Wednesday, 30 June 2010

♪♫ Gorillaz Live in Harlem [Full Concert]

Gorillaz perform the entirety of their album "Demon Days" live in Harlem.

0:34 Intro
1:35 Last Living Souls
4:56 Kids With Guns
8:51 O Green World
[Dirty Harry Missing]
13:39 Feel Good Inc
17:34 El Manana
21:28 Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
26:55 November Has Come
29:46 All Alone
33:41 White Light
36:02 DARE
40:42 Fire Coming Out Of The Monkeys Head
44:27 Don't Get Lost In Heaven
46:32 Demon Days

52:06 Hong Kong
59:20 Latin Simone

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