Friday, 9 October 2015

The Widdershins (Journey on James)

The first time I caught The Widdershins must have been early 87 when they played at the Baden Powell in Vic Parade which was my first job out here behind the bar and I missed their soundcheck but started work as they were having their meal and then got talking with James and Juliet and had a great chat about nothing and everything and then I heard their set. Oh man they were fucking beautiful. Juliet's voice of course grabbed me. I remember asking who were her influences and she pointed to her cig and said that and Stevie Nicks but it was James's guitar that really stood out for me. I remember taking an old London friend of mine to a gig they did at The Club in Smith St and telling him before to really make a point of listening to James's guitar lines...and well Nag and myself had been in London before and seen some of THE great bands of the punk/post punk time and yeah he agreed that James had that something that elevated him above a lot of other musos. But when all is said and done I will just remember him as being an exceptionally nice human being that I would catch up with from time to time over the next 30 years. A SAD loss to obviously those that loved him but to us as well

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