Sunday, 13 September 2015

From Bristol With Dub Vols 1 - 3

02:The Pop Group/Snowgirl
03:Restriction / Restriction
04:Smith & Mighty/Closer
05:Adrian Sherwood/Boogaloo
06:Mark Stewart/Pay It All Back
07:Glaxo Babies/Seven Days
08:Muximum Joy/Let It Take You There
09:Flynn+Flora/World Wide
10:3-D / Re-Arrange
12:Massive Attack/Blue Lines
13:Roni Size/Reprazent/Hi Potent
14:Pavement Grammar/Frenglish
15:Neneh Cherry/Naked
16:Tricky & Martina Topley-Bird/Black Coffee
17:Appleblim & Peverelist/Circling
19:Black Roots/Move On
20:More Rockers/Rainbow
21:Rob Smith/Golden Vision
22:Young Echo/Blood Sugar
23:Rip Rig + Panic/Warm; To The If In Life
24:Pigbag/Brazil Nuts
25:Dubkasm/Sangue Brasileiro
26:Pinch feat Indi Kaur/Angels in the Rain
27:Moonflowers/Nopar King
29:Tricky/Hell Is Round the Corner
30:Portishead/Glory Box
31:Pev & Kowton/End Point
32:Massive Attack/Inertia Creep
33:Howie B./How To Suckle

01:Jabu / Flying
02:Black Roots / Bristol Rock
03:Dubkasm feat Tena Stelin / Spiritual Warrior
04:Peter D / Jah Pure & Clean
05:Rowl / Someone
06:Pigbag / Ubud
07:Talisman / Nitty Gritty
08:Peverelist / Not Yet Further Than
09:Kontext / Clinch
10:The Radicals / Nights Of Passion
11:Statik Sound System / Jack
12:Rip-Rig Panic / Through Nomad Eyeballs
13:Kahn feat Jabu / Snake Eyes
14:Pinch feat Rudey Lee / One Blood, One Source
15:Guido / Kalm
16:Massive Attack / Fake the Aroma
17:Tricky with DJ Muggs & Grease / She Said
18:Forsaken / Hypnotised
19:Appleblim / Vansan
20:Vessel / Stillborn Dub

01:Kahn / Cover Me
02:Peverelist / Valves
03:Guido & Baobinga / Bumba
04:Smith & Mighty / Drawing
05:Dubkasm / There's a Love feat Christine Miller
06:Henry & Louis / Beulah [Unforsaken Land]
07:Pinch / Qawwali
08:Komonazmuk / Bad Apple
09:Rob Smith feat Alice Perera / Life's Edge
10:Roly Porter / Giant (Tricky / Overcome (Acapella))
11:Tricky / Abbaon Fat Tracks
12:Peter D Rose Feat. Felix / Stop Fighting
13:Massive Attack / Mezzanine
14:Mark Springer / Grüber Worms + The Kiss
15:Black Roots / Come And Sing
16:Maximum Joy / Temple Bomb Twist
17:Martina Topley-Bird / Ragga
18:Neneh Cherry / Across The Water
19:Vessel feat Lily Fannon / Jupiter Rise
20:Rip Rig + Panic / A Dog's Secret

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  1. Wow. So so good. Although I'm not exactly sure Howie B (from Glasgow) qualifies as Bristolian.

    1. The connection with Massive Attack nae doot got them affy confused!