Monday, 28 May 2012

Orange, White and Blue (Mayhem): Roots of South African Punk

Soundtrack to the article "Orange, White and Blue (Mayhem): the Roots of South African Punk" in Paraphilia Magazine 13, December 2011.
Vintage underground rock, 1960s garage, psychedelia, township funk and proto-punk from South Africa, 1958-1980
1. Ivan Kadey, “Chief Joseph” (solo demo, 2010)
2. A-Cads, “Down The Road” (1966)
3. Otis Waygood Blues Band, “You Can’t Do Part 2” (1970)
4. Abstract Truth, “Pollution” (1970)
5. Freedom’s Children “Gentle Beasts Part 1” (1970)
6. Suck, “The Whip” (1970)
7. Hawk, “Uvoyo” (1972)
8. Solven Whistlers, “Something New in Africa” (1958)
9. Allen Kwela and His Guitar 500, “Guitar Rock” (early 1960s)
10. Dark City Sisters, “Shala Shala Twist” (1962)
11. The Raiders, “Deep Soul” (1969)
12. The Invaders, “Turn on the Sun” (1970)
13. The Flames, “For Your Precious Love” (1968)
14. The Beaters, “Harari” (album version, 1975)
15. The Movers, “Crying Guitar” (1970)
16. Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens, “Wozani maHipi” (1975)
17. Philip Tabane and Malombo, “Malombo Blues” (1976)
18. Ivan Kadey, “Orange White and Blue (Mayhem)” (solo demo, 2010)
19. Flaming Souls, “30-60-90” (early 1970s)
20. Reggie Msomi and His Hollywood Jazz Band, “Midnight Ska” (1965)
21. Mike Lebisi with National Wake, “Corner House Stone” (1980)
22. Radio Rats, “ZX Dan” (album version, 1978)
23. Michael Flek, “What About Me / Down in the Streets” (acoustic, 2010)
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Some of this music is available for purchase through the excellent South African reissue label Retro Fresh -
compiled and mixed by Keith Jones and Craig Duncan (Radio Wave)

Punk In Africa
(This one's for you Stan!)


  1. Good to see the Radio Rats in there. First band I ever saw. Never forget their encore of The Who's Substitute. Used to have that ZX Dan track a single too. No idea where that went!

  2. 2Stan/
    Was just about to put the link on yr FB page!!! A scene that I know absolutely zilch about tbh...

  3. ...apart from Johnny Clegg who didn't resonate w/ me at all when I caught him live way if you wanna know about the ex-pat SA jazz warriors that came out of The Blue Notes/Brotherhood of Breath...

  4. Brotherhood of Breath. Now you're talkin'!