Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Vale Sir Arnold Wesker

Arnold Wesker R.I.P.
A sad, sad day and my condolences to Dusty, Lindsay and Danny.
I went out with Arnold's daughter Tanya (who unfortunately passed away in 2012) when I first moved down to London. A time that was the lowest ebb of my life following my mum's suicide. 
The Weskers put me up at their house in Highgate and to say that I was thoroughly fucked at that particular time of my life is a bit of an understatement but their generosity and Dusty's mighty fine cooking helped me start to try and piece my life back together again. 
Arnold was an amazingly generous man who went out of his way to point out the goodness that was in people. I had many an interesting chat about his past ranging from the battle of Cable Street to his involvement with the early days of CND (for which he served jail time). I also found the story of Centre 42 and the Roundhouse very interesting though I do remember that he didn't have much time for Alex Trocchi and his sigma project. 
Arnold's Desert Island Discs

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