Tuesday, 13 October 2015

J.G. Ballard: The Concordance

concordance (n.) An alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book or body of work, with their immediate contexts
Ballard has always experimented with the form of his fictions; fiction as book index, as questionnaire, as psychiatric report. This concordance of Ballard's works is part of a project to 'decode' the work using some of Ballard's own techniques — as he says:
'...the open-ended character of my fiction requires the reader himself to make a significant contribution. I'm offering a kit with which the reader, using my books as a sort of instructional manual (fit nozzle A into socket B, and you'll hear a loud whirring noise, which is the cosmos getting through to him).'
The concordance is based on all the material in Ballard's published novels, his non-fiction works; A User's Guide to the Millennium and his autobiography Miracles of Life. Also included is all the material in the one-volume Complete Short Stories (Flamingo 2001), the stories from The Atrocity Exhibition (Re/Search 1990), and various uncollected pieces, such as Neil Armstrong Remembers His Journey to the Moon

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