Thursday, 15 November 2012

Certifiably Insane?


  1. And why is there even a question mark after that post header? The clip only serves to remind us that that ceased being a question ages ago, having quickly become a matter of fact.

    And WTF has become of this blog in recent months? Riots raging across Europe, and instead we're being treated to Die Antwoord videos & the like.

  2. 2Ano/
    Well you are totally right about the ? mark!
    Re: blog...firstly nowt wrong w/ vids that feature my fave sex dwarf but...yeah you are right. In my defence most of the blog for the past ten weeks or so has been posted from a very shitty old mac from my bed due to surgery (and I am not gonna even mention the fugn circle of death that is an almost constant)
    Normal service hopefully will be resumed soon.