Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Blatter says FIFA is not in crisis, only "in some difficulties"!!!


I’m happy to be with you and also on account of the new actuality I have decided and especially during this afternoon’s meeting of the executive committee to be with you alone and not at a dais with other people.
I just want to repeat what I’ve said and through messages given yesterday, the ethics committee has reached its decisions. I have no right to comment on it. I was even myself not in my privileged position. I repeat what I said: I regret what has happened in last days and weeks, it has done great damage to FIFA, but is also a great disappointment. For football fans, I’m speaking to football fans.
Today had meeting of executive committee, I am not giving you a lot of details. Our press department, documents will be distributed. But there have been one or two points that I want to inform you.
The executive committee of FIFA was very pleased to receive the report of the football association regarding allegations made on 10 May made by Lord David Triesman at House of Commons against four executive committee members, and we were happy that we can confirm there are no elements in this report which would even prompt any proceedings. But for the sake of transparency, FIFA and the F.A. agreed that a comprehensive summary of this report would be published and the summary can be read on FIFA.com/link. Happy also that we have not received any evidence from the Sunday Times or from any announced whistleblower with regards to allegations made against two other members of executive committee, therefore the same, what shall we do with elements in report? Nothing.
And World Cup 2022 is not touched by that, so is the World Cup 2018.
Concerning executive committee one or other information of importance, Japan will organized FIFA Club World Cup in December. We are happy after having been two years in United Arab Emirates, now back in Japan. Violá.
Then makes the same announcement in French.
We were in Conmebol in Conacaf, said to executive committee at 50-year anniversary of Concacaf I offered project elements that will be realized through structure of Goal project. These two things will be taken over by Goal institution and then will be presented to executive committee. In light of 50 years of Concacaf, that’s the way it works.
One important decision, Bosnia accepted change in statutes, therefore the ban is lifted and will be able to play as of June 3 in national and club competitions. We also settled problems with Brunei. And Indonesia can go on playing to June 30.
Now ready to take your questions, would insist again on the fact that this morning I went to four meetings of four confederations: UEFA, Conmebol, Oceania and Concacaf and invited everyone to show unity and solidarity concerning FIFA’s future.
Q: Evan White/Reuters: Last night ally Jack Warner told me that you should be stopped. Some reaction to statement.
A: Stopped? … I have no, reaction.
Q: From CCTV: Everyone knows is time for change and reform. What will you do for FIFA in next four years.
A: Thank you for your question. Just come back to ideas I’ve developed for the future exposed to executive committee today. One of these items on the agenda, there is one, zero tolerance. Zero tolerance on the field, referee is there with all his assistants, a group of six, even seven coming to the field to control a match. And zero tolerance outside the field of play. Means we have to reinforce the ethic committee to professionalize the committee to have professionalism. To look to our image and also need a new communication, a new tool and to have a better understanding with the you, the media, everybody in the media. Something we have to do. And more than that what we have to do in the congress to get a unity in solidarity and to look forward for next four years. Will not be an easy task together we can do it. Sure have been confirmed in meetings this morning, will be the same. We go together for the good of the game, for the fans and for the perception of our game in our society. Can play a major part not only on field of play, but outside the field of play.
Q: Brazil journalist: Some governments also asking that election be postponed?
A: If the want to intervene in FIFA organization something wrong. Think FIFA strong enough to build inside FIFA. Sure congress will show its unity and will solve their problems if there are any in the congress.
Q: Saudi newspaper: Media today talking about a crisis. Is it a crisis?
A: If somebody would describe to me a crisis? What is a crisis. If you see the Champions League you would applaud. We are only in some difficulties. And will be solved inside our family.
Q: Mr. Warner released details of and email from Mr. Valke saying that Qatar bought the World Cup. Can you give your backing to Mr. Valke. Is he becoming too politicized?
A: I will not answer this question. I am the president of FIFA, you cannot question me.
Outburst in the audience.
Blatter: I accepted to have a press conference with you alone here. I respect you, please respect me. If you ask for a question ask for the mic. We are not in a bazaar here, we are in FIFA House.
Q: You said a few minutes ago, that for Concacaf you offered two goal projects. Can you do that?
A: The FIFA president can do even more, but be approved by executive committee and the committee approved that. Certainly I can do that.
Q: BBC News: Now that two members suspended pending bribe investigation. Can you see why now there are calls to postpone Wednesday election.
A: If somebody wants to change something in the election or in the congress of Wednesday these are the members of FIFA this cannot be done by executive committee any authorities outside of FIFA, only the congress itself can do it with three-quarters of majority can change agenda.
Q: Reuters: How do you feel personally that Mr. Bin Hammam has pulled out of challenge of your presidency and now standing alone.
A: You should ask him why he pulled out. Personally I was prepared to go into an election process with another candidate and then the congress would have decided. Now the situation has changed.
Q: Sky Sports News: Say to those who want re-election for 2022 and you are a major problem for FIFA to change you should leave?
A: Two questions. Which one you want me to answer? Again bring back to congress of FIFA decide if I am a valid or nonvalid candidate and they have their say.
Q: Do you believe Qatar bid was clean?
A: I believe that the decision which we took for World Cup 2022 was done exactly clean in the same pattern and again say what I said at beginning of press conference there is no issue for the World Cup 2022.
Q: Norway journalist: FIFA reputation at lowest ever. How did it happen on your watch.
A: I tried to have the FIFA reputation at highest possible way. We are in a game, in this game will tell you there is a lot of gambling and not only on the field of play. Have to say at beginning of FIFA when I entered 36 years ago. We have no problems, until 1998, this was the modest FIFA. Now are a comfortable FIFA and because we are too comfortable and being in a game all the little devils can enter the game.
Q: African magazine: To say season of long knives in football would be an understatement. A situation where member of exco turned against themselves, how will you be able to sit in meetings and move forward after all that has happened.
A: If force, energy and moral. Repeat what said several times. I have not chosen members of executive committee. Are delegated by confederations. I have to deal with personalities that are there. Try to do best out of it. If we have now instruments to go into wrongdoing as we’ve proven in November and not later than yesterday. Something has changed in FIFA and will try to change more in future. I cannot change members of my government, not up to me.
More rumbling from the audience.
Blatter: I have asked for respect, I was respectful to you. …
Blatter walks off the stage as others try to ask questions. One more
Q: This is a press conference, and I thought is for asking questions. There are so many more people here who want to ask questions.
A: I have answered the questions and I thank you for your attendance.
Q: Said about ethics committed
A: I will not go into discussions with people who like to create problems. Just want to tell you one thing. You can laugh, that’s an attitude. So is respect. I have learned this in my life also as a journalist. When said is finished, then I said thank you...
Dave Phillips
As football fans demand Blatter resign. Email sepp.blatter@fifa.com with words "For the love of the beautiful game, stand down"

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