Saturday, 28 March 2009

In search of Sid

Sid dead!

Jah Wobble put this documentary together (broadcast on January 20th 2009) on the life and times of a certain Simon/John Ritchie/Beverley, better known to us all as Sid Vicious for BBC Radio 4.
Interviewing amongst others Viv Albertine & Marco Pirroni, it tells the story of a truly mixed up kid who was destined to leave this world too early.

There were originally four Johns: Lydon (aka Rotten), Wardle (aka Wobble), Ritchie (aka Vicious) and John Grey.
John Grey was someone I knew back in those old days in London and I would love to get back in touch with again.
So if anyone knows who I am talking about and can get the message to him then please either get in touch with this blog or tell John to contact me or Richard Thomas, the old Fall manager (who knows who I am).

If you are reading this yourself John then as I say if you get in touch with Richard ALL shall be revealed or if you have a good memory then think back to the fact that I used to work in Honky Tonk in Kentish Town & against the grain we shared a love for KB's 'The Dreaming' & Trouble Funk or the night that your brother accompanied us to a Rip, Rig gig just off Tottenham Court Rd. and his behaviour didn't really mesh with my head full of acid, especially not helped when Deb (Woolf- my partner of the time, who went on to direct those vids for Wobble) seemed to take your brother's side on the tube home...or was that all just my imagination?
At one point just before I was leaving to go to Amsterdam I did ring and speak to your Mum to see if she could pass on a message if you were interested to go & see the Brotherhood of Breath at the Roundhouse but you were feeling a bit poorly at the time.
As I say if you or anyone who knows John sees this plese get in touch. it would be really nice to catch up after all this time.

Radio 4 Documentary 'In Search of Sid'
'The Making of Metal Box' from Pirate Cat radio LA/SF (features interviews with Wobble/Martin Atkins & Richard Dudanski)


  1. Get 'In Search of Sid' here and 'Metal Box' here.

  2. Thanks Mona. I shall grab this as soon as I've finished uploading. Many thanks in advance mate.