Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Television - Winghead Mix

I was speaking to someone today and was astonished to learn that he had never heard Marquee Moon. We have numerous bands in common that we like and tho he is probably 20 years younger than me (mid 40's?) this really did surprise me. So here's a brief intro to Television and the genius of Tom Verlaine should you be in the same position 
(PS) I was today years old when I learnt that Wingnut in 'Little Johnny Jewel' is a reference to Patti Smith who wrote in her New Yorker obit of Tom Verlaine: 
"In his final hours, watching him sleep, I travelled backward in time. We were in the apartment, and he cut my hair, and some pieces stuck out this way and that, so he called me Winghead. In the years to follow, simply Wing. Even when we got older, always Wing (...)"
Little Johnny Jewel / Venus / Marquee Moon / Foxhole / Days / Little Johnny Jewel (Live SF78) 
There are only two types of people in the world. Those who have heard Marquee Moon and those who haven't
Marquee Moon - Live @Earth Tavern Portland Oregon (2/7/78) Fugn mindboggling!

Television: Fred Smith / Tom Verlaine / Billy Ficca / Richard Lloyd 

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