Sunday, 14 August 2016

Pronounced 'Yah-kee Leebeh-tsite'

Half man, half machine. That’s what they say about Jaki Liebezeit’s skills as a drummer and his metronome style of playing. The founding member of legendary krautrock outfit Can has been called “one of the few drummers to convincingly meld the funky and the cerebral” by Jeff Norman. Born in 1939 in Dresden, Liebezeit started out as a jazz musician. Spending the early sixties in Barcelona, he played with Chet Baker and Tete Montoliu, joined the Manfred Schoof Quintet a little bit later, shaped European free jazz and finally took a ride into the psychedelic realm with Can – a group that always stressed that they were anything but a rock band. The 1980s saw Liebezeit as a member of Phantomband, working with Jah Wobble, Depeche Mode or Brian Eno and forming drum ensembles such as Drums Off Chaos and Club Off Chaos. In recent years, most of all, his efforts with Burnt Friedman have been the center of attention

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