Friday, 16 July 2021

They Steal We Suffer Mix

1 Stealing (Original with Bim Sherman vocals) - Tackhead 
2 Privatisation Program - Gary Clail 
3 More Is Insane (10" Mix) - Strange Parcels & Bim Sherman 
4 Privatise The Air (Part 1) - Gary Clail 
5 To Be Rich Is A Crime - Jeb Loy Nichols 
6 Stealing (Extended Version Bim Sherman vocals) - Tackhead 
7 Food Clothes & Shelter / These Things Are Worth Fighting For (Young Gods Club Mix) / Privatise The Air (Part 2) - Gary Clail 
8 Stealing In The Name (Live) - Little Axe 
Production by Adrian Sherwood and most tracks feature Skip McDonald on guitar, Doug Wimbish on bass and Keith LeBlanc on drums

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