Sunday, 22 May 2016

Lee Perry - Live @Vivid (Sydney Opera House 11/6/09) *Live Mix by Adrian Sherwood

Roast Fish & Cornbread/Exodus

The other day I found this excellent recording on an old hard drive with absolutely no recollection of ever hearing it before or indeed where I got it from.
I remember at the time being somewhat pissed off that Scratch and Adrian were only doing the one show in Sydney and not coming down here to Melbourne as I think Adrian's previous working visit was the Audio Active/Tackhead/Mark Stewart & The Maffia 'Out of Control' tour that Mambo promoted in the mid nineties.
I recorded the Melbourne Zu-Zu's gig which I must try and grab out of storage one day.
This is a couple of hours well spent
Get the full recording

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