Sunday, 11 January 2015

Brinsley Schwarz - Cruel To Be Kind

On a bit of a pub rock kick after just watching the Beeb's 70's rock shows. The BBC, however, said Cruel To Be Kind was a Brinsley's B side...
Hmmm I certainly can't remember it. I'm pretty certain the version above is from the last Brinsley Schwarz album which was almost immediately withdrawn after being released in 75 and again in 88. You can buy this album direct from Ian Gomm HERE
1 We Can Mess Around (Lowe) Nick Lowe - Lead Vox
2 Cruel To Be Kind (Lowe/Gomm) Nick Lowe - Lead Vox
3 As Lovers Do (Lowe) Nick Lowe - Lead Vox
4 I'll Take Good Care Of You (Berns/Ragavoy) Nick Lowe - Lead Vox
5 Hey Baby (There Playing Our Song) (Holvay & Beisber) Ian Gomm - Lead Vox
6 Do The Cod (The Thirty Pounder) (Lowe/Andrews/Gomm/Rankin/Schwarz) Instrumental
7 God Bless (Whoever Made You) (Lowe/Gomm) Ian Gomm - Lead Vox
8 Everybody (T.Rowe) Ian Gomm - Lead Vox
9 Private Number (T.Jones/W.Bell) Bob Andrews and Ian Gomm - Lead Vox
10 Give Me Back My Love (Lowe/Gomm) Nick Lowe - Lead Vox
11 It's All Over Now (B.Womack) Ian Gomm - Lead Vox
There does appear to be another version of Brinsley Schwarz doing Cruel on an album of live and studio sessions recorded for the BBC

Pete Frame's account of the disastrous Brinsley Schwarz American launch (Zigzag 1970)

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