Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Quine Mix

Ranked by Rolling Stone's David Fricke as the 80th best guitarist of all time.
A man who had such a distinctive style that just hit my sweet spot EVERY time he came to the solo.
As Bob Quine said: "By many peoples' standards, my playing is very primitive but by punk standards, I'm a virtuoso."
I was lucky enough to see him perform seven times with Richard Hell. The first time supporting The Clash in 1977 at The Glasgow Apollo and then the six times that The Voidoids supported Costello at the Dominion Theatre in London in 78.
Maybe my old man mind is playing tricks but it was Hell and his band I paid to see at that run and every night when it came to Quine to solo (on a lot of songs that were unreleased at the time) it seemed that he took a different journey to get from A to Z in the solos every night.
Sends shivers up my spine still thinking about those nights...
I have in this mix tried to avoid the obvious choices and my BIG thanks go to James 'Hound' Marshall for the unreleased tracks that I liberated before the links at his blog went dead.
Remember Quine any old way you want but remember him.
And seriously man...80th best guitarist?

01 Bruce's Farm - Blues (Unreleased 1969 live recording)
02 Bob Quine - Valium For Your Colon (From unreleased soundtrack. Last recordings)
03 Lys Guillorn - Counterproductive
04 Bob Quine & Jody Harris - Yes It Is
05 Ikue Mori Bob Quine & Marc Ribot - Cheyenne
06 Eno - Juju Space Jazz
07 John Zorn - Hico Killer/Long Mile To Houston
08 Corin Curschellas - Violenza
09 Bob Quine & Fred Maher - Fala
10 Material - Detached
11 Scritti Politti - Don't Work That Hard
12 Matthew Sweet - Vertigo
13 Lydia Lunch - Knives In The Drain
14 Marianne Faithfull - Love Life & Money
15 James White & The Blacks - Off Black
16 Lou Reed - Waves of Fear
17 Hal Willner - Pithecanthropus Erectus
18 Tom Waits - Blind Love
19 They Might Be Giants - No One Knows My Plan
20 King Cocktail - Your Place Or Mine (Unreleased)
21 Lester Bangs - Let It Blurt
22 Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Staring In Her Eyes
23 Eddie Skoller - Don't Tell Me
24 Mikel Erentxun - Naif
25 Bob Quine - Background music to Richard Hell reading from 'Go Now'
26 Bob Quine - Bitter Old Man Music (From unreleased soundtrack. Last recordings)
27 Lloyd Cole & Bob Quine - Honest I Do

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  1. Many thanks, it came as a jolt to be reminded of Quine's passing. Was it really that long ago? Never had the chance to see him perform but from the Voidoids on he's always been a favourite and what the hell does Fricke know anyway? Again Thanks, Steve