Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Send cask arsenic exterminate aborigines letter will follow (Broome 1907)


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  1. No chance that someone would send a request for poison with which to commit murder in a telegram. Too many telegraphers would know about the contents. People who have investigated this telegram (& Morgan & Prinsep) are of the opinion that the telegram is most probably 2 messages, sent in response to a letter from Prinsep. Line 1 is probably a request for arsenic to be sent to exterminate termites, rats or other pests in premises owned by Prinsep and rented to Morgan (or co-owned by them both). Morgan had a documented history of leasing property from Prinsep. Line 2 is probably Morgan advising Prinsep that he will send, in a following letter, some information that had been requested about Aborigines (possibly in his/their employ).