Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Stephen Mallinder - Beatable Mix For LoneLady Tour (2/3)

In February and April Stephen Mallinder (CABARET VOLTAIRE/WRANGLER) joined LoneLady on tour for a series of DJ sets in support of the new album HINTERLAND.
1.‘The Dice’by Judy Nylon
2.‘Contort Yourself’ by James White & The Blacks
3.‘Pini, Pini’ by Art Lindsay/Neto
4.‘You’re No Good’ by ESG
5.‘Metronome (Farmacia Remix)’ by Manicured Noise
6.‘She’s Stirring Up’ by Allez Allez
7.‘Optimo’ by Liquid Liquid
8.‘Snakes Crawl’ by Bush Tetras
9.‘May the Funk Be With You’ by Jedi Knights
10.‘Last Minute of Funk’ by Tutto Matto
11.‘Standing on the Verge of Getting it On’ by Funkadelic
Part 1 HERE

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