Sunday, 11 April 2021

Scott 4

Scott 4 (Named for Scott Walker's 4th album)were an unusual band existing from 1997 till 2002 and then kinda quietly disappearing, they went from obscure indie releases to being signed by Sony doing a brilliant album a few singles went back to the indies then disappeared for a while, re-emerging as The Scott 4 Free Rock Orchestra in 2005 and releasing one album before disappearing again! and I can't find any trace of it's members having done any other musical projects. Allmusic describe Scott 4 as "Electronic cowpunks for their blend of country-blues, hip hop and indie-punk" and that pretty much sums them up!

I have to say this mob have been one of my hidden treasures since picking up two of their CD's for a dollar each about 15 years ago. Why have they been almost completely forgotten? Guess we will never know but I do know that I have been searching for a mention of them on the web every so often over the years and nothing until now...But this is what music blogs are for and hopefully Dave, the Scott 4 revival starts thanks to your post
I mean these videos have been up for a year for a grand total of (at time of posting) 67 views!

The Scott 4 Free Rock Orchestra 'Country Krautrock' I mean honestly how can you go wrong!

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