Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Some other things...

Stick this on play and follow the links. A couple of interesting photo essays on Cuban youth culture here and here. A disturbing video on Japan's obsession with schoolgirls. (He really should get his blind fixed tho @5:12). The mass amnesia regarding 1989's Tiananmen Square protests. A poll published yesterday showed that 45% of Australians think that our gun laws are not strong enough with another 40% thinking they are about right, which only goes to show how out of touch the NRA are. This is disturbing though. Oh and the irony of the last sentence here. The death of a prosecutor. Island have been slack in the Nick Drake compilation department of late. Typedrummer. Road mangler Phil Kaufman hurt in a motorbike crash. This is just crazy. Hope Gangloff. This is clever marketing. Not even going to touch the roadcrash of Australian Federal politics. (EDIT: good gawd! A policy!) If you haven't seen 'In Bob We Trust' well do yourself a favour. Finally Space Ace and myself took ourselves down to the 'No Room For Racism' rally on Saturday (well out of the way of the pepper spray) and once again the nazis of the UPF were totally outnumbered, tho they claim victory of course. John Safran has a funny piece here. Worth keeping up with slackbastard to see what our far right friends are up to. Move over illuminati here comes the illiterati. This is worth a read. As is this. First Dog On The Moon hits the nail on the head as ever. Oh and onya Barnsey.  (EDIT: You have to laugh, shouting at someone to get off the phone while he films and drives.) Anyway it would appear that Space Ace is actually a commie cosmonaut!

Remember that hatred begins in the home


  1. keep up the good fight, brother! LOL!

    1. Of course. As ever BroTranscendě