Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Say "No" to Bono (part...)

"U2 will be headlining Glastonbury for the first time next year, after being rumoured to appear many times in the past. Festival organiser Michael Eavis has said: "At last, the biggest band in the world are going to play the best festival in the world. Nothing could be better for our 40th anniversary party. And there are even more surprises in the pipeline..."
A good enough reason for me to give Glasto a miss next year...


  1. but if you do go..... then take your gun....

  2. 2Dray/
    It would be the full works I can assure you, the militia out in full force. The execution of B. Vox as prime time entertainment. I would pay a licence fee for that (if I lived in UK obviously!)