also seem to recall but again my memory may be playing games with me after all this time. Just one other NK related thing, back in 1980 or so he claimed that he also played guitar on The Flaming Groovies 'Slow Death' which was totally denied by Cyril Jordan. Only Dave Edmunds can tell the truth about that... Finally, there is another version of Veiled Women by Hermine Demoriene who was his girlfriend about this time. Her version was on an EP put out by Human Records. I was actually working at Bonaparte in KingX when they released that. (Bonaparte owned Human y'understand) but the last link is that Human's A&R man was Saul Galpern who I had actually gone to school with in Glasgow. He tried very hard trying to make the goth sorry 'positive' punk scene big (Brigandage?!?) but will forever be known for the fact that he signed Simply Red to WEA or whoever...for that alone he should be put against a wall &... 
See what sort of things I keep in my brain...

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