Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Various - Hit Run !2" Records A & B sides (1979)

A little over two hours worth of a small selection of 12" vinyl releases A & B sides from Adrian Sherwood's Hit Run record label.
Adrian licensed the tracks on these vinyl releases for the U.K reggae market from various Jamaican record labels, Scorpio, Cry Tuff etc in 1979
Hit Run records was a relatively short lived project that eventually wound down for the birth of Adrian's On U Sound record label.
For the new On U Sound project Adrian himself oversaw and engineered all recording the sessions in London Studios like Berry Street and Southern Studios. Adrian used some of the same musicians and artists that he had dealt with bringing reggae music to Hit Run records, Bim Sherman, Prince Far I, Roots Radics and Creation Rebel etc.
Track listing:
Errol Holt - Sweet Reggae Music
Prince Far I - Hairdressing Salon
Prince Hammer - Ten Thousand Lions
Prince Hammer - North London Thing
Bim Sherman / Jah Lion - Down In Jamdown
Teem All Stars - Version
Bobby Melody / Jah Lion - Hunger And Strife
Jah Lion - Jonnie Walker
Peter Broggs / Prince Far I - Higher Field Marshall
Prince Far I / Brigadier Jam Brown - Loved By Everyone
Carol Kalphat / Clint Eastwood - African Land
Doctor Pablo / Cry Tuff All Stars - African Melody
Bim Sherman / Jah Buzz - Love Jah Only
Cry Tuff All Stars - Dub From The Ghetto

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