Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Until The End Of The World


  1. Gonna have to investigate the version you mentioned @'Chicken' trnsnd as I haven't seen this film for a long, long time and was disappointed when I saw it. Think that was even w/ Wim W explaining the film in a Q&A session after. Tho thinking now that may have been the 'Wings of Desire' premier out here in Melbourne...needless to say obvs my head was well and truly fucked whichever film it was. Great soundtrack tho and also has the last Can track w/ Karoli too of course...

  2. Just saw on a web page the other day that supposedly there's now a German DVD release of the 5 hour director's cut too, in addition to the Italian one. Found that soundtrack at a great indie record store in Bloomington, Indiana, when it was still "import only." I was in a big Daniel Lanois phase at the time and noticed that he had a track on it. The original theatrical cut butchered the film pretty badly. I don't even think Wenders had the final say on it. When I finally caught the director's cut version, it was EPIC (though it is LONG, obviously, so be well rested or watch it in chunks)! Karoli was a brilliant guitarist. Have you heard the live track Lumpy Todda by Sofortkontakt! on the audio CD from the CAN DVD Box? Absolutely ACE!