Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Iain Sinclair

Novelist, film maker & psychogeographer Iain Sinclair talks to 'The Guardian' here about his new book 'Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire: A Confidential Report'
'BBC' interview here.
When I was living in London back in the late 70's & early 80's I used to buy books regularly from Iain Sinclair at his stall down in Camden Walk.
In my opinion he is truly one of the greatest novelists writing today as well as being a really decent bloke. When his first novel 'White Chappell,Scarlet Tracings' was published a copy was actually sent out to me here in Australia by the late, lamented Mike Hart from Compendium.
William Gibson has said that Sinclair is his favourite author.
If you haven't read any of his books (and you don't mind some intellectual stimulation) then I heartily recommend his work:
* Back Garden Poems', poetry, 1970
* The Kodak Mantra Diaries: Allen Ginsberg in London, documentary, 1971
* Muscat's Wurm, poetry, 1972
* The Birth Rug, poetry, 1973
* Lud Heat, poetry, 1975
* Suicide Bridge, poetry, 1979
* Flesh Eggs and Scalp Metal: Selected Poems 1970-1987, poetry, 1987
* White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings, fiction, 1987 (originally a limited edition from Goldmark but reprinted by Paladin)
* Downriver, novel, 1991
* Jack Elam's Other Eye, poetry
* Radon Daughters, novel, 1994
* Conductors of Chaos: a Poetry Anthology, editor 1996
* The Ebbing of the Kraft, poetry, 1997
* Lights out for the Territory, non-fiction, 1997
* Slow Chocolate Autopsy, fiction, 1997 (with illustrations by Dave McKean)
* Crash, essay, 1999
* Liquid City, non-fiction, 1999 (with Marc Atkins)
* Rodinsky's Room, non-fiction, 1999 (with Rachel Lichtenstein)
* Sorry Meniscus, essay, 1999
* Landor's Tower, novel, 2001
* London Orbital, non-fiction, 2002 (paperback edition 2003)
* White Goods, poems, essays, fictions, 2002
* Saddling The Rabbit, poetry, 2002 Etruscan Books
* The Verbals, in conversation with Kevin Jackson, 2003 Worple Press
* Dining on Stones, novel, 2004
* Edge of the Orison: In the Traces of John Clare's 'Journey Out Of Essex', non-fiction, 2005
* London: City of Disappearances, editor, various essays about London psychogeography etc, 2006
* Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire: A Confidential Report, non-fiction, 2009

More on Iain Sinclair here (including reviews of some of his books).

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