Monday, 26 October 2009

Currently reading

A great find at a garage sale yesterday. This book, Fred and Judy Vermorel's 'Sex Pistols' book and Ralph Steadman's 'Scar Strangled Banger' all for $12!
(Sort of made up for never getting my copy of Steadman's 'America' book returned to me all those years ago!)


  1. 2Joly/
    Thanx man I shall have a look right this sec...I used to love all those early 12" on ZE and religiously bought them as they arrived in London...great pics in the book but I do wish that they had put a really comprehensive discography in there!
    PS: Re Scratch on The Wire that you put up at On-U list, I am pretty certain that you can actually get the whole show up at Haven't mentioned it on the list as I don't want to detract from yr generous post @ steamola.
    Also as an aside I just got a copy of Bendle's new album which may be coming out on matador next year. absolutely brilliant!