Saturday, 27 March 2010

REpost: I Murder Hate

A few years back Adrian Sherwood and Doug Aubrey's worlds met and mixed somewhere in North London. A shared interest in noise, silence and a mutual hearing loss, caused by Bombs, Drum and Bass, led the Godfather of dub and Aubrey starting to talk about trying to make a film together...Aided by a few fellow conspirators from On-U-sounds world: Ghetto Priest, Doug Wimbush, Mark Stewart and a passing cat, they produced a short never seen video...until now. The dubmaster and the filmmaker again met recently in Edinburgh and at Graham Fagan's fantastic 'I Murder Hate' event in Stirling and there's now rumour of a major film collaboration for the 30th anniversary of the seminal On-U-sounds in 2011, which will form part of a DvD box set, a work for cinema and who knows even television...? Enjoy ! 
Via '38 Minutes'   
Bonus audio: 
'Auld Lang Syne/The Slave's Lament & I Murder Hate'  
Ghetto Priest, Skip McDonald, Pete Lockett & Ian King mixed live by Adrian Sherwood. 
Live at The Tolbooth, Stirling, Scotland 14th March 2009.

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