Thursday, 14 March 2019

Curtis Mayfield by Jason Heller

Curtis Mayfield’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Curtis Mayfield - Beat Club, Bremen, West Germany, January 19, 1972 Part 1/2

Back in London in the early eighties I had a friend who put a funk band together called 'Work Party' and I went to see their debut gig at Covent Garden's Rockgarden. They were really good and a short while later when I was working at Dingwalls in Camden it was announced that Curtis Mayfield was to play and I managed to wangle my friend's band the support slot. Somewhere I may have still have recordings of those two gigs, I certainly do still have their first demo tape in storage. A great wee combo who I believe had another demo produced by Fritz Skidoo. Interestingly enough Fritz has no memory of this but I am sure that my friend, gerry Murphy, told me this just before I moved to Australia in 86

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