Monday, 30 November 2015

John Murphy Memorial Drone Performance - Ding Dong Melbourne (28/11/15) AUDIO

Here's my recording of the memorial gig for the late John Murphy held on 28/11/15 at Ding Dong here in Melbourne. 
Starts with Sara Thorn reading her (late) brother Barrington Sherman's poem (see pic) followed by the drone gig featuring Ollie Olsen, Andrew Duffield, Greg Williams, Arne Hanna, Michael Sheridan, Troy Norfolk and Kerri Simpson. Lastly Shining Vril's 'Schmerz' was played

Thank you to (especially) Alan, Kate and BillW for that making all that happen as well as the performers obviously. 
A (very) sad but beautiful day.
Photos used with kind permission of Bruce Butler
(FLAC) Recording 

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