Monday, 3 April 2017

Horus Egyptian Ring given by Aleister Crowley to Austin Osman Spare's widow for sale on ebay

The style of the ring is Egyptian with the Three Greek Letters on the back – Iota, Alpha, Omega which fits the Egyptian toning of I – A – O.
I bought this ring from UNIQUE2U who was selling the Gerald Gardner Witches Mill Collection when I contacted him over 10 years ago to buy this ring
The following links were sent to me when I asked about the authenticity regarding the ring from the previous owner's estate Tim Moroney who's website is still running: - and may note that some links are missing.
Historically the ring was given by Aleister Crowley to Austin Osman Spare's widow then sold to  The Park Antique Centre in Nottingham - the original letter of authenticity is included.
The pair seemed have a dynamic relationship and together composed Now for Reality which is included. The journey was a Celestial and Bestial identification using forces of Sexuality navigated by the operator who has developed themselves to the point of having found their True Identity and True Will.
A copy of the joint work by Crowley and Spare “NOW FOR REALITY” is being included to compliment the ring
$30,000 AUD. Hmmm

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  1. Curious how it ended up with Spare's widow, seeing as how she died in the 1930's. This without a doubt is another fine scam. If it wasn't a scam, I'd be hard pressed to believe it. After all it's another ebay sale.