Thursday, 15 July 2021

This Is A Restricted Mix


So yesterday when I was putting together the The Thème De Yoyo Head mixes I managed to delete the version of High Ideals and Crazy Dreams I included. A day of searching numerous hard drives and a post to the FB On-U Sound page later and eventually I found it. Turns out it was an unreleased 2001 mix by Adrian Sherwood given to someone back then. Anyway this led to a few more finds in the drives to add to the Silly Mix previously posted. This Restricted Mix includes the On-U tape archivist Pats Dokter's remix of High Ideals, a bit of a Mark Stewart 'As The Veener of Democracy Starts To Fade' Megamix entitled 'The Wrong Name & The Wrong Number (This Is A Restricted Mix)' which I'm pretty certain from memory was spliced together by Jethro R Binks (who was responsible for putting together the 'Major Malfuction' version excursion a while back then 'Cowardice Dub' from 'The Lost Tapes' release. This is followed by an unreleased version of High Ideals by the Strange Parcels with Skip MacDonald singing. Bernard Fowler sang one version and a different Skip mix was released in Japan only. The last two tracks are songs which Mark Stewart played as works-in-progress on Steve Barker's On The Wire show in 2010.

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