Saturday, 17 July 2021

Wrong Speed Record Chat No.48: John Doran

Episode 48 of the Wrong Speed Record Chat. An almost certainly never ending series of chats with music folk, friends, and legends. We will talk records. We will talk CDs. We will talk tapes. It's John Doran, the co-head-honcho/co-owner (along with Luke Turner) of The Quietus. The website of choice for all the out-there buried music of our times, the hidden culture, the books of note, and the films that stray off the path. They shout about gold sounds and all should listen. We talk about this. John's book Jolly Lad is a must read. We talk about this. We talk about the month long (no days off) tour he did with Kjetil of Arabrot fame. We talk about his ambition - it's a walk....a long walk. We talk about the British Masters series he fronted for Noisey/Vice, speaking to Liam Gallagher, speaking to Micheal Head, and going from Cosey Fanni Tutti to Dizzee Rascal via Damon Albarn. And so many more. And then, of course, we talk about records. A couple of bonus subjects get chucked into the mix. Big thanks to John for giving up a couple of precious hours. Hope you dig this chat, it was a total joy to do. + The British Masters Season3EP6: Michael Head

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