Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What is Punk? (Eric Morse and Anny Yi)

From the borough of Queens / came contenders to the throne: / in blue jeans and leather, / four teens called Ramones
They got straight to the point: / a one, a two, and three four, / “Hey ho, let’s go,” / two-minute songs—never more
Punks made a lot of noise, / they had something to say. / And just like the boys, / the girls came to play
Siouxsie, Go-Gos, and Blondie, / X-Ray Spex and the Slits / all made a holy racket / with their glitter and their grit.
That’s right, the Sex Pistols / a name naughty as can be / would harass the upper class, / with songs of Queen and anarchy.
They hoped that their sound / would never be forgotten. / So they made up silly names / like Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten

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