Tuesday, 15 December 2015

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 Donald Trump Eagle Attack
Islamic State is a bit player in a much bigger fight. Is there a method in ISIL's madness? The unbearable lightness of America's war against ISIL. How does ISIL run cities? What happens if ISIL is defeated? This was unfortunate. A dream of utopia in hell. Drones. Growing stupid together. Gareth Evans on combating terror. The rise of the American-Muslim totalitarian state. Putin's popularity. You really can't make this up. Let's stop blaming 'the internet' for terrorism.
 A history of heroin in New York. Psychedelics can’t be tested using conventional clinical trials. If only they had guns eh? Fugn anti-vaxxers! A capital climate concensus. I feel this is a porky pie. What's a 'safe space'? No Palestinian flags here. It is not the police's role to do social work. How students are changing America. Has politically correct culture gone too far?
An exclusive interview with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry after his studio fire. A history of Ork Records. The entire run of Slash magazine for free. Rock Scene here too. The jazz genesis and genius of Marvin Gaye. A good primer of Norman Whitfield's productions here. A history of porno soundtracks. Why Swans are more vital than ever. Documentaries about records and collecting them. 50 years of Rubber Soul. Interview with Abiodun Oyewole of the Last Poets
Death by coconut. Bill Leak has been drawing racist cartoons long before he fell on his head.
This made me laugh. This is simply incredible. I also like this. I fugn loathe Terry Richardson but (ooer missus) it's Miley. (NB the other photos in the set are (very) NSFW) Genesis however? Not so much. Sad topographies. Bonsai. Bidoun

Trolling Trump. The time Trump tried to buy justice for Mike Tyson and the rich. Trump may not be a fascist but...he has a history of racism. Although unfit for Vietnam this is frankly insane. Meanwhile in Pensacola. After Cheney it's Mormons VS Trump. Only you can prevent Islamophobia. LOL. Trump doesn't want you to know this. Why he wins...and it's getting ugly but he will not become President. Hail to the hair.
The last Trump.

When did America give up on the idea of America?
The final word goes to Karl Rove...

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