Thursday, 17 September 2015

Can anyone help me out?

I don't know if anyone can help me but I'm searching for two tracks. Both versions of these songs were only released on these two records. They were not included when they released different versions of tracks on the 'Blank Generation' CD than was released on the vinyl. 
Richard Hell and The Voidoids' 'You Gotta Lose' from 'The Sire Machine Turns You Up' and Hell's version of 'Love Comes In Spurts' from the Vertigo sampler 'New Wave'.
Needless to say I used to have both until the great record collection heist of 82 (*sigh)
Thanking you in advance


  1. Various - New Wave 1977 @ 192

  2. New Wave Vertigo Sampler 1978

  3. Thanks guys but unfortunately the Love Comes In Spurts on this has been used from the Blank Generation lp. The New Wave version is shorter than this as well as sounding different. I forgot to mention that I downloaded this a while ago and it would appear that someone had tried to replicate the album from cd tracks. Both these comps have never been issued on CD. But BIG thanks for helping in the search