Sunday, 1 November 2015

Public Enemy: Black Ops Comic

“From the beginning we (Public Enemy) have crossed over into other cultures. When we talk about diversity, and I’ve got to speak from this perspective; you can’t leave black people out of nothing because we are the fathers and mothers of all people. And if we lived in a culture or society where black people were not here there wouldn’t be any flavor in this country,” Bomb said.
“So I think it’s very important that it’s balanced and that’s the biggest issue that we are fighting for, balance. Everything imagery wise is being white, but then the universe doesn’t reflect the ideas of white supremacy. It’s a diverse universe. Wherever you go there are people of color so you’ve got to make it diverse, you’ve got to make it balanced and that’s the key to all of this.”
“It can only be a positive contribution to the growing awareness and enlightenment about diversity in the industry. The fans are demanding it and society projects it,” Rashid said.
“It also helps that there is an established core fan-base that comes with a title like this that has such legendary protagonists in the casts of characters. This can be a powerful vehicle for showing the importance of genuine and sincere translations of the “non-traditional formula” being used to generate cross-market appeal and positive audience response.”

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