Thursday, 9 December 2010

Nick Cave has driven his Jaguar into a speed camera and roadside barrier on Hove seafront.

Nick Cave: Great at making dark, disturbed rock music, bad at driving. The BBC reports that Cave crashed his Jaguar into a speed camera and roadside barrier last night in Hove, England. Cave, who lives in the area, was driving his twin 10-year-old sons at the time. Nobody was hurt and no other cars were involved, according to the BBC.
The BBC reports that according to Sussex police, no arrests were made, though "inquiries are continuing." But Cave may have pissed off some powerful people: "The camera belongs to the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, not the police, and the railings belong to the local highway authority."
Also, Nick Cave drives a Jaguar! Ballin'!


  1. 2JA/
    Yeah I put this up on FB! A dangerous life he is living nowadays eh?

  2. Who has a higher mortality rate?
    Junkies or Jaguar drivers?

  3. 2Mona/
    dangerous , dangerous ,dangerous wild life he have; No really Hove seafront is Hell-on-Earth and old chap Nick is just a trying to be a SafeSurfer.

    Jaguar drivers???? [mmmm I don't know]


  4. 2JA/
    You ever been to Hove, it is a retirement village!!! Well it was very elderly demagraphic when I lived in UK but maybe trendy now.
    Def Jaguar drivers LOL!